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By Nathan Favel on 9/2/2013 8:51 AM
Welcome to my debut report for the Michigan based indy promotion "Pure Pro Wrestling". It's a small, local company that may not necessarily feature the top athletes of the wrestling business, but the wrestling itself always entertains, nonetheless. 

With all that said, lets just jump right in...

Match 1. Grizzly House Jones (Heel) vs Kaleb Krosby (Face)

This decently worked match was built around the power of the beastly Grizzly House Jones, who slowly took the life out of Kaleb Krosby with his bear-hug. Krosby did an excellent job selling for Jones, and has a good sense of drama, when booked to be in peril. 

Winner: Grizzly House Jones (Submission/Bear-Hug)

Post-Match: Jones continued to squeeze the life out of Krosby, until security broke it up. Within moments, the ambulance arrives to take Krosby off to the hospital. 

This was well done, considering that this match-up was worked outdoors (which made it very easy to bring in the EMT). Kaleb continued to sell the angle at a very convincing level, which made something so contrived feel appropriate and proper. 

Match 2.  "The Big Deal" Cody Manning (Heel) vs Xavier Justice (Face)

Both gave excellent pre-taped promos in the top, right corner of the screen before the match,  Overall, this was a good match-up that focused on back and forth brawling and  methodical usage of the turnbuckle in Mannings favor. Manning has a good sense of what a heel is supposed to do in a match and plays his part very well. Justice (who also serves as trainer and play-by play commentator for the promotion) is an enjoyable face who sells well for his opponents and today was no different. Once Xavier had Manning beat, a couple of wrestlers (who will remain nameless, due to me not getting their names) interfered on caused a DQ.

Winner: Nobody

Post-Match: Hades came out to save Justice and from there the credits began.

This was a fine broadcast, but certainly showed the main weakness of the promotion; the sound.  The announcers, for whatever reason, aren't always that easy to make out, but when heard, are just fine in their roles. Hopefully, they'll figure out where this hiccup is happening at and they'll be able to fix the audio problem  of an otherwise enjoyable broadcast.

So, until next time...