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By Mike Johnson on 9/18/2013 6:08 PM

Big Vito's wrestling school issued the following:

Big Vito's Wrestling Academy is proud to announce a working agreement as the new Official Training and Developmental Center for, Dragon Gate, Evolve, Shine, FIP


This is a great day for all involved. Over the past week, this has been buzzing inside me. I am very proud of this. Working with these groups, which have sent several talents to the WWE main roster and to Japan, I feel like this is the place to be. Right place right time. If your looking to get started in wrestling, what better place then this that can get you right to work. Start getting the experience you need right away. Your foot is in the door . My training and then getting to work with one of these groups is good to have on your resume. These guys do there work ans are doing PPV and over 50 shows a year. They have a proven track record and have been around a long time. To have there own Developmental Training Center is something they have been wanting to do for long time. My experience will help develop there talent even further to be the best.

If your looking for a start in Pro Wrestling, get trained by the Best. Be trained by a Pro. My academy has all the things you need. For the experienced wrestler looking to polish his skills for that big break, your at the place you need to be. How many want to go to Japan? How many want to work for these groups ? Go to my website Get all the information there. There are vouchers to print out for all. Beginners, new student voucher 500.00, Experienced wrestler voucher 500.00 . You will be put to the test from day one. If you have what it takes, I will get you to where you need to be.

Great new start for Big Vito's Wrestling Academy. This will go to a unique place and be at a higher level of training. I am the one who trains you. Looking forward to meeting all of you who come through my doors. More announcements to follow. For contact information, go to I want to again thank all who have helped me with this. Have a great day.