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By Nathan Favel on 10/20/2013 1:46 PM


Pure Pro Wrestling 10/20/13

Welcome to another edition of Pure Pro Wrestling!  This week we have a Falls Count Anywhere Match for the #1 Contendership to the Michigan State Heavyweight Championship. Without further ado, let’s dive into the action.
Father Time vs.  Avery Marshall

This was a slow match that saw Marshall wear down Time with heavy shots throughout the bout.  The pacing for this one was the proper one, considering that Time, as I’ve previously mentioned, isn’t physically able to perform at the sort of pace his younger peers can.  This match came to an end when Time got a submission victory.

Winner:  Father Time – Submission

Brick Solid vs.  Xavier Justice

This was a fast-paced, athletic encounter that used a bit too much sequencing for my taste, but was nevertheless well executed.  Justice continued to showcase his excellent skills in this bout and while he may not be what the mainstream is necessarily looking for, that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t get a chance at more lucrative work.  Brick Solid, whose name I may have gotten wrong, also did fine work here and I hope he keeps striving to hone his abilities because he showed a lot of promise here.

Winner:  Xavier Justice – Pin-fall

Main Event:  Grizzly House Jones vs.  Movado – Falls Count Anywhere Match for the #1 Contendership to the Michigan State Heavyweight Championship

Our main event turned out to be a decent brawl, with none of the trappings that these matches tend to have.  While this was no athletic masterpiece, this was enjoyable in the same vein as the brawls of old, the brawls of the yesteryear, back when television was the 9th wonder of the world.  From chop to slap to sleeper hold, from punch to kick to bear-hug too, this was a fun little brawl that made me feel like I was back in a time when a professional wrestler didn’t need to be cosmetically perfect to be engaging.  So, for what this was, this was a lot of fun and sometimes that’s all it needs to be.
Winner:  Movado – Pin-fall

That final match brings us to a close for the week, but I’ll return in one week’s time with more from this little engine that could, known as Pure Pro Wrestling.  Thank you and have a great week.