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By Nathan Favel on 10/24/2013 2:39 PM

Before we begin, I must inform whoever reads this that the airing of CWFH that I watch on Wednesday mornings at 3:00 am is in fact a few months behind, which I assumed was their choice for an undisclosed reason.  Unfortunately, I had no way of knowing that CWFH is likely airing an updated broadcast at 5:00 am on Sunday.  So, for future reference, these series of broadcasts are coming from around May and onward of this year.

Now that the “big news” is out of the way, let’s get on with this week’s review of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.

Kevin Douglass vs. The Hobo w/ The Manimal

This was a fun, simple match that didn’t make any attempts at athletic glory, just brawling with a few holds and a dash of levity.  The Hobo, as you may have guessed, is meant to look like a member of the homeless community, despite having actual ring gear (it seems not all derelicts are made the same).  His second is the 3rd dimensional equivalent of Captain Caveman, The Manimal, and yes, he’s wearing a loincloth (while carrying a bone about his personage).  The Hobo bummed a victory off of Douglass by rolling him up for a pin-fall.

Winner:  The Hobo – Pin-fall

Fern Owens vs.  Mikey O’Shea

For two men with larger body sizes, these two displayed a great deal of athleticism. They didn’t have enough time to showcase their psychological skills in the ring, but their ability to perform the various moves they performed is something to applaud, without doubt.  This may have been a short bout, but it certainly impressed me.  After O’Shea claims the victory for the night, he cuts a good promo stating that he’s going to defeat any champion that CWFH can throw at him.

Winner:  Mikey O’Shea – Pin-fall

Leo Blaze & Othello vs.  So Cal Crazy & Famous B

The idea here is that Crazy and B are teaming up to take on The Family Stone members after their match was abruptly ended by the rouge faction last week.  As far as action goes, this was a good showing, with a lot more time dedicated to this bout then our previous two match-ups.  With good usage of Othello’s power moves at the end, this match was fine stuff all around.  Othello won this for his team with a Heart Punch.

Winner:  Leo Blaze & Othello – Pin-fall

Afterwards, Stu Stone cut a promo in the ring where he claimed that James Morgan, who made his way out to the ring at Stone’s behest, would soon be the Heavyweight Champion and that he would also take on any and all comers.  So it was that Mike Santiago came out and took on that challenge, immediately. My only problem with this promo is that it brought the momentum of the show to a halt.

James Morgan w/ The Family Stone vs.  Mike Santiago

Morgan was booked to look strong here and he most certainly did.  Both men moved very well in this match and while it was essentially a squash, it was a well performed one.

Winner:  James Morgan – Submission

Soon after Stu Stone cut yet another promo, Mikey O’Shea came out to challenge James Morgan to a match, which he accepted for next week.

Main Event:  Nick Madrid vs.  Pinky w/ The Nobodies

This was a fun main event that focused on Madrid trying to go for the jugular with Pinky, as he has been hounded by the faction he represents for many weeks now.  This amounted to mostly spots and brawling for about ten minutes, but I suppose that’s all it needed to be.  Everything came to an end when a wrestler (whose name I have displaced) came out after being locked in a broom-closet at the broadcast’s start to seemingly aid The Nobodies.  With a chain wrapped around his hand, he accidentally knocked Pinky atop his massive head and unwittingly allowed Madrid to perform a top-rope splash on Pinky for a pin-fall victory.

Winner:  Nick Madrid – Pin-fall

Thank you for reading another edition of my CWFH report/review and I’ll return next week with more from Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.