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By Nathan Favel on 10/26/2013 3:36 PM

Traditional Championship Wrestling 10/26/13

Welcome back after a brief week off, due to last week’s airing of the program being a rerun.  We’re going to start off with a former UFC and NWA World Heavyweight Champion in Dan Severn making a rare appearance on national television.

Dan Severn vs.  Vordell Walker

This was a quick but enjoyable match that featured Dan Severn at his best, with Walker not far behind.  A former world champion in two different kinds of sports, Severn still possesses a tremendous amount of physical mobility, a trait that not many of his aged peers can lay claim to.  Walker, on the other hand, definitely has the potential to move into a brighter spotlight and that showed here with his ability to shine as brightly as Severn did in the same spotlight tonight.  It is truly a shame that it didn’t last longer.

Winner:  Vordell Walker – Submission

Sigmon had a good brawl with Walker afterwards to continue their feud.  I look forward to seeing more between the two of these wrestlers, as they seem to match up very well with one another.

Americos vs.  Tim Storm – TCW Heavyweight Championship Match

This was a fine match that utilized the “David and Goliath” storyline competently and because of said storyline, we ended up with a bout that was worked as less of a competition and more so as a slaughter.  While Tim Storm has been one of TCW’s best baby-faces for quite some time, he seems at ease with being one of its strongest heels instead, skills he made use of here.  This match-up bore more of a resemblance to the WWE-style than I would have liked, but at least it was all well done, nonetheless.  This bout came to a shocking close when Storm power-bombed his challenger on the steel steps to retain his title by technical knock-out.  Afterwards, he continued to attack Americos until he was ushered out by the referees.

Winner:  Tim Storm – TKO

Genetic Perfection cut a good promo about how tough The Hounds of Hell are to have been such sharp a thorn in their side for so long.  At around only a minute and a half, this promo did more for me than anything that the WWE has done in the past two months to build up Daniel Bryan’s credibility as WWE Champion, which is sad considering he doesn’t need it anyway.  Vince, pay attention to these segments, as this is how it should be, at all times.  Wait, Vince doesn’t care about “rasslin”, so never mind.

Genetic Perfection vs.  The Hounds of Hell – TCW Tag Team Championship Match

At this point in their feud, these two teams have a surplus of chemistry together and that showed here.  These two teams put together an action packed brawl for this one with both sides getting a chance to shine and while this was no technical clinic, they made sure their brawl had a quick pace to keep the momentum going.  Rich Rude interfered, on behalf of Genetic Perfection, to help the aforementioned team gain the Tag Team Titles.

Winners:  Genetic Perfection – Pin-fall

Overall, this was a well done broadcast, with good usage of video packages throughout the program to flesh out the back-stories of each match before the bell rung.  Thanks for reading and I’ll be back next week with more action from Traditional Championship Wrestling.