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By Mike Johnson on 10/27/2013 3:14 PM

NITRO Wrestling
Blaine TN October 26th
Cage Match for the NITRO Title
“Mr. Malibu” Tony Blaine© vs. Travis Austin
Winner & still Champion “Mr. Malibu” Tony Blaine
Last Man Standing Fans Bring the Weapons Match
TKO w/Ally vs. Insane Lane w/George
Winner: Draw
After the Match TKO was blinded by a fireball by “Beautiful” Bobbie Rayne.
I Quit Match for the NITRO Tag Team Titles
Team Black & Purple© vs. The Forsaken Angels Guild
Winners & new Champions The Forsaken Angels Guild
The actual “I Quit” is under review.
Over Drive Title Match
Devin Diamond© vs. Raymond Rayper
Winner & new Champion Raymond Rayper
Eliot  Russell vs. Mikey Goforth
Winner:  Mikey Goforth