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By Nathan Favel on 10/31/2013 12:59 PM

Before we begin this week, I just want to discuss a few things.  Firstly, it seems that the broadcasts going forward will be aired from content that is up to date.  This set of matches is from last week, so there will be a large leap in the timeline from where we were with the previous report.  Secondly, I’ve been incorrectly anagramming Championship Wrestling from Hollywood as CWH, when it seems they prefer CWFH.  Obviously, I’ll be using the correct anagram from here on in. Thirdly, it’s as good of time as any to briefly mention that CWFH is going to be partaking in a territorial system with Traditional Championship Wrestling, New England Championship Wrestling and a slew of others starting at the beginning of next year.  While the territorial system is one that failed on a national scale for a variety of reasons, I think that using the format could work well for the independent circuit, because these various companies can share talent and help to build them all into something more substantial.  Before I leave this subject, this agreement will indeed include a traveling World Champion that will represent all of the members of this new system.  Finally, it’s time to get to our report for this week, so let’s do so.

                In a very exciting move, Willie Mack revealed that he is slated to wrestle TNA’s Samoa Joe, on November the third, in a backstage promo to start the broadcast off.  As a personal aside, this is a great match-up for CWFH to get for its next house show, as these two have been looked at as a dream match for quite some time.  Also, it’s a good sign that TNA’s allowing their wrestlers to appear outside of the company more often and while this likely happening due to TNA’s financial situation; it is still a welcome sight nonetheless.

Johnny Yuma w/ Johnny Goodtime vs.  Ray Rosas w/ Peter Avalon

                This ended up as a very athletic bout with a fast pace and fluid transitions to help make this an entertaining match.  The story is that this match plays into the rivalry that these four men are having over the CWFH Tag Team Championships and I feel it certainly whet my appetite for the big tag match to come down the line.

Winner:  Ray Rosas – Pin-fall

                Big Duke cut a very nice promo where he questioned who he had to beat to get respect in the company and Nick Madrid conveniently arrived to make the challenge that was accepted.

Big Duke vs.  Nick Madrid

                The story here is that Duke wants to do this without anyone’s help, but Cole would eventually come out to aid his protégé anyway, help he would eagerly accept, for a victory.  This was a nice little match that focused on the power moves of Duke, with Madrid looking quite adept in the ring in the process.
Winner:  Big Duke – Pin-fall

                The Family Stone cut a backstage promo on how James Morgan is destined to destroy Adam Pearce in the main event tonight.  Well, that’s not very professional of him, is it?

                Scorpio Sky and Christian Cole for a Double Title Match contract signing with Joey Ryan, while Matt Striker moderated.  Cole stated that this bout is not meant to be for the championships, claiming it only for bragging rights.  This was accepted by Joey and so it was that the contract was signed.  However, Willie Mack stomped out to the ring and claimed himself Joey’s bodyguard, so as to ensure his title match with MAV TV Champion Joey Ryan stays between them.  Ryan Taylor then made his entrance to make a similar promise for Scorpio Sky.  While a bit long for my taste, this was well performed by all involved.

                Dan Joseph cut a promo on being a part of a 3 on 1 Handicap Match against CWFH Othello, where he arrogantly stated how easy it will be to defeat his opponent.  I should say it will be easy, considering he’s bringing two extra people to beat up a crippled person.  Wait, that might not be what handicap means in this situation.

James Morgan vs.  Adam Pearce

                This was a very fierce brawl with a solid pace that made both men look strong.  Adam Pearce was very much over with the crowd here, which certainly helped add a lot of heat to the fight. Don’t look for very many holds or slams here, just big shots from two guys with lots of talent.  After several attempts at interference, The Family Stone finally got the upper hand and caused a disqualification victory for Adam.  Afterwards, Mikey O’Shea rushed out to protect Pearce, which is awfully nice of him.

                Overall, this was an excellent addition of CWFH this week, with the updated production qualities finally having a chance to shine.  This looked like a much more fortunate promotion because of the improved production and along with the returns of Adam Pearce and former TNA wrestler Joey Ryan and the debut of Matt Striker, this company has a lot of momentum going for them right now.  Thanks for reading and I’ll be back, next time.