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By Nathan Favel on 11/2/2013 11:54 AM

Welcome to another edition of TCW!  Before we begin, a brief note needs to be made, as TCW has entered into a partnership with eight other promotions to create a territorial system in the same vein as the NWA once was.  This should be materializing at the beginning of 2014, so watch out for that as it develops.  Anyway, it’s time for this week’s competition, which features a tag team match-up with none other than the legendary NWA tag team The Rock N’ Roll Express!

Col. Tom Parker had a pow-wow with the returning “King” Shane Williams, where he asked for a match.  After Sigmon interrupted this meeting, Col. Booked Shane and Sigmon for this very broadcast.

“King” Shane Williams vs.  Sigmon

This was a well-paced match that utilized scientific wrestling along with a bit of brawling to spice up the proceedings.  Sigmon continues to improve his skills as wrestler, skills he certainly needed to keep up with Shane, who is an incredibly talented performer in his own right.  This very tight and intense bout drew to a close when Sigmon submitted Shane.

Winner:  Sigmon – Submission

The Hounds of Hell were caught arguing in the backstage area about how they lost the tag titles last week.  They promised their manager that they would retrieve those belts and kill the champions, Genetic Perfection.  Aside from the fact that these caught-in-the-act promos are very hard to suspend disbelief for, this did work well from a performance point-of-view.

The Rock N’ Roll Express vs.  The Empire

This was a fun bout that relied more on stalling and basic grapples to make it work, but still featured some very solid mat work as well.  It was quite the treat to see TRNRE working a match at their mature age and still have a great deal of mobility.  The crowd loved them and they loved the crowd, which helped make a great atmosphere for an excellent match.  Matt Riviera would interfere and cause a win for The Empire.

Winner:  The Empire – Pin-fall

A very nice video package was aired on the history of John Saxon and Steve Anthony.

The wonderful Dan Severn/Vordell Walker bout from last week was recapped in our main event slot for tonight.  As I noted last week, this was a great little bout that should’ve gone much longer and like last week I still recommend it to you.

This was a fine edition this week, with the return of Shane Williams as an obvious highlight.  For those of you who haven’t had the chance to sample his work, I urge you to do so, for he is one of the great unsigned talents in wrestling today.  Additionally, it was a great pleasure to watch a match with The Rock N’ Roll Express, despite their diminished physical abilities.  Thank you for reading and I will return next week with more from TCW.