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By Nathan Favel on 11/7/2013 12:32 PM

                Tonight, we start off with a good promo from Ricky Mandel and Shelly Martinez about how her ex-boyfriend, Todd Chandler, is not a real man, thus prompting her to jettison her feelings for him right out the window.  Perhaps, this is why the wise always recommend that co-workers not fraternize with one another?  Todd would make his way out to answer her challenge with aggression, ruthless aggression!

Ricky Mandel w/ Shelly Martinez vs.  Todd Chandler

                This was a fast, fluid bout that had lots of well performed moves and a certain level of thoughtfulness that quicker matches don’t always have to their credit.  The story here was that Shelly was trying to cloud Todd’s mind , through physical interference of course, to help her lover win the bout.  After her attempts proved fruitless, Mandel grabbed a kendo stick and bashed Todd over the head to cause a disqualification victory for Chandler.  Mandel was booked to continue this for a minute or so after the match ended.

Winner:  Todd Chandler – DQ

                Matt Striker, who was commentary for our opening bout, spoke on his upcoming match with Scorpio Sky, with Dave Marquez on interviewer duty at the new interview center, which is very reminiscent of the Jim Crockett interview areas of the 80’s.  Striker was excellent here, showing much more in this instance than he ever could as a commentator.

Ridiculoso vs.  Eric Cross

                Unlike our first match, this bout was a little less polished and a bit devoid of the sort of action necessary to follow our excellent opener.  That being said, this was still enjoyable enough, as it showcased what these two are capable of, with Ridiculoso’s luchadore sensibilities and Cross’s mat based style.
Winner:  Eric Cross – Pin-fall

                Post-match, Cross cut a fine promo where he ran down his future opponents and claimed he would “cross them out”.  I hope that’s his catchphrase, as that has the potential to really catch on.

Mike Santiago & Ethan HD vs.  Greg Sharpe & Tommy Misfitt

                This amounted to a lot of high-flying action worked at a fast pace, but was missing a more careful, psychological approach.  Nevertheless, everyone involved put in an excellent performance and certainly did their respective jobs well.  After this match ends, Che Cabrera and Sasha Darevko, assaulted our winners, Sharpe and Misfitt and claimed they were taking over, whether we like it or not. 

Winners:  Sharpe & Misfitt – Pin-fall

                General Manager John Ian came down to the interview zone (I’m experimenting with names for the damn thing) to announce that the RockNESS Monsters and PPRay will face off in a Best of 7 Series for the CWFH Tag Team Championships in the coming weeks.  After this statement, a masked man named The Grappler marched out and balked at John Ian’s supposed booking abilities. The Grappler boasts that he will take Ian’s position as matchmaker, very soon.   It seems that everyone these days is utilizing some sort of power struggle storyline in place of legitimate booking, which is a trend that needs to stop.  Fortunately, The Grappler was excellent in this segment, speaking every syllable with a deep, hoarse snarl that made his delivery that much more enthralling.

Main Event:  The Family Stone (Othello & James Morgan) vs.  Adam Pearce & Mikey O’Shea

                Overall, this became a good brawl with some very fine mat work and very memorable showings of athleticism by all parties involved.  Pearce continues to show why he is one the best talents in wrestling today, as he inhabited every ounce of this bout with his impeccable mannerisms and precise timing.  After going for a satisfying amount of time, Morgan attempted a brass knuckles attack that failed at a count of two.  Once Pearce recovered, the little bastards (The Family Stone) came at him with a hammer, unbeknownst to our referee, and got their team the tainted victory.

Winner:  The Family Stone – Pin-fall

                Despite my problems with the repetitive feel of The Grappler/John Ian rivalry and the Cabrera/Darevko angle, as well as the foreign object obsession on tonight’s broadcast, I still enjoyed the important part of this edition of CWFH: the wrestling.  As long as CWFH sticks to being a wrestling-oriented promotion, then they have a chance at some definite success.

                Thank you for reading and have a great week.