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By Nathan Favel on 11/9/2013 11:59 AM

Traditional Championship Wrestling 11/9/13

                Welcome to another edition of TCW on the Pursuit Channel!  This week should be another action-packed broadcast, so let’s get to it.

Sigmon vs.  John Saxon

                This was a very well-paced bout, with a more methodical nature on display here.  Every move, transition and hold was performed with great care and wonderful timing. This match-up had a delightful mixture of all sorts of wrestling, which helped add a lot of variety.  All in all, Sigmon and Saxon ended up bringing the best out of one another and when all things are considered, that’s all I want out of pro wrestling.

Winner:  Sigmon – Submission

                Afterwards, Steve Anthony came to warn Saxon to quit wrestling while he still could, because if he doesn’t, then Steve will end his career.  This was nicely performed by both men and didn’t take to long.

                Lily and Titan had a funny segment where they kissed each other’s asses, as loving couples tend to do, when a man I can’t identify threw a pie at Lily’s face.

                A Hacksaw Jim Duggan video package was shown to hype his match-up  next week.

Cerebrus w/ Boyd Bradford vs.  Vordell Walker

                This was a heavy-hitting, physical bout with a strong technical focus in the early parts that quickly morphed into various shades of brawling, with the usual tomfoolery with manager Boyd Bradford to break up the pace.  I had a lot of fun with this bout, which saw some interference from Sigmon towards the end that aided Cerebrus in gaining a victory.

Winner:  Cerebrus – Pin-fall

Genetic Perfection came out and cut a promo about being the new champions, when Boyd Bradford and Kincaid came out to distract the tag team champions so Hounds of Hell could attack them.  Apart from the unrealistic effect that these sorts of angles cast upon a given broadcast, this segment was well performed and does move their feud forward.

Scott Phoenix vs.  Lance Hoyt

                The story here is that each man has impeded the immediate success of the other by interfering in each other’s matches.  This bout started out with a lot of intensity and kept that pace all throughout the match.  Overall, this was a bit more reflective of the WWE style than anything else, but it was well performed nonetheless.

Winner:  Lance Hoyt – Pin-fall

                Well, this week ended up as an excellent broadcast with lots of quality action and entertainment.  There’s still the usual bugs that are being worked out with the presentation of our weekly TCW episodes, but that is to be expected.

 That’s it for this week, so until next time, take care.