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By Thomas Rude on 11/19/2013 9:41 AM


Atwater:  Fighting Spirit Pro at the Atwater Community Center:  Brian Cage pinned Jeff CobbDrake Younger pinned Bobby Hart to retain the Pro Wrestling Bushido TV Championship…The Channel Surfers defeated Damien Grundy Sione Finau & by DQ…Tony Vargas defeated Syn in a No DQ/Falls Count Anywhere Match…Odwun the Viking pinned Adan ReyesNicole Savoy pinned Savanah RileyDejon Brown pinned John ReditoMarcus Lewis pinned TrueXShawn Gunn defeated Adan Reyes, Jack Flag, Nathan Brick, Jeff Orcut & Chris Dynasty to become the new FSP High Stakes Champion.  (11/15/13)


Pacifica-Gold Rush Pro Wrestling at the Ingrid B. Lacy Middle School Gym:  Pistolaro defeated Grimes by DQ…Virgil Flynn pinned Marquis JacksonVinnie Massaro pinned Drake YoungerSuburban Commandos defeated Heart Breakers of Love (Billy Blade & Mitch Valentine), The Resident Cowboys (Dalton Fros & Matt Carlos) and Creepy Show Carnival (Jeckles & Sledge) in a Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match…Dylan Drake defeated Rik Luxury in a Gold Miners’ Glove on a Pole Match…Will Rood defeated Mr. Prime Time in a “Escape the Cage Only” Steel Cage Match…..JR Kratos pinned Brian Brock in a “Pin or Submissions Only” Steel Cage Match.  (11/16/13)



Harrington-1st State Championship Wrestling at the 1CW Arena:  Funky White Boy defeated Muddy Waters by DQ…CraziiWolff defeated Russian #1, LesStat & Chance Sevenfold in a 3-on-2 Handicap Match…Christian York pinned Justin CredibleCountry Force defeated D&D Destruction CoSinister X defeated Nui & Donnie Hart in a 3-way Match…Eric Chapel pinned Skull...Rockin Rebels Army defeated Black Wall StreetPretty Ugly defeated Doyle Day & Fat Daddy.  (11/16/13)


Newark-Right Coast Pro at Strange Happenings:  Mikey Whipwreck pinned Billy Bax in an Extreme Rules Match…King Mega defeated Stockade in a Dog Collar and Chain Match…Joey Silver and Colton Quest wrestled to a 15-minute draw with two pinfalls each in a Beat The Clock Match…Damian Gibbs was the last man standing in an Old Fashioned Bunkhouse Battle Royal…JJ The Crew Guy pinned Nicholas Sohlo in a Legends Reunite Match…Mike Reed defeated Francis Kipland Stevens in a Stretcher Match…Mozart Fontaine defeated Harry M. Baldwin in a Lose Wears a Diaper Match…Corey Blaze defeated Pedro Duro in a Sabato Gigante Challenge.  (11/9/13)



Fort Myers-New Era Wrestling at the Riverside Community Center:  Tupak pinned Richie ParadiseLena Taylor pinned Stormie LeeKarnage pinned Deakon StarrGiovanni The Greatest pinned Blanco LocoZack Monstar & Dravin Frost defeated The Puerto Rican Authority and America’s Team (Mark Boswell & American Superstar) in a Tag Team Elimination Match…Mike Dubz pinned Justin MatthewsMichael Kay defeated Tim Serrago in a 3 Stages of Hell Match to become the new New Era Wrestling Champion. (11/12/13)




Elk Grove Village-POWW at the Al Hattendorf Center:  Stacy Shadows pinned Miss NaturalPeeWee, Skitz, Logan Scott & Don Dienamite defeated Trevor Blanchard, Regulars & Jimmy BlazeJoey Cece pinned Brawn the Lumberjack to become the new POWW TV Champion…Team Scream defeated Sons of Genesis to become the new POWW Tag Team Champions…The M.O.B. defeated Bad 2 The BoneAdam Pearce pinned Trevor MurdochKanoa pinned Ruthless RamonRhino, Mitch Blake & Hardcore Craig defeated the BCBChris Cairo defeated GQ by DQ.  (11/16/13)


River Grove-Chicago Style Wrestling at the Guerin College Prep:  Ricky the Janitor pinned Joey RoseColin Cambridge & The Arc Angel defeated Colin Smith & Chris MillerBrad Kevins pinned Ex.CeletorDiego Corleone & Erik Edwards defeated Willie Richardson & Acid Jazz to become the new CSW Tag Team Champions…Ruff Crossing & Carlos Rivera defeated Elite Paine (Hunter Paine & Marco Anthony)Steve Boz pinned Prince Mustafa Ali to retain the CSW Taste of Gold Contract…Marshe Rocket pinned Bruiser Syxx.  (11/16/13)


Villa Park-GALLI Lucha Libre at the GALLI Arena:  Atomico, Golden Star & Destructor Jr. defeated Funebre, Destructor Alfa & Destructor SrGPA pinned Valentino to advance to the Semifinals of the Singles Division of The GALLI Cup Tournament…Punisher 747 & Mojo McQueen defeated Dave Vaughn & Jake ParnellMarcus & Mason Conrad defeated Joey Marx & Stevie FierceMatt Knicks pinned Chico Suave to advance to the Semifinals of the Singles Divison of the GALLA Cup Tournament…Marshe Rockett & Willie Richardson defeated El Rebelde Noriega & Ricky CruzEl Traidor & Dark Scorpion defeated Golden Dragon & Kuni SilencioBarry Ryte pinned Bryce BenjaminLegendario Discovery & Pentagono defeated  Mike Anthony & Will Moah.  (11/10/13)


Villa Park-GALLI Lucha Libre at the GALLI Arena:  El Funebre, Destructor Alfa & Blue Infierno defeated Golden Star, Cruz De Angel & Alas De FuegoAtonico, Stevie Fierce & KO Kendra defeated Chico Suave, D’Angelo Steele & Selene Gray in a 6-Person Intergender Tag Team Match…El Traidor & Dark Scorpion defeated Golden Dragon & Kuni SilencioBarry Ryte pinned El Rebelde NoriegaMike Anthony & Will Moah defeated El Legendario Discovery & GPA by Referee Stoppage…The Curse (Punisher 747, Ovirload & Mojo McQueen) defeated Willie Richardson, Acid Jazz & Bryce Benjamin. (11/17/13)




Indianapolis-Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws at the WCWO Arena:   Dale Patricks & Willie Loseagain defeated Frank Wyatt & Spencer WallaceVinny Vachette defeated TJ Powers by Countout…Pogo defeated Lash “The Wicked” by DQ…Cannibal Clown pinned Killer the ClownTom Van Zant pinned Gabriel GrayNate Stone & Bob Rogers defeated Jacob Johns & Anthony LeeTJ Kemp pinned Tripp CassidyAce Perry pinned Apollo Starr. (10/8/13)




Lowell-Chaotic Wrestling at the Polish American Vet Club:  Slyck Wagner Brown pinned Cameron McCloudThe Logan Brothers (Bryan & Matt) defeated Vern Vicallo, Tomahawk, & Craig Tucker in a 3-on-2 Handicap Match…Biff Busick pinned Tommaso Ciampa in a Pandemonium Qualifying Match…Matt Taven pinned Mikey Webb in a Pandemonium Qualifying Match…Mark Shurman pinned Chester FurnacolaScotty Slade & Sean Burke defeated MPG & Tony Omega earning Scotty Slade entrance into Pandemonium…Donovan Dijak pinned Matt WalkerBrian Milonas pinned Todd Hanson in a Control Vs. Career match.  (11/1/13)




Clinton Township-XICW at the Imperial House:  Jaimy CoxXx pinned Donnie Hollows...Movado defeated Willy Watts & Dickie Bronson in a Three-Way Match…Austin Manix pinned Jacob Hollows to become the new XICW Lightweight Champion…Jimmy Jacobs pinned Eddie VenomCaleb Stills pinned Justin ManeMark Gjoka defeated Paul Bowser in a Bullrope Match…TD Thomas pinned Chaz MontanaThe Scarboni Brothers (Sonny & Vinnie Scarboni) defeated The New XICW Rockers (Andy Muscat & Marty Jannetty)The DBA pinned Jay Lethal. (11/9/13)



Clinton-AIWF/Pro Wrestling EGO at the National Guard Armory:  Sugar Dunkerton pinned Barry WolfJordan Kage pinned Benjamin CashJoe Kane pinned Jared Wayne in the 2nd Annual Great Southern 8 Semi-Finals …Jeremiah Plunkett pinned Fred YehiSugar Dunkerton pinned Jordan Kage in the 2nd Annual Great Southern 8 Semi-Finals…Joe Kane pinned Jeremiah PlunkettTeam AIWF (Charles West, Kobra King, Mike Cater & Wil Sharpe) defeated Team EGO (Jeremy Awesome, Curt Matthews, Jay Andrews & Jimmy Feltcher)…2nd Annual Great Southern 8 Finals-Sugar Dunkerton pinned Joe Kane to win the GS8.  (10/16/13)




Nashville-AIWF EDGE from the Nashville National Guard Armory:  Erik Ellis pinned AlphaRaymond King pinned Scotty Mathews to become the number one contender for the AIWF EDGE Heavyweight Title…SGT. Small pinned Bobby BriscoeBroderick G. McQueen pinned Jordan FlyghtRedman pinned RG Moore to become the new AIWF EDGE Down East Champion…Damage Inc. (Kyndel Williams & Dwayne Allen) defeated Rex Sterling & Brandon Day…AIWF EDGE Heavyweight Champion VIPER pinned Raymond King. (11/16/13)


Yanceyville-Pure Pro Wrestling at the Caswell Parks & Recreation Center:  J-Sinn pinned Chris McVayOuga Booga pinned Zane RileyVictor Andrews & Labron Kozone defeated The Masked AssassinsMatt Houston pinned KanichiwaShane Hexxon pinned Ivan AliJesse Windham & Corey Duncom defeated Louis Moore & Scrapyard Dog and The Just Us League in a TLC Triple Threat Tag Team Match to become the new PPW tag Team Champions.  (11/16/13)




Toledo-NWA Championship International Wrestling at the International Boxing Club:  Dave Dupont pinned Renzo LavellKevin Gutierrez defeated Terror Khan by DQ…Mustafa Muhammad, The Beast & Terror Khan vs. Kevin Gutierrez, Sean Casey & D Ray 3000 went to a Double DQ…Kris Korvis pinned Justin ManeNitro pinned N8 MattsonLords of Kaos defeated The Sons of Michigan (Austin Mannix & Benjamin Boone)Grizzly House Jones pinned Bryan CastleThe Great Akuma pinned MaliceTrey Miguel & Andrew Lee defeated Dead Wrestling Society (Krimson & Jon Bolen) by Countout…Shane Douglas vs. Sebastian Rose fought to a Time Limit Draw…Nitro vs. Lance Erickson went to a Double DQ. (11/17/13)




Lewisburg-All-Star Wrestling at the House of Pain:  Steve Morton pinned Mike JablonskiRedneck Wrecking Crew (John Wayne Murdoch & Larry Cooter) defeated Phil Macchio & The RingmasterJeremiah Plunkett defeated “The Sharp Dressed Man” Lawrence by Submission and became the number 1 contender…Shane Morton defeated Forsaken by DQ…J.P. Jones defeated Freakshow in a Last Man Standing Match…Jeremiah Plunkett defeated J.P. Jones by Submission to become the new ASW Heavyweight Champion.  (11/9/13)


Lewisburg-All-Star Wrestling at the House of Pain:  Larry Cooter pinned Phil MacchioMike Jablonski pinned Mark DunnavantSteve Morton vs. The Great Mephisto went to a No-Contest…The Masked Superstar pinned LawrenceShane Morton defeated Forsaken by DQ.  (11/16/13)




Sherman-Apoc pinned Al FaratMiss Dislexia pinned Breeann to become the new NWA Texoma Rose Champion…Jerome Daniels pinned Ashton JacobsRock Star Mafia defeated GehesisImperial Dragon pinned Kid ParkaTim Storm pinned Akbar FaratAndy Daltom defeated Scott McKenzie in a Bunker Match. (11/15/13)




Salt Lake City-Ultra Championship Wrestling at the UCW Zero Arena:  Lacey Ryan pinned Larry ButabiBronson pinned Austin BradenJace Battle & Gabriel “GT” Busan defeated Dante Acosta & The Durango KidLos Mochi Paco pinned Derrick JannettyTommy Purr & Jayson Bravo defeated Zack James & Sierra RoseKid Kade & David the Destroyer vs. The Deacon of Doom & Cassidy went to a Double DQ…Junior X defeated Martin Casaus by DQ.  (11/16/13)



Norfolk-Vanguard Championship Wrestling at the Norfolk Masonic Temple:  Kid X pinned Hax BanditoJohn Kermon, Shorty Smalls & Mr. Class defeated James Dallas Hall, Victor Andrews & The ReasonUSJay Steel pinned KrotchIdol X pinned ChatchRH3 pinned Sean DennyBrandon Scott pinned Phil BrownCW Anderson defeated Tommy Dreamer in an I Quit Match…Dirty Money pinned Damien Wayne.  (10/5/13)

Norfolk-Vanguard Championship Wrestling at the Norfolk Masonic Temple:  James Dallas Hall defeated Krotch by Submission…Idol X pinned Country KiddJohn Kermon pinned Hax BanditioThe Reason pinned Mr. ClassRH3 defeated Sean Denny in a No-DQ Match…Raymon & Ramon Watson Vs. Ryan Melle & The Dog went to a No-Contest…USJay Steel defeated Chris Escobar & Damien Wayne in a Triple Threat Match.  (11/9/13)




Edmonton, AL-Monster Pro Wrestling at the Alberta Ave. Community Hall:  Chris Perish pinned Mascara DiabloPain defeated Kato and MeniacKat Von Heez defeated Queen Samantha in a No-DQ Match…Steve Rivers pinned The Sin City StranglerMassive Damage pinned Rauchy Jules to become the new MPW Heavyweight Champion…Bobby Sharp won the Ripper Battle Royal and then Cashed in his Ripper Title to wrestle for MPW Heavyweight Championship…Bobby Sharp pinned Massive Damage to become the new MPW Heavyweight Champion.  (11/2/13)


Barrie, ON-Powerslam Wrestling Extreme at the PWE Arena:  Champion Johnny defeated Big John Greed by DQ…Custom Markus Ryan defeated Rhys Greenaway by DQ…Rip Impact & Warrior Rage defeated Shane Sabre & Eric WarmackCarter Mason pinned Hornet for the Number One Contender Spot…El Bigote pinned Mike HartChief Ade defeated Anthony Fiasco in a No-DQ, Street Fight Rules, “I Quit” Match…Custom Markus Ryan & Notorious T.I.D. defeated Rhys Greenaway & Jeff Black.  (11/2/13)


Kelowna, BC-Thrash Wrestling at the Lake City Bowling and Billiards:  The Unholy Minion defeated Slave & Cougar MeatKyle Sebastian & Collin Cutler defeated All-American Ass Kickers (Ronnie Angel & Danny Knightmare)Raven Lake pinned Bambi HallAdam Ryder & The Black Dragon defeated Disco Fury & Michael Madness.  (11/16/13)

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