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By Dave Scherer on 2/1/2014 6:24 PM


Traditional Championship Wrestling
By:  Nathan Favel
Original Air-Date:  Pursuit Channel on Direct TV – Saturday, February 1st, 2014
Antonio Garza vs.  Roosevelt w/ Boyd Bradford
                We start off our evening off with a match that never got started, with Cerebus assaulting Garza at the bell’s toll. 
Winner:  Antonio Garza – By Disqualification
                Boyd Bradford, and his posse, celebrated the “victory”.
                Sigmon faced off with Matt Riviera in the hallway, where he informed Matt that they were going to wrestle in the next bout, thanks to a mystery power-broker. 
Sigmon vs.  Matt Riviera
                Unlike our opener, this bout got the time necessary to warrant a full review.  This match relied on lots of technical wrestling, which I could never have a problem with.  As it progressed, the action transitioned into a fierce brawl, with fists and forearms flying in all directions.  As Sigmon neared a rightful victory, Riviera’s minions besieged the ring apron in an attempt to take out Sigmon, only for Riviera to bash in Sigmon’s head with his championship belt. 
Winner:  Matt Riviera
                Sigmon cut an eerily-religious promo, claiming that, essentially, a reckoning was coming; most likely against The Empire.  I rather like this new version of Sigmon, although, I
                Tommy Dreamer promised to go hardcore on The Empire, if they tried to hurt the business that he loves.  Tommy always delivers these sorts of talks with a passion that is as invaluable as ever.
Main Event:  Tommy Dreamer vs.  Matt Borne (Doink The Clown) – TCW International Championship Tournament Quarter-Finals
                Matt was great in his role of heel tonight, which is the first of many compliments I feel it appropriate to bestow on this delightful match.  This was a carefully worked bout, with great thought put into every movement.  Don’t expect this to be reminiscent of Dreamer’s ECW work, because if you do, you’ll be sorely disappointed.  After what amounted to an intelligent brawl, the proceedings broke down into a heated scuffle, which was well-executed by both men.  This one ended with a double –count out, which means that we’ll be getting two new entrants in this tournament.
Winner:  No One
                The fight continued all around the arena, with the intent to use this as a means to launch a feud between Dreamer and Borne.  This was performed quite well and I look forward to seeing what these two can come up with for the feud.
                Final Thoughts:  The story-line of The Empire’s corporate takeover is nicely unfolding each week and has avoided the pitfalls of other story-lines like it, so far. 
                Thanks for reading and I’ll see you, next time.