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By Jeff Amdur on 2/11/2014 1:44 PM

(a.k.a. The Night of the Rottweilers)
From Jeff Amdur, MCW historian

Another crowd of more than 750 wrestling fans saw an action-filled Maryland Championship Wrestling’s “Anniversary” show held at the Joppatowne Market Place in Joppatowne, MD, on February 8, highlighted by the return of a WWE Hall-of-Famer/former MCW champion, a “homecoming” for one of the top female stars in the sport, and successful defenses of both the MCW heavyweight and tag-team titles.

MCW Co-owner: DAN McDEVITT.  MCW commissioner: KYLIE PIERCE. Ring announcer: AL ALBERT. Ringside coordinator: (welcome back) BRIAN HOLTHAUS.  Timekeeper at the bell:  JEFF AMDUR. Taping the proceedings: PAUL McCLEMENS.  Doing play-by-play for the video:  MARK BRAY, SHAWN CREDLE and J.P. CALLAHAN.  Sound courtesy of PUMPKINHEAD SOUND. Referees for the evening: MIKEY D and JASON TANO.  Photographing the proceedings: MARVIN ATWELL and GREG GREENLAND.

Commissioner KYLIE PIERCE’s welcome message to the fans is interrupted by BLACK WALL STREET (DROLIX, CHUCK LENNOX, NAPALM BOMB & SOLO).  Drolix declares that tonight is the day that “all the games stop”.  BWS will take charge this evening and eliminate all the problems that Pierce has been causing them.

MATCH #1:  THE NEW AGE SCUMBAGS (ADAM FLASH & RONNIE ZUKKO, with JESSIE KAYE [but just for a minute] pinned PAUL WHITE & MITCH MILLER (with J.P. CALLAHAN) in 5:23 of high intensity.  Ronnie grabs the mike before the match and declares that the Scumbags no longer require Jessie’s services.  He wishes a screeching Jessie “luck in all your future endeavors” as the crowd na-na-na’s her to the back.  Flash goes after White immediately with some Flair chops and gets a near fall.  Both Scumbags crisscross Paul and put him on the floor for another 2-count.  Adam fails to get the tagging Mitch to submit to a reverse Boston crab.  Zukko tags in and dropkicks Mitch.  From the outside, Callahan grabs Flash’s leg, and the referee attempts to prevent a confrontation there while in the opposite corner, Miller and White double team Zukko.  Mitch gets a 2-count after a double underhook suplex.  Ronnie gets out of near-fall situations after being victimized by a White bulldog and a Miller backflip.  Ronnie comes back with a backdrop and Adam makes the hot tag, throwing Paul out of the ring.  Ronnie hits Miller with a thrust slam, then Adam leaps off the top turnbuckle and pins Mitch. 

MATCH #2:  OLIVER GRIMSLY pinned HOSS HAGOOD (with BO NEKODA) in 5:44.  It’s all Grimsly in the beginning as he sends Hoss out of the ring with a series of hip tosses, drop kicks and a plancha onto both Hoss and Bo.  Oliver then slingshots Hagood back into the ring.  Hoss then complains to the referee, which gives Bo numerous occasions to choke Grimsly in the corner.  Hoss then slams and leg drops Oliver, covering him for a 2-count.  Grimsly then channels his inner Rey Misterio with a flying head scissors, following with an unsuccessful attempt at a modified cross body.  His second attempt is more successful and is followed by a 3-count. 

Grimsly’s victory celebration is short-lived, however, as both Nekoda and Hagood attack him and wrap Hoss’s bull rope around his neck.  FENIX FURY comes from the back to chase the bad guys out of the ring.  Hoss heads to the locker room complaining that his shoulder wasn’t down when the referee was counting the pin.

Ringside coordinator BRIAN HOLTHAUS takes a cell phone call and delivers a message for AL ALBERT to deliver to the crowd.  Al then said there is a request for the crowd to stand, as there is now “royalty” in the building.  Excitement builds as the crowd begins “Jerry! Jerry!” chants.  The adrenaline rush is premature, as Al adds that the “King of Maryland Wrestling”, Ryan McBride, has arrived.  McBride, who is allegedly not cleared to wrestle by the Maryland State Athletic Commission, is, as he had promised in the preview video, dressed in a FedUp hat, glasses, shirt and shorts.  He takes a seat in the front row where he is closely watched by a security guard. 

MATCH #3:  C-FED pinned MUSTAFA AZIZ DANIELS (with J.P. CALLAHAN) in 7:18.  C-Fed is wearing a “McBride is my bitch” t-shirt as he comes out, stopping to jaw with McBride until the security guard moves Ryan back.  At the start, the combatants brawl outside the ring, as C-Fed slams MAD into a ring post.  As C moves once again toward the spectator McBride, Daniels attacks him from behind.  The two go back into the ring.  C-Fed punches MAD into a corner, but Mustafa slams him, and then chokes him on the mat.  He rips that “bitch” t-shirt off C-Fed and strangles him with it, then continues the attack with a bear hug, karate chops, punches, a face rake, a modified camel clutch and a clothesline.  He misses, however, an attempt at a leg drop.  C-Fed tries to slam Daniels but loses his footing as Mustafa falls on him and gets a 2-count.  Mustafa’s top-turnbuckle leap misses, and C-Fed hits a savate kick, thrust slam, and body slam.  MAD then grabs a metal spike; but before he can use it he is pinned by C.

The victorious C-Fed takes the mike and challenges Ryan McBride to a fight (“not the wrestling match he is not cleared to have”).  Ryan comes out of his seat and arrives at the ring apron.  The ensuing stare down is broken up as MAD attacks C-Fed from behind and sits on him.  Now in the ring, McBride slaps the fallen C-Fed, calling him a “chump”.  He takes off his knee brace and jumps around using his erstwhile-injured leg, shouting, “It’s a miracle”.  He pushes a referee out of the way as he takes a selfie of him standing in front of the almost unconscious C-Fed.  The referees eventually lead C-Fed out of the ring and toward the back.  C-Fed sees McBride leaving the building. He jumps the barrier to run after him.  The fans sitting near the exit door follow them outside.  I stay at my table, so I have no idea how–or if–the brawl ensued. 

MATCH #4:  NAPALM BOMB & “THE AMERICAN MACHINE” SOLO (with CHUCK LENNOX) pinned “THE SAMOAN TSUNAMI” NUI TOFIGA & LANCE ANOA’I in 6:02.  In the beginning it’s all Samoans all the time, as Nui quickly powers over both of the Black Wall street charges.  Third-generation Wild Samoan Ana’s (son of Samu, grandson of Afa) dazzles the opposition and the fans with dropkicks, body slams and splashes, getting several near falls in the process. Lance misses a super kick as Solo grabs his leg.  Solo hits a bone-chilling clothesline and weakens Lance with power moves, eventually getting a near fall.  After some double-teaming by Black Wall Street, Napalm hair hauls Lance to the mat.  There is more double-teaming as Tofiga argues with the referee.  After a Solo splash and slam, Lance turns things around with a thrust slam and tags to Tofiga.  Nui clotheslines both opponents.  Lance super kicks and head-butts Bomb but then misses a top rope leap.  Napalm and Solo simultaneously apply a neck breaker to Tofiga, with Napalm then getting the fall.

Now, true royalty arrives at ringside. 

MATCH #5:  JERRY “THE KING” LAWLER pinned “THE PINNACLE” SHAWN PATRICK (with TARA) in 12:11.  Requesting “Let me speak”, Patrick is greeted by “No! No! No!” chants from the fans.  He speaks anyway.  He says it is an honor to be wrestling a WWE Hall of Famer, and says he will give Lawler a “very taxing night”; but that he is here to beat him, not to incapacitate him.  He would like the Athletic Commission doctor to be at ringside to make sure Jerry is healthy at the end.  The King responds.  He appreciates Patrick’s concern, but notes manager Tara.  He states that although the fans know he is especially fond of “puppies”, he’s not two crazy about those two “Rottweiler’s” of Tara’s.  He also disses Patrick’s home state of Alabama, saying it is a state “with seven million people that have fifteen different last names”.  Shawn is not amused.  Announcer Al Albert, next to me, takes a selfie of himself holding Lawler’s crown.  I ring the bell.  Patrick starts out by slamming Lawler several times, then going to celebrate in a corner with Tara instead of following up.  Jerry then throws Shawn out of the ring and kisses Tara.  He says that Tara isn’t a very good kisser.  Tara says that Jerry just made the biggest mistake of his life.  It begins to look as if that may be true, as Patrick corners Lawler, punching and kicking him.  He argues with the referee, which allows Tara to choke Lawler from the outside.  Patrick slams Lawler’s head against the ropes and then covers for a 2-count.  Shawn announces that he is now going to “finish him off”.  He lands several ax handles, then flies off the middle rope with his fist landing on Jerry’s heart.  He gets a 2-count, Lawler gets angry.  He puts his straps down, punches Shawn repeatedly, and hits a drop kick as the crowd chants, “You still got it!”  Jerry then hits his signature pile driver and covers for the pin. 

After the match, Jerry picks up Tara, turns her upside down in preparation for a possible pile driver, gives all four sides of the ring a view of those upside-down “Rottweilers”, and then drops her gently to the mat.

MATCH #6:  DROLIX (with CHUCK LENNOX) forced MATT TAVEN to submit in 13:38.  The two exchange hip tosses, arm bars and near falls.  Drolix gains an advantage with forearm smashes and chokes that put the ROH star on the ropes.  Matt backdrops Drolix over the ropes onto the floor.  Lennox thwarts a plancha attempt when he grabs Matt’s leg coming off the ropes.  Matt planchas onto Lennox instead, then dives onto Drolix, then brings him back into the ring, covering for a 2-count.  A Taven splash is countered by a Drolix back suplex and near fall.  Drolix suplexes Taven onto a turnbuckle then gets a 2-count as the crowd chants “Wall Street [inhales]!”  Matt punches his way out of a face lock, cross bodying the leader of BWS for a 2-count.  Drolix evens things with a roundhouse clothesline.  A Taven enzuguiri is on target, but it leaves both men groggy.  They exchange punches as the crowd chants “Yes! (Taven)” and “No! (Drolix)”. Taven hits another enzuguiri, back suplex and dropkick.  Drolix catches Taven attempting a top rope leap and thrust-=slams Matt to the mat, getting a 2-count.  Matt superplexes Drolix and covers for a 2-count, as Lennox pulls the referee out of the ring before he can count 3.  AS Taven turns his attention to Lennox, Drolix grabs Matt and forces him to tap out to the BWSmission.  Black Wall Street is 2-for-2 in their “take over” moves tonight.

Before the next match can start, the ringside table falls victim to the air gremlins and collapses.

MATCH #7:  MCW tag team champions G-FED & BUCK CHYLD (with AMBER RODRÍGUEZ) retained their belts with a pin fall over THE HELL CATS (JIMMY STARZ & SEXY STEVE) in 9:13 of their no-disqualification title match.  Chairs, trash cans, sticks and other weapons are prominent in this match.  Some of the highlights include:  G-Fed stretches Starz over two chairs and hits him with a top rope leap.  The Cats put G’s leg in a folding chair and jump on it.  As the match proceeds, the Cats double drop kick Buck after putting him in the tree of woe.  Buck comes back, knocking the Cats’ heads together.  The champs then slice and dice Steve; but the pin attempt is thwarted when Jimmy hits Chyld with a chair.  Weakened by chairs, Buck and G-Fed lie on the mat as Steve and Jimmy go for a double top-rope leap.  Amber, from the outside, shakes the ropes and forces the Cats to lose their balance.  Buck pins Starz for the win.

After the match, Steve and Starz attack the champs, and then try to double team Rodríguez.  The champs recover in time to save their manager. 

Two of the biggest names in women’s wrestling, with Angelina being a former TNA knockout champ and Mickie having held all three big-league belts (WWE women’s, WWE divas’, TNA knockouts’) get ready to square off in what is a homecoming for Mickie, who as ALEXIS LAREE, was once a MCW regular. Before the match, Angelina objects to MIKEY D’s appointment as referee, saying he’s “not beautiful enough” to referee the match.  She rather rudely orders Mikey to the back and brings out her own referee, JESSIE KAYE.

MATCH #8.01:  ANGELINA LOVE vs. MICKIE JAMES, with JESSIE KAYE as referee.  Jessie proceeds to frisk Mickie in a manner that would get a transportation safety official reprimanded.  Jessie then ignores Angelina’s hair pulls, attacks in the corner, and choking Mickie on the ropes.  James counters with kicks, elbows, a flying head scissors, an ax handle and a neck breaker.  She covers for the pin, but Jessie doesn’t even come over to count.  Mickie argues, with Love sneaking up to get a very fast 2-count.  Mickie again counters as she pushes Angelina into a corner.  As Mickie climbs to the top turnbuckle, Jessie throws her off.  Kaye and Love double-team Mickie.  RENÉE MICHELLE comes out and throws Angelina out of the ring at the 6:25 mark.

Mickie takes the mike and requests a “fair fight with no shenanigans”.  She and Renée challenge Angelina and Jessie to a tag team match.  Original referee Mikey D returns, and now we have …

MATCH #8.1:  MICKIE JAMES & RENÉE MICHELLE pinned ANGELINA LOVE & JESSIE KAYE in 9:34.  Jessie starts by cornering Renée but is unsuccessful at slamming her.  Renée gets 2-counts after a couple of rollups.  James tags in and leaps off the top turnbuckle.  Renée tags back in and gets another near fall.  Jessie punches out but misses a charge.  Angelina tags in and clobbers Renée, backing her in a corner.  Michelle punches back; but Jessie throws her down and gets a 2-count, then hits a leg drop before tagging Love.  Angeline and Jessie double-team Renée, as the referee is busy arguing with Mickie.  Jessie hits a sidewalk slam, then bear hugs Renée.  Angelina tags in and kicks Renée.  Mickie and Jessie slug it out after tagging in.  Mickie gets a 2-count after a karate kick and top rope leap.  Renée scores the pin after a cross body on Jessie.

MATCH #9:  CHRISTIAN YORK retained his MCW heavyweight championship by pinning his former tag team partner COBIAN in 10:10.  The brawling starts outside the ring.  When the match finally officially starts, York and Cobian exchange near falls.  Cobian takes the advantage as he slams Christian, then chokes him on the rope with his legs, whips and elbows him.  Cobian then presses and drops York, then stops to taunt the crowd.  He chokes York on the ropes once more, then slams and punches him before getting various near falls.  Christian retaliates with a tornado DDT and gets a 2-count.  He has Cobian on the ground and lands numerous punches.  He gets several near falls after these punches, a snap DT, and an enzuguiri from the ring apron.  He finally gets that 3-count with a small package, retaining his belt.

MCW card will be back at the Joppatowne Market Place on Saturday, March 22.  Appearing at this card will be former ROH and WWE stalwart COLT CABANA, former WWE diva KELLY KELLY, and, just 15 days before his induction into the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame, JAKE “THE SNAKE” ROBERTS. 

Let’s give a high-five to MCW’s MITCH MILLER, assistant coach of the Anne Arundel County champion Old Mill High School wrestling team.  Mitch is the second Old Mill assistant to wrestle for MCW, the first being BRIAN “TQM CHIP” LEITZEL, in the late 1990’s. 

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