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By Mike Johnson on 2/15/2014 8:32 AM



Orlando-I Believe in Wrestling at the Team Vision Dojo:  Rhett Giddins & Mike Young defeated Joey Mayberry & Gabriel BlackChance Champion vs. Mikey went to a Time Limit Draw…Chico Adam pinned Tim ZbyszkoAlex Pourteau pinned Sweet Thang WillieRich Swann pinned Wayne VanDykeJason Cade pinned Tristan Keali’lMike Reed pinned Q.T. MarshallChasyn Rance pinned Jesse NealLince Dorado & Los Ben Dejos defeated Aaron Epic, Josh Hess & Aaron Solo.  (2/8/14)




River Grove-Chicago Style Wrestling at the Guerin College Prep:  Bandolero Star defeated Aragon & Skayde Jr. in a Triple Threat Lucha Libre Elimination Match…Ricky The Janitor pinned Emerald Eric Del Ray…Nick Cutler won an Over-The-Top Rope Battle Royal to earn a CSW Heavyweight Title Shot…Brad Kevins, Colin Smith & Chris Miller defeated Colin Cambridge, The Arc Angel & Joey RoseJason Dukes pinned TJ SteeleThe Asylum (Diego Corleone & The Lunatic) defeated Sean Mulligan & Carols Rivers and Elite Paine (Hunter Paine & Marco Anthony) in a Triple Threat Match…Acid Jazz pinned Brian NelsonSteve Boz pinned Silas Young to become the Number one Contender for the CSW Heavyweight Championship…Marshe Rockett  pinned Nick CutlerJake Roberts pinned Deuce Tray.  (2/8/14)


Villa Park-GALLI Lucha Libre at the GALLI Arena:  Mike Anthony defeated Pentagono by DQ…Acid Jazz defeated Barry Ryte & Marcus Conrad in the Handicap Match…2 Hot 4 You (D’Angelo Steele, Chico Suave & Valentino) defeated Golden Dragon, Furia Roja & AtomicoSTL Crew (Ricky Cruz, Davve Vaughn & Jake Parnell) defeated Kuni Silencio, Mike Mattews & NoriegaLa Maldicion (Ovirload & Mojo McQueen) vs. The Smart Marx (GPA & Joey Marx) went to a Double Countout…La Corporacion (El Funebre, Dimencia, Vemon & Destructor Alfa) defeated El Revelion Chicana (El Traidor, Dark Scorpion & Destructor Sr.) and Destructor JrDiscovery defeated Bryce Benjamin in a No-DQ Match to become the new GALLI Champion.  (2/9/14)




Mishawaka-Strong Style Wrestling at The Battell Center:  Ruff Crossing pinned Rod StreetChase Matthews pinned Ace PerryJoe Pittman pinned Sean TylerRuss Jones defeated 7 other competitors to win the 8-Man Survival Match…Skayde Jr & Yakuza defeated Eragon & VengadorMarshe Rockett defeated Jynx, Bolt Brady & Ryan Epic in a Fatal 4-Way…Melanie Cruise pinned Jordynne GraceIf Looks Could Kill defeated Matt Knicks & Chris CastroTommy Dreamer pinned Jack ThrillerJake Omen vs. Dru Skillz went to a No-Contests.  (2/7/14)




Warren-XICW at the Ritz:   Mark Gjoka pinned Danny SheaCaleb Stills pinned Joe ColemanTaeler Hendrix pinned Willie WattsScarboni Brothers defeated TD Thomas & Mad DragonRhino & Willie Watts defeated Deathwish (Chaz Montana & Dickie Bronson)Kid Hybrid pinned Jacob HollowsMovado pinned Zach GowenThe DBA & Sabu defeated Jimmy Jacobs & Necro Butcher.  (2/9/14)




Winona-AIWF Mid-South at the Montgomery County Coliseum:  Ali Shabazz pinned Will Sharp and Kobra King pinned Ali Shabazz in a Mad Dash For Cash Gauntlet…Alex Brady defeated Happy Jack Shenanigans by Countout…Benjamin Cash pinned Jay AndrewsBarry Wolf pinned Mike Carter…PWE Champion Joe Kane pinned Jeremy AwesomeDevyn Nicole pinned VisionCharles West pinned Raphael King.  (2/8/14)



Varina-GOUGE Wrestling at the Fuquay Flea Market:   Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. won the Redneck Rumble…Otto Schwanz pinned Ray MillerJennifer Blaze pinned Mia the Valkyrie WarriorThe Krazy Killer Klowns defeated Ulrich von Vorse & Pat Powers by DQ…Seymour Snott pinned The Masked Magicianel Chaco & Nilo defeated Alas D Angel & Dragoon QuetzalJimmy Jack Funk Jr pinned Mickey Gambino to become the new GOUGE Heavyweight Champion.  (1/25/14)


Ashtabula-Magnum Pro Wrestling at the G.O. Ministries:   Bruiser Schmidt pinned AKAJesse McCoy & Nitro defeated The FellowshipThe Aftermath pinned Marcus KnightDarren Davenport’s Conspiracy Theory (Sean Reznikk & Broderick Shaw) defeated The Fornication Nation (Eli Thomas & Kip Paige)Chase Aaryons pinned Tripp LeeJoey Vincent Martini & Johnny Mercury defeated Ryan Burke & The BouncerJoey The Snake defeated Shawn Blaze in a Lumberjack Strap Match.  (2/1/14)

Barberton-Mid-Ohio Wrestling at the Barberton Band Booster Building:   Broderick Shaw defeated Sless Taylor and Izzy Lambert defeated Broderick Shaw in a 4-Way Tag Elimination Match…Tripp Lee pinned Izzy Lambert to become the new Mid-Ohio Cruiserweight Champion…Joey Vengeance & Ryan Burke went to a Time-Limit Draw…Levi Connors pinned Patrick HayesJeff Meekins vs. Matt Cross went to a Draw…Mike Hercum defeated Wikkid in a Last Man Standing Match…Sherman Tank & Jimmie Lee defeated The Black & Blue Crew.  (2/8/14)

Columbus-Legends of the Squared Circle and Steel Domain Wrestling at the Ohio Expo Center Coliseum:  Bruce Grey pinned Brandon FieldsCollateral Damage defeated The Un-Americans by DQ…SGT. Ledbetter pinned Ary DaivariBobby Fulton & The Honky Tonk Man defeated Toody Mulins & Jerry AndrewsRyan Stone pinned IceMiss Natural pinned KaelaDanny Duggan pinned Krimson.    (2/8/14)

Elyria-Mega Championship Wrestling at the Old Carilsle Township Fire Hall:  El Tigre Azul pinned Tommy KaneChase Aaryons defeated The Aftermath & Kip Paige in a Triple Threat Match…Shawn Blaze, Tristan Tyler & Mad Dog Manson defeated The Duke, Joshua Singh & Alex DanielsAlex Matthews defeated The Bouncer by DQ…Angel Dust defeated Leah Von Dutch & Seleziya SparxSoda Pop Johnson & Joey The Snake defeated Eli Thomas & Joey Vincent MartiniBrandon X pinned J. Rocc.  (2/8/14)

Greenville-Dynamic Championship Wrestling at the National Guard Armory:  Big Rig pinned Ryan FitzgeraldFrankie Gambino pinned Shawn DravenTommy Blaze pinned Brandon JamesMason Price pinned Tom McClaneMac McPhat pinned Evan SteelBig Jim Hutchinson defeated Vandal by DQ.  (2/1/14)

Mansfield-American States Wrestling Alliance at the Eastbook Center:  Bo Dacious defeated Nolan Bates by Submission…Kenny Hendrix pinned KrazySless Taylor pinned Izzy LambertRick Baker pinned TakahashiThe Bald World Order (Kid Collins & Thunder Morgan) & Jimmie Lee defeated Jeff Cannon, Random Pain & Nick Brutal in a Six-Man Team Match…Kaos pinned Toby ClineBarry Hardy defeated Jock Samson in a Texas Lumberjack Strap Match.  (2/1/14)

Marietta-Remix Pro Wrestling at the Marietta Middle School: Jason Kincaid pinned Jimmy NuttsChris Lerusso pinned Joseph BrooksJock Samson defeated Viper in an Appalachian Bull Rope Match…Cole Cash pinned Eric SteelFaçade pinned Marion FontaineRon Mathis pinned Vance DesmondHeadless Horsemen defeated Sharkboy & BulldozerChance Prophet pinned Bryan Cross.  (2/8/14)

Marion-Classic Championship Wrestling at the Steve Hogg Recreation Center:  Nikolai Volkoff pinned Mike MussoChris Pain pinned GDTLockdown defeated Mikey the Maniac by Countout…Bobo Brazil Jr. defeated Jack Hansen by DQ…Justin Toxicated defeated Deamon Kahn in an Anything Goes Match…Larry Zbyszko defeated Lockdown in a $500 Special First Takedown Match…Uncle Hogg defeated Mr. 90210 by Countout…Nikolai Volkoff defeated The Russian Brute in a Flag Match.   (2/8/14)

Marion-NWA-Sports Entertainment Wrestling at the USW Local Hall:  Ricky Caurdiea pinned Slim TrimmonsJessie McCoy & Bryen Douglas defeated Cannibalistic NatureJoseph Donnely pinned Jason FranchiseHaley Rose pinned The Rainbow WarriorThe Bearded Dragons defeated Band of Brothers to become the new NWA-SEW Tag Team Champions…Bruiser Schmidt pinned Stormy SmileyfaceChristian Black pinned Chris HawkinsRob Conway & Joe Bruizer defeated Renzo Lavell & AJ SnowJonathan Hampton pinned Owen Travers.  (2/8/14)

Middleton-Legends of the Squared Circle at the LSC Arena:  Jay West pinned Tim LutzMike Brody pinned TanuJerry Andrews pinned Brutal BellmanCandy Crush defeated Kaela & Todd MullinsBig T defeated Corvis, Richie O’Ryan & Zac West in a Fatal 4-Way…Ryan Stone pinned SGT. Ledbetter.  (2/1/14)

Nelsonville-X-Treme Wrestling Entertainment at the Hocking College Student Center:  Otto Von Boogiemeister pinned Jeremy Madrox to qualify for the Brutal Games Match…Dane Stratmore pinned Brandon Fields to qualify for the Brutal Games Match…Matt Vertigo defeated Damien Braddeck by referee reversal to qualify for the Brutal Games Match…Prime Cuts (Levi Connors & Duke Beefhammer) defeated Party Crashers (Juice Jennings & Jimmy Shane), Bruce Grey & Ganger and Zakk Spadez & Great American Beast in a Fatal Four-Way Match to become the new XWE Tag Team Champions…Tommy Chill pinned Matt Taylor to qualify for the Brutal Games Match…Kris Kahoz defeated Jason Legend, Bryan Cross & Juggulator to become the new XWE Hocking Valley Champion…Jerry  Bishop & Dirk Extreme defeated Pretty in Pink (Corey Mason & Ricky Lee Stonerock).  (2/1/14)

Zaneville-Southern Championship Wrestling at the Newton Township Fire Department:   Mike Howerton pinned JakeZack Lantern pinned WolfSpade vs. Rockin’ Redneck went to a Double DQ...Halo defeated Demon Khan & Lockdown in a Three-Way Dance…Big Joe Roberts defeated Mark Mattox & Paul HarleyRok Wyler defeated TX Cross by DQ.        (2/1/14)



 Jasper-AIWF Youngblood Wrestling at the YBW Arena:   Mikey G pinned Joshua CroweEric Michaels defeated Robbie Evans & Matt Bradley in a Triangle Match…The Fugitives of Sin (Cra-Z-C & Jason Williams) defeated Adam Powers & AcidJay Anthony defeated Opie-2-Dope, Evil & Robbie Evans in a Number One Contenders Fatal 4-Way Match…Young & Reckless (Brandon Young &Freddie Reckless) and The Movement (Chip Hazard & Talon Williams) defeated Suicide Kings (Thomas Cage & Maniac) and Rated X (Executioner & Justin Blaze).  (2/8/14)



Lewisburg-All-Star Wrestling at The House of Pain:  Cody Morton defeated The Ringmaster by DQ…Norman Cross pinned Risque’ RayForsaken & Ringmaster defeated Shane & Steve MortonLarry Cooter defeated Lawrence by DQ…The Untouchables (Jeremiah Plunkett & Drew Haskins) defeated JP Jones & Sexy CThe Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) and Bill Dundee defeated Super Sharp (Mikey Dunn & Lawrence) and Sexy C.  (2/8/14)



Salt Lake City-Ultra Championship Wrestling at the UCW-Zero Arena:   Derrick Jannetty pinned Kid KadeThe 801 District (Los Mochi Paco & Junior X) defeated Braden Austin & the Durango Kid….Morgan defeated Sierra Rose in a Rope Match…Dallas Murdock pinned Craig StevensLacey Ryan pinned Hudson EnvyMartin Casaus pinned Zack JamesJason Jaxson pinned Bronson.  (2/8/14)




Norfolk-Vanguard Championship Wrestling at the Norfolk Masonic Temple:  RH3 pinned Hax BanditoCountry Kidd pinned Jean Jean LebonJames Hall pinned AsaafiThe Platinum Enforcers (Phil Brown & CW Anderson) defeated Shorty Smalls & Mr. Class and The Geordie Bulldogs (Sean & Mark Denny) to become the new VCW Tag Team Champions…US Jay Steel pinned Damien WayneDirty Money pinned Bobby Shields.  (2/1/14)




Scarborough, ON-Youngstars Wrestling at the Variety Village:  Trent Gibson pinned Kobe DurstAlexia Nicole & Jake Jet Jr. defeated Grimbo ProWrestling & Jasmin AreebiBradford Montague pinned Preston MylesEl Jijo Del Bigote defeated Jeff Vertigo & Gabriel Fuerza in a Triple Threat Match…Joshua James pinned RAGEBEARicade pinned Eddie SappolucciWill White pinned Channing Decker.  (1/25/14)