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By Nathan Favel on 2/15/2014 5:59 PM


Traditional Championship Wrestling
By:  Nathan Favel
Original Air-Date:  Saturday, February 15, 2014
Announcers: Brandon Baxter – Play-By-Play
Brian Thompson - Color
Welcome back to TCW!  Tonight, we bring the TCW International  Championship Tournament to a close, as both halves of Genetic Perfection fight for the title. Let’s get to it!
Cerebus w/ Boyd Bradford vs.  Anton (may not be correct name)
Sadly, low commentary volume prevented me from hearing his name, as well as preoccupation with a personal matter.  So, I apologize to the wrestler in question, for my failings in the matter of learning your name.  As far as the match was concerned, it was a lengthy squash that favored Cerebus.  Cerebus displays an abundance of intensity in his matches, which was evident here.  This was a well-paced affair that allowed the new face to gain some offense on television (which can only help his career) and allowed the veteran (Cerebus) to have a much-deserved victory on television.
Winner:  Cerebus
Michael Barry vs.  Alan Steele w/ Rich Rude – TCW International Championship Tournament Finals
                What a fantastic bout, on all accounts. Where does one start with such an excellent offering?  From bell-to-bell, this bout lived up to the build that this tournament has presented.  The action was a great mixture of many styles and is truly worth your time.
POST-MATCH:  Ken Resnick cut a great post-victory interview that perfectly outlined what Barry’s win means for his career.  From there, Alan turned on is now-former partner, by bashing him with the title belt.  John Saxon came to the aid of Barry and saved him from his former friend.
BACKSTAGE:  were in the bathroom talking about their TCW Tag Team Championship Match, when they ran into Sigmon.  I had trouble hearing what he said, but I can only assume it had to do with his prophetic sayings.
I’m not a fan of backstage segments like these, so I suppose it’s hard to get me excited about them.  This was, however, realistically performed, so I have no notable gripes about this particular one.
MAIN EVENT:  The Empire (Greg Anthony & Matt Riviera) vs.  The Good Ol’ Boys – TCW Tag Team Championship Match
                This match began after a solid promo about how The Empire now dominates the TCW landscape and will continue to do so.  After their little rant, we jumped into a match comprised of good brawling and solid fundamentals.  Nothing about this was necessarily groundbreaking, but it was a fun tag match that gave an interesting team inThe Good Ol’ Boys a chance to have the main event spotlight. One factor that is worth mentioning is the adequate use of the tag aspect of the match, which was utilized to create some excellent drama.  In a surprise, The Good Ol’ Boys won the titles! However, they were beaten mercilessly after the bout, so the momentum was ruined. 
Final Thoughts:  This was a strong card, mainly because of the TCW International Championship Match.
Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next.