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By Carlos Galli on 2/25/2014 11:41 AM
The TVS Television Network Revives IWA Wrestling For Live Shows, National TV GALLI Lucha Libre/Wrestling Promoter Carlos Robles Teams With TVS to Produce Regular Shows
TVS Television Network returns to professional wrestling with the revival of their International Wrestling Association. The IWA was formed by TVS as the first national wrestling promotion and syndicated TV program. Previously, all professional wrestling was performed on regional circuits. While a critical success, the IWA was unable to break the monopoly of the established promoters and ceased performing after 1976.
Today, TVS returns to professional wresting in association with veteran Chicago promoter Carlos Robles. Thru his promotion "GALLI Lucha Libre" Robles is well known in both American and Mexican wrestling circles.
TVS, founded I 1961, is the fourth oldest commercial television network in the USA. Long known for its college basketball coverage, TVS also presented major college football bowl games, the IWA, the Ladies Pro Bowlers Tour, NASCAR, The World Football League, and other major sports on broadcast stations across the USA.
The IWA spared no expense in 1975 to attract the top wrestlers in the industry. Legendry Mexican Champion Mil Mascaras was (and still is) the IWA Heavyweight Champion. Other notable IWA wrestlers were Ivan Koloff, Ox Baker, Ernie Ladd, Rip Hawk, Hacksaw Reynolds, and Tex MacKenzie.
The new version off the IWA will be seen on a cable TV network, regional sports networks, and on broadcast TV stations. In addition it will appear as the IWA Channel, one of 32 IPTV ‘Micro Channels’ now being rolled out to feature classic TVS and new TVS productions. Official Facebook page: