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By Nathan Favel on 3/20/2014 1:34 PM


Championship Wrestling from Hollywood TV Report
By:  Nathan Favel
Original Air Date:  Wednesday, 3/19/14
Announcers:  Johnny Loquasta – Play-By-Play
Stu Stone – Color
                Backstage Interview:  The Revolution verbally picked apart their opponents, The Sutton Family, just minutes before the match was set to take place. 
                Ring-side Interview:  The Sutton Family did like their villainous foes and ripped into their opponents. 
                Both of these promos nicely built to…
The Revolution vs.  The Sutton Family – Six-Man Tag Team Match
                This was a good opener that allowed everyone to get some good moves in, as well as a chance to engage with the crowd.  These two teams seem to be a good pairing, as their characters play off of each other so naturally. 
Winners:  The Revolution
Evan Thomas vs.  Terex
                This was a fast paced match that saw Terex, a man of gargantuan size who embodies the same kind of hidden talents that only Yokozuna himself could appreciate, work an enjoyable bout that helped to showcase Thomas’s notable agility.  Matches with big men don’t always have the work-rate that one always craves, but this one did. 
Winner:  Terex
Eric Cross vs. Anderson Cruz
                Cross’s push marches on with a victory over CWFH’s resident jobber to the stars, Anderson Cruz.  Cross maintained control for most of the bout and, considering the position that he currently holds in the roster, his dominant booking is surely for the best.  Cruz did his best to sell Cross’s offense and showed that he can be a team player.  Overall, this is as good of a squash match as you’re likely to see anytime soon.
Winner:  Eric Cross
Post-Match:  Eric cut a fiery promo on how he will go after both championship belts.  I wish the WWE could manage to put this much importance on their Mid-Card and Main Event championships. 
Thomas Namaste vs.  Dan Joseph
This was a good bout that was filled with all manner of cruiserweight action that had a healthy amount of substance.  I really enjoy it when these fast-paced encounters take a minute to let everyone catch up, which is what we were able to do here.  There was, by the way, a spot at the end where Namaste did a split from the top turnbuckle and landed on the mat awkwardly.  It didn’t look like that was what he was trying to do, so I’d bet he got a bit hurt there.  So, if you cringe as much as I do at those kind of moments, then consider that your warning.  Fortunately, the bout finished just a few seconds after that with…
Winner:  Dan Joseph
Mikey O’Shea w/ the Hobo vs.  Tito Escondido w/ Johnny Yuma
After a few minutes of action, this bout got interrupted by Yuma, whose actions caused a DQ victory for O’Shea.
Winner:  Mikey O’Shea – DQ
Ring-side Announcement:  Matchmaker Danielle rechristened the bout into a tag team affair, as a result of Yuma’s shenanigans. 
Mikey O’Shea and The Hobo vs.  Johnny Yuma and Tito Escondido – Tag Team Match
There’s some bad news here:  I didn’t get to watch this match.  Unfortunately, the same problems that have been plaguing me at this time of night/morning (3:00 am) have struck again.  Therefore, I don’t know what the hell happened.
Final Thoughts:  What I saw of the show was very good.  There was no malarkey in the booking and everyone was given a chance to shine.
An Announcement:  Due to the problems I keep having with the 3:00 am viewing, I’m considering changing my reviews into the 2:00 am viewing.  What this would mean is that these reviews will be one week behind, but they will be full and complete.  I’m going to ask the editors of the sites that this report gets posted on and see if they’d be willing to accommodate this.  If this does go into effect, then it will only be for two to four months.  My schedule is due to clear up soon, which means that staying up until 3:00 am will eventually not pose a problem for me anymore.  I’ll indicate at the top of each review, in the meantime, when the original air date was, so no confusion can arise. 
Thank you for your patience and thank you for reading.
Until next time…