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By Nathan Favel on 3/22/2014 12:59 PM


Traditional Championship Wrestling TV Report
By:  Nathan Favel
Original Air Date:  Saturday, March 22, 2014
Announcers:  Brandon Baxter – Play-By-Play
               Brian Thompson – Color
Jon Omari w/ Big Mike vs.  Barrett Brown
                This was a smartly wrestled bout that made great use of both men’s agility and athleticism.  Omari, in particular, was able to showcase some wonderful moves and fluid transitions that really helped keep the bout alive.  Therefore, it’s fitting that Omari won the bout.
Winner:  Jon Omari
Brett Barnes w/ Rich Rude vs.  John Saxon
                This was a very physical affair that that was well paced.  They stuck to a more technical approach, with a few big moves towards the end.  This included a grueling Suplex off of the top turnbuckle that could not have been fun to perform.  In the end, it was Saxon who was booked to win this solid bout. 
Winner:  John Saxon
MAIN EVENT:  The Good Ole Boys vs.  The Hounds of Hell – TCW World Tag Team Championships Match
                This match was a brawl; pure and simple.  Don’t look for amazing aerial accomplishments or feats of strength worth remembering forever, because they are not here to be found.  What we had here was a down and dirty fight that helped send us home with new tag team champions!
Winners:  AND NEW TCW World Tag Team Champions – The Hounds of Hell
                News Of The Night:  We had some good interviews that were conducted by Jason Jones, who fills the role of interviewer nicely. The promos he did with Jon Omari and John Saxon were precisely what they needed to be, despite slowing down the momentum of the show to some degree. 
                Bob Orton finally spoke on camera and appears to be a participant in the storylines going forward. 
                Matt Riviera is quite good at playing the madman.  He’s delightfully over-the-top and a strong heel.  That said, he does take up a bit too much TV time for my liking.  However, he was not in the way tonight, as he only appeared in a few quick segments.
                Final Thoughts:  This was a good edition of TCW that featured some noteworthy performances from an eclectic selection from the roster.
                Thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time.