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By Dan Mirade on 4/6/2014 1:11 AM
Support our #MEGA Raffle & Indiegogo campaign for a huge MWF anniversary summer!
We have three WWE Legends we're ready to announce for June & our 13th anniversary live event Bash!

The time for talking is done!  Our #SaveTheMWF Mega Raffle takes place Sunday night after WrestleMania, and our Indiegogo campaign ends Monday night after Raw!  Every dollar raised through raffle tickets and Indiegogo goes towards our anniversary summer - the more we raise, the more live events and interactive legends appearances we'll be able to bring you!  Without the fans support, the MWF will continue to be primarily focused on the Carolina's.  Our April 12th Soul Survivor X event was postponed by John Cena Sr. - this is our chance to team up and keep great wrestling and memories alive here in Boston!  We cannot have these events without your help.  Take a look at the great content and prizes - enjoy the free video - and spread the word to your friends and fellow fans!

NEW! WrestleMania I Documentary "Madness Behind The Mania" with the Iron Sheik, "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff & "Cowboy" Bob Orton - 2 1/2 hours - absolutely FREE this weekend!  Online now:

NEW! MWF Holiday Headlocks 2013 Q&A at Kowloon with "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase, The Godfather, Al Snow, Debra & John Cena Sr. - absolutely FREE this weekend!  Online now:

Over 30 great videos are on the event page now, FREE from any online device in the world!  In addition to the two full length videos listed above, we have the Carlito & Al Snow interactive studio shoot interview, the Iron Sheik, "Stone Cold" Steve Ausin, Jim Ross, Daniel Bryan, Vader, Shelton Benjamin, Boogeyman, Harley Race and many more!  Enjoy them all and share with your friends!!


NEW!  CM Punk Autographed #WWE Promo Photo Added to the #MEGA Raffle!  Over 30 prizes up for grabs after WrestleMania Sunday night - open to any fan in the USA.  Updated video:

The #SaveTheMWF MEGA Raffle is open to fans anywhere in the United States and is open until the end of WrestleMania Sunday!  Starting at just $5, you can win EVERYTHING listed!  That's right, one single winner gets everything in the jackpot, worth over $1,300!
-  Mint condition, never used WWE PPV Chair (choice of four)
-  Lunch for two with John Cena Sr. at Kowloon in Saugus, MA
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-  Autographed Sin Cara Photofile photo (the original)
-  Autographed Kofi Kingston promo photo
-  Autographed Joseph Park promo photo
-  Autographed Ron Simmons photo
-  TNA Slammiversary 2013 Poster
-  Autographed Vader 11x14 print
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-  Autographed Carlito 11x14 print
-  Autographed WWE Attitude Era 3-DVD set signed by Al Snow
-  Al Snow autographed styrofoam Head
-  Carlito autographed Apple
-  Autographed Paul Bearer Christmas card
-  Autographed Property of WWE t-shirt
-  Autographed Godfather 11x17 print
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Again, whoever is the winner gets EVERYTHING!  Plus, every raffle ticket purchase brings you more Millennium Wrestling Federation in 2014 and beyond!  Get your tickets now!


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