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By Nathan Favel on 4/6/2014 2:01 AM


Traditional Championship Wrestling TV Report
By:  Nathan Favel
Original Air Date:  4/5/14
Sigmon vs. Cerebus – No Disqualification Match
                This started us off with a bang, as they say.  This felt very much like an ECW match from 1994, with a surplus of plunder littering the ring at all times.  The psychology was right on the mark and the pace was the right speed for a match of this kind.  Overall, this was a satisfying bout that set the evening into motion properly.
Winner:  Sigmon
Lars vs.  Big Mike w/ Jon Omari
                This was a bout that was focused on elevating Lars.  As a bout of character development, this worked quite well, as it showcased a more aggressive side to the aforementioned wrestler.  As for the wrestling itself, what we had here was a well-balanced diet of technical holds and chain-sequences that filled my hungry belly full of quality action.  Overall, this was a good little bout that was worth watching.
Winner:  Lars
MAIN EVENT:  Michael Barry vs.  Alan Steele w/ Rich Rude – Title vs. Humiliation Match for the TCW International Championship
                The idea here was that if Barry retained his title, then Rude had to wear a dress.  Evidently, Rude isn’t as comfortable in his own skin as Big Vito was.  Anyway, the match itself was another excellent outing between the former tag team partners.  My only complaint is that these bouts between these two are happening to frequently and, therefore, causing the matches they work to lose the sense of importance that the first two had.  Despite my grievance, this was still a worthwhile main event and another hit from the pairing of Barry and Steele. 
Winner:  AND STILL TCW International Champion – Michael Barry
News of the Night:  Matt Riviera has set out to get psychiatric help from a doctor that seems to have assigned the TCW owner with a teddy bear companion named Bobo. 
John Saxon saved Sigmon from an assault at the hands of The Bradford Family, so it appears that the pairing will continue for the time being.
The Lily/Lars feud is ongoing, with Lars swearing vengeance on his former lover.
Rich Rude wore the dress and did not make it look good. 
Final Thoughts:  This was a solid broadcast that moved all the major storylines forward at a nice pace, while also providing some good action.  It would be nice to have a bit more variety in the match selections, but I suppose that will come in due time.
Thank you for reading and I’ll see you next time.