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By Dory Funk Jr. on 5/28/2014 8:41 AM

!BANG! TV Report – Gerald Brisco and Dory Funk together on !BANG! TV Special

Next !BANG! TV Taping Saturday June 28th

Support Your Troops 105, "Parade of Champions"
Show Time 7:00pm Doors Open at 6:15pm
For Ticket Information - Call Now 352-895-4658
Purchase Tickets Online Here
Watch Results from Support Your Troops 104, "Ultimate Impact" in !BANG! TV Super-HQ Large Format with WWE Hall of Famers Dory Funk Jr. and Gerald Brisco in attendance.

Go to to watch the following matches.

Return Match for the Women's Championship
Hollywood Heather (Champion) With Paulette Carter
Jessica "Power-House" Hill With Samantha Powers

 Battle Royal
Hector "Taino" Alicea, Lorenzo Goode, Dalton Drellich, Brian De Mario
 Derrick Steele, Jordan Decker, Noah Mayser, Gabe Zimmerly, Julio Chavez

# 1 Cotender Match
Lorenzo Goode vs Jordan Decker

World Championship Match
Hector "Taino" Alicea (Champion) vs Derrick Steele


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