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By Thomas Rude on 7/8/2014 11:39 AM

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Orlando-I Believe in Wrestling at the Team Vision Dojo:  Oso Panda pinned Joey MayberryGabriel Black pinned Johnny StoogeBrittany pinned Blake ArcherChasyn Rance pinned Earl CooterJason Cade pinned Sweet Thang WillieRussell Payne pinned Chico AdamsRhett Giddins defeated Josh Hess in a No-DQ Match.  (6/21/14)


Orlando-I Believe in Wrestling at the Team Vision Dojo:  Maxwell Chicago pinned Sweet Thang WillieJoey Mayberry & Johnny Stooge defeated Oso Panda & Canadian Red DevilBrittany pinned Lizzie ParrisChasyn Rance pinned Tristan Keali’iJason Cade defeated Verde & Gabriel Black in a Three-Way Match…Chico Adams pinned Russell PayneRhett Giddins pinned Aaron Epic.  (7/6/14)




Glen Carbon-Dynamo Pro Wrestling at the Sports Academy:   Billy McNeil pinned Brandon GallagherMark Sterling pinned JackalBradley Charles pinned Mike OutlawShawn Santel & Mauler Mc. Darby defeated Dash Rando & Cavana FantasticKen Kasa pinned Mike SydalRicky Cruz defeated Outtkast in a Hardcore Match…Jeremy Wyatt pinned Brandon AaronsOuttkast, Billy McNeil & Mike Sydal defeated Ricky Cruz, Ken Kasa & Jeremy Wyatt.  (6/28/14)


Villa Park-GALLI Lucha Libre at the GALLI Arena:  Mason Conrad defeated Mike Anthony by DQ…Golden Star pinned Destructor Alfa2 Hot 4 U (Chico Suave & Encantador Valentino) defeated Furia Roja & AtomicoGPA & Punisher 747 defeated La Maldicion (Mojo McQueen & Ovirload)Acid Jaz pinned Will DollaTeam 2 Star (Matt Knicks & Chris Castro) defeated El Syndicato (Marcus Conrad & Barry Ryte)Caballeros De Chaos (Ricky Cruz, Destructor Alfa & Destructor Sr.) defeated El Traidor, Destructor Jr. & Golden DragonBryce Benjamin pinned Dark Scorpion.  (6/22/14)


Villa Park-Fusion Wrestling at the Fusion Arena:  Colin Cambridge pinned Brad KevinsNick Cutler pinned Ruff Crossing….Apocalypto pinned Chris MillerWillie Richardson pinned David TowerColin Smith pinned Steve BozElite Paine (Marco Anthony & Hunter Paine) defeated Diego Corleone & Jester Yorick.  (5/27/14)


 Villa Park-ELLMEX/GALLI Lucha Libre at the Galli Arena:  Dimencia, Destructor Sr. & Chico Suave defeated Alas De Fuego, Golden Dragon & AtomicoFuria Roja defeated Marcus Conrad & Kuni Silencio in a Triple Threat Match…Pentagono & Golden Star defeated Venom & FunebreLa Maldicion (Mojo McQueen & Ovirload) defeated Guerrerito Del Futuro & SlayerImperio Azteca, Halcon Oriental & Rey Makkawi defeated El Revelion Chincana (Traidor, Destructor Jr. & Dark Scorpion).   (6/29/14)


Villa Park-GALLI Lucha Libre at the GALLI Arena:  Willie Richardson pinned Akuma OkoyeGPA defeated Gavilan De Plata & Encantador Valentino in a Triple Threat Match...Mason Conrad & Mike Matthews defeated Syndicato (Marcus Conrad & Barry Ryte) by DQ…Pentagono defeated Destructor Alfa by Submission…Team 2 Star (Matt Knicks & Chris Castro) defeated 2 Hot 4 U (Chico Suave & D’Angleo Steele)...Ovirload pinned Golden StarDark Scorpion & Acid Jaz defeated Synidicato (Mike Anthony & Bryce Benjamin) by DQ…Punisher 747 & Discovery defeated Mojo McQueen & Mosco X-Fly.  (7/6/14)




New Albany-Destination 1 Wrestling at the New Albany Production House:  Dave Crist pinned Jon’ Tae KeithCrazy Mary Dobson pinned Samantha HeightsAaron Williams & Ron Mathis defeated The Soul Shooters by DQ…Team Destination One defeated Team Denision One in a 4 vs 4 Survivor Match by DQ…Lennox Norris pinned Apollo GarvinMad Man Pondo pinned Tracy Smothers to become the new D1W Champion.  (6/25/14)


New Albany-Destination 1 Wrestling at the New Albany Production House:  Mitch Johnson pinned Kharn AlexanderAnthony Lee pinned Zakk SpadezNeavaeh pinned Samantha HeightsMatt Atreya defeated Aidan Blackhart by DQ…Alex Colon defeated Austin Bradley by Countout…Apollo pinned Micas SilvaKyle Maverick vs. 2 Tuff Tony went to a Time-Limit Draw…Kyle Maverick vs. 2 Tuff Tony went to a Double Countout…Mister Eros & Bombastic Bruce defeated Remi Wilkins & Austin BradleyLuFisto pinned Mary DobsonAaron Williams & Ron Mathis defeated Alex Colon & Jake CristMad Man Pondo defeated Tracy Smothers in a Fans’ Lumberjack Strap Match.  (7/5/14)




New Bedford-House of Bricks at Clegg Field:  Team Moonshiner defeated Time Simply the Best and JB Tick became the new HoB Southern New England Wrestling Champion…David Baker vs. Anthony Stone went to a Double Countout…The Beasts defeated The RefflersJohnny Angel pinned Scott AshworthRick Fuller pinned Evan SiksNikki Valentine & Rob Hagan defeated Amanda Fox & Chris CruiseDavid Amando Nieves Flores pinned Eric DylanAaron Amadeus defeated Gary Gold by DQ.  (6/21/14)




Cadillac-Universyl Wrestling Enterprizes at the Sands Resort:  Scotty D. pinned Jimmy ShalwinMax Morrison pinned The Masked MarauderHurrican Gonzalez pinned Jamie Race….Mike Idol pinned Kavan O’ReilleyFrankie the Face pinned Jeff KingSean Reddick, Demolition Smash & Dakota Darsow defeated Benny Suecrasey, Eric Freedom & Greeko Suave.    (7/5/14)


Clinton Township-XICWS at the Imperial House: Movado pinned Channing DeckerRhino pinned Jon BolenWilly Watts & Jaimy CoxXx defeated Caleb Stills & Mark GjokaTD Thomas pinned Tyson DuxOrlando Christopher pinned Phil AtlasHakim Zane defeated DBA in a Steel Cage Match…The Piainkillers defeated The Scarboni Brothers in a Steel Cage Match…Taeler Hendrix pinned Alexia NicoleZach Gowen pinned Ashley SixxChris Sabin pinned Petey Williams.  (7/5/14)




Fenton-Dynamo Pro Wrestling at the Stratford Bar & Grill: Jake Parnell defeated Everett Connors & Rocket Mapache in a Triple Threat Match…Brandon Aarons pinned Brando GallagherJack Gamble pinned Shorty BiggsOuttkast pinned Alexandre RudolphRicky Cruz vs. Jake Dirden went to a No-Contest.  (6/14/14)




Ballston Spa-In Your Face Wrestling’s “Coronation Cup 2014” at the Ballston Area Community Center:  Elite Terrell pinned Dex ChaseRonnie Ribs defeated Lance Madewell by Submission…Prince Ashul-NAul vs Ian Daniels went to a Time-Limit Draw…C.J. Scott pinned Fronz RoddyLiam McFerrin & Drake Evans defeated The Knockout Gang (Jamar Justice & Gabriel Soul)Elite Terrell defeated Ronnie Ribs by DQ…Eric Emanon pinned Tyler VincentElite Terrell pinned C.J. Scott to become the 2014 Coronation Cup Winner…Northern Fury (Vigo & Sgt. Fury) defeated Ricky Williams & Chip Stetson in a No-DQ Match.  (6/28/14)


North Tonawanda-Empire State Wrestling at the St. Johnsubrg Fire Hall:  Brandon Thurston pinned Tommy CaliberJohnny Adams, Coconut Jones & Maximo Suave defeated RJ City & The FlatlinersGabreal Saint pinned Salvatore MoroccoYuri Koloff pinned Alex ColtJonny Puma & Frankie Feathers defeated The Caesar & Will ClarissianBill Collier defated Sebastian Suave by DQ…Kevin Bennett pinned AR FoxThe McGlomouses vs. Randy Philbrick & Andrew Cravatta went to a No-Contest…Chris Cooper pinned Gregory Iron. (6/21/14)




Raleigh-GOUGE Wrestling at the Raleigh Brewing Company:  KFC pinned Wallabee JoeSeymour Snott vs. Gluteous Maximas went to a Double Countout…Team Sexxy defeated Encore & Ryan Miller...Mickey Gambino pinned Timmy Lou RettonJimmy Jack Funk Jr. defeated Otto Schwanz by DQ.  (6/28/14)


Raleigh-GOUGE Wrestling at the Raleigh Fire Works:  Juan Jeremi pinned Jett BlackTK Stark defeated Otto Schwanz by DQ…Jennifer Blaze pinned Roni Nicole to become the new GOUGE Ladies Champion…Josh Powers defeated Seymour Snott by DQ…Timmy Lou Retton pinned Mickey GambinoSeymour Snott, Otto Schwanz & Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. defeated Jett Black, TK Stark & Josh PowersChris Stevens defeated Damien Wayne in a No-DQ Raleigh Street Fight….Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. pinned Admiral Al Akbar.  (7/4/14)




Belle Center-W.A.R. Wrestling at the Bingo Hall:  Vernal Lee Samson won the Battle Royal…Jeff Halloway pinned Caleb StillsLevi Connors pinned Ernie BallzSless Taylor pinned Lil CJimmy Shane & Robby Starr defeated Mr. Main Event & Mr. Old SchoolMatt Taylor pinned Chris Hall...Sherman Tank & Brian Beech defeated Jock Samson & Vernal Lee Samson.  (7/4/14)


Campbell-Real Action Pro Wrestling at St. Joseph the Provider:  Curt Fury & Ryan Burke defeated Flea & Trevor SkyeUrijah Xero pinned Tripp LeeTrystan Tyler & Incredibly AmaSingh (Alex Daniels & Joshua Singh) defeated Aftermath, Tuff Tina & Alex MatthewsJesse McCoy defeated Sean Reznikk in an I Quit Match…Space Warrior Attack Team (Eli Thomas & Chase Aaryons) defeated #ZombieKillers (Bouncer & Angel Dust) to become the new Tag Team Champions…Shawn Blaze pinned Marcus KnightUrijah Xero & Joey Vincent hit the floor at the same time in a Check in the Mail Rumble.  (6/14/14)


Dayton-Rockstar Pro Wrestling at the Rockstar Arena:  Kyle Kraven defeated Great American Beast by Countout…Lufisto vs. Duke Beefhammer went to a No-Contest…The Squad (Tom McClane & Ganger) defeated The Fight (Draven & Jerrod Harris)…Ace Perry pinned Benjamin KimeraJeremiah defeated Pompano Joe & Zakk Spadez in a Triple Threat Match…Dangerzone (Kyle Maverick & Austin Bradley) defeated Jon Murray & Tracy SmothersOI4K (Jake Crist, Dave Crist & Ron Mathis) and Alex Colon defeated Aaron Williams, Matt Taylor, Jim Hutchinson & Jerrod Harris in an 8-Man Tag Match…               (6/11/14)


Dayton-Rockstar Pro Wrestling at the Rockstar Arena:  Duke Beefhammer & Jeremiah defeated Pompano Joe & Great American BeastDonnie Hollows pinned Hakim ZaneMichael defeated Lufisto by DQ…The Fight (Draven & Jerrod Harris) defeated Smart Bombs Deluxe (Jon Murray & Bruce Grey)…Alex Colon defeated Jake Omen, Kyle Kraven & Zac Vincent in a Fatal Four Way Match…Dave Crist defeated Matt Taylor by DQ…Ron Mathis defeated Jim Hutchinson in a Last Man Standing Match…Dangerzone (Kyle Maverick & Austin Bradley) defeated The Squad (Tom McClane & Ganger)Ace Perry pinned Benjamin KimeraAaron Williams defeated Jake Crist, Gerome Phillips & Zakk Spadez in a Four-Way Ladder Match.              (6/13/14)


Dayton-Rockstar Pro Wrestling at the Rockstar Pro Arena:  Benjamin Kimera pinned Jon MurrayRon Mathis pinned Great American BeastLufisto & The Squad (Tom McClane & Ganger) defeated Michael & Dangerzone (Kyle Maverick & Austin Bradley)Pompano Joe defeated Bruce Grey, Duke Beefhammer & Boomer in a Fatal Four-Way Match…Aaron Williams pinned Mad Man Pondo….The Fight (Draven & Jerrod Harris) defeated Gerome Phillips & Zakk SpadezMatt Taylor defeated Remi Wilkins, Jeremiah & Alex Colon in a Fatal Four-Way Match to become the new American Luchacore Champion.  (6/18/14)


Dayton-Rockstar Pro Wrestling at the Rockstar Pro Arena:  Michael defeated Duke Beefhammer by DQ…The Squad (Tom McClane & Ganger) defeated Great American Beast & Pompano JoeGerome Phillips pinned Jon MurrayBenjamin Kimera pinned Bruce GreyMason Price pinned HunnySmaxxxThe Fight (Matt Taylor, Draven & Jerrod Harris) defeated Alex Colon, Nate Wings & Kyle KravenJake Crist defeated CW Scott & Jim Hutchinson in a Handicap Match.  (6/25/14)


Dayton-Rockstar Pro Wrestling at the Rockstar Pro Arena:  Mikael & Pompano Joe defeated Lufisto & Duke BeefhammerKyle Kraven defeated Draven by DQ…Zakk Spadez defeated Great American Beast & Jeremiah in a Triple Threat Match…Ron Mathis defeated James Avery by Countout…Smart Bombs Deluxe (Bruce Grey & Jon Murray) defeated Benjamin Kimera & Gerome PhillipsDangerzone (Austin Bradley & Kyle Maverick) vs. The Squad (Tom McClane & Ganger) went to a No Contest…Aaron Williams pinned Nate WingsJake Crist & Alex Colon defeated Matt Taylor & Jim Hutchinson in a Tag-Team Chairs Match.  (7/2/14)


Fairfield-Northern Wrestling Federation at the UAW Hall:  Miguel Sanchez defeated Big Rig and The Executioner in a Triple Threat Match…The Stewner Brothers defeated The Dirty South...T-Money defeated Brody Cormick by DQ…Angel & Anthony Bryant defeated Pompano Joe & Chuck E. Smooth….Jordan Lachey pinned Mr. Reality CheckSamson & KYRON defeated The RevolutionMatt Stevens defeated Roger Ruffen in a Falls Count Anywhere Match…Jesse Hyde pinned Jay Donaldson.  (6/21/14)


Frankliln-1st Class Wrestling at the Miami Valley Sports Center:  Chris Morgan pinned Shiek Udy MohammedTom McClane pinned Steve AndersonMike Brody defeated Mark Magnum by DQ…Ryan Wylde pinned Matt VengeanceJerry Andrews pinned Brandon JamesTeam Empire defeated New Blood & Bigga Black.  (7/3/14)


Marietta-Remix Pro Wrestling at the VFW Hall:  Matt Conard defeated Matt Justice by Submission…Viper & Big Ric defeated Jock Samson & Mr. SmithRon Mathis pinned Aaron WilliamsSassy Stephie pinned Allysin KayGory defeated Kevin Sullivan in an Ambulance Match…Façade pinned Chris Sabin.   (6/21/14)


Middletown-Legends of the Squared Circle at the LSC Arena:  Jerry Andrews defeated Kung Fu Fugly, Acrcell Martin, Tim Lutz, Tanu Mik Brody & Jesse Sinclair in a Gauntlet Match…Ganger pinned BarackusMary Elizabeth pinned KaelaDean Jablonski pinned Jeff HallowayBrutal Bellman defeated Todd Mullins & Hooks in a Triple Threat Hardcore Match…The Brothers West defeated The Un-Americans in a TLC Match to become the new LSC Tag Team Champions…Sgt. Ledbetter defeated Ice in a Steel Cage Match…Big T defeated Ryan Stone in a Steel Cage Match to become the new LSC Heavyweight Champion.  (6/21/14)


Middletown-Heartland Wrestling Association at the LSC Arena:  Devon Nos defeated Sid Fabulous & American Kickboxer II in a Triple Threat Match…Kongo Kong pinned Brian DeweyHeidi Lovelace defeated Cherry Bomb & Amber Rodriguez in a Triple Threat Match…Black Wall Street defeated The A-Squad (Pepper Parks & Dean Jablonski)Dru Skillz pinned SharkboyJerry Andrews won a Battle Royal to become the Number One contender for the Heritage Title…Jeff Halloway pinned BJ WhitmerBrian Beech pinned Apollo StarrDustin Rayz defeated Chance Prophet to become the new HWA Heavyweight Champion.   (7/5/14)


Ottawa-W.A.R. at the Putnam County Fair:  Danny Shay pinned Chris MooreZakk Spadez pinned Nate WingsOrlando Christopher pinned Sless TaylorLevi Connors pinned Caleb StillsRemi Wilkins pinned Vernal Lee SamsonThe Soul Shooters defeated Jimmy Shane & Robby StarrThe Painkillers defeated Chris Hall & Austin ManixJeff Halloway pinned Aaron WilliamsJock Samson pinned Matt TaylorThe Scarboni’s defeated Brian Beech & Sherman TankLevi Connors, Matt Taylor, Sherman Tank & Brian Beech defeated The Scarboni’s, Jock Samson & Vernal Lee Samson.  (6/28/14)




Jasper-Young Blood Wrestling at the YBW Arena:  Acid defeated Adam Powers by Submission…Marc Slayton defeated Justin Blaze by Submission…SwitchBlade pinned Cra-Z-CMania pined Opie-2-DopeDethRow pinned Jay AnthonyYoung&Reckless defeated Parental AdvisoryThe Executioner defeated Mikey G in a Falls Count Anywhere Match to become the new YBW Hardcore Champion.  (6/7/14)


Lewisburg-All Star Wrestling at the House of Pain:  Lee Condry pinned Cody MortonRingmaster pinned Ray DunnavantLarry Cooter & Shaun Fatal defeated Lee & Lex Victory by DQ…Yukon Jack pinned LawrenceMikey Dunn pinned Tyler BivinsJeremy Flynt defeated Jeremiah Plunkett by DQ.  (6/28/14)


Lewisburg-All Star Wrestling at the House of Pain:  Freakshow pinned Norman CrossYukon Jack pinned Ray DunnavantJeremiah Plunkett pinned Cody MortonDestiny vs. Brittany Love went to a Double Countout…Tyler Bivins pinned Anthony IngramRingmaster pinned Mikey DunnPetey St. Croix & Lawrence defeated Shaun Fatal & Larry Cooter to become the new ASW Tag Team Champions.  (7/5/14)




Winnipeg, MB-Canadian’s Wrestling Elite at the Holy Cross Gymnasium:  MENTALLO pinned Travis ColeMr. Inkredible pinned Kevy ChevyThe Cannon Cartel (Rob Stardom & Bobby Collins) defeated Jess Youngblood & Billy BlazeBobby Jay pinned Stefan Epic….Heavy Metal defeated The Super Friends in a Handicap Match…Anderson Tyson Moore pinned Moses LukeBrian Rich pinned Tyler ColtonDanny Duggan pinned AJ SanchezDick Blood pinned Kevin Cannon….The Peg City Punishers defeated The Saints of Los Angeles.  (6/27/14)


Selkirk, MB-Canadian Wrestling’s Elite at the Canada Day Street Festival:  Brian Rich pinned Bobby CollinsBobby Jay pinned AJ SanchezMoses Luke pinned JJ SanchezDanny Duggan pinned Mike MissionMatt Fairlane defeated Tyler Colton by DQ…Matt Fairlane, Danny Duggan & JJ Sanchez defeated Tyler Colton, Moses Luke & Mike Mission in a Six-Man Tag Team.  (7/1/14)