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By Mike Johnson on 7/17/2014 1:58 AM

The 25 year running Sci-Fi Wrestling game Champions of the Galaxy came to life in Jamestown, NY, with many of the original characters being portrayed by some top independent wrestlers as part of this event, which also featured an appearance by Brutus Beefcake and the first ever encounter between Stevie Richards and Chuck Taylor.

Great Galaxian Bash Results

July 11, 2014
Allen Park Ice Rink, Jamestown, NY
Presented by BP&W Entertainment and Filsinger Games Live Event Productions
Champions of the Galaxy Live Event
Opening promo with host Louden Noxious.  He tries to bring out GWF founder Omega, but the only sign of Omega is his mystical necklace.  Star Warrior (Orange Cassidy) comes out and claims that someone is responsible and will pay, which brings out Thantos (Chuck Taylor).  Thantos claims responsibility, but will only accept Star Warrior's challenge if someone will fight his creation Death Knight.
Death Knight (Jon Bolen) defeats Beast Rider (Robert Evans) accompanied by Tocur with a Loaded Glove when the referee was trying to remove Death Knight's sword from the ring.
The Gladiators, Brute (Malta the Damager) and Massacre (Sage Strong) fought the Greek Gods, Proteus (Papadon) and Actagon (John Silver) to a No Contest.  This match also featured an appearance by Wolf who made the save after Actagon was injured.
Wolf (Alex Reynolds) defeats Executioner (Troy Buchannon) with the Savage Face Claw in an impromptu match after Executioner sneak attacked Wolf during an in-ring interview.
Star Warrior (Orange Cassidy) defeats Thantos (Chuck Taylor) with the Nova Launch after a great back and forth match. After the match Star Warrior has a staredown with Death Knight.
Legends of Wrestling Supershow
Brutus Beefcake hosts the Barber Shop with his guest The Dark Menace.  The Dark Menace brings out his team Criminal Justice to confront Brutus, before John McChesney evens the odds and sets up the main event.

Bill Collier, Jimi the Flying Hippi and Brandon Thurston defeat Alex Reynolds, John Silver and Papadon, when Collier pinned Reynolds following a lariat.

"The Kentucky Gentleman" Chuck Taylor defeated Stevie Richards in a match for the Kentucky 24/7 Hardcore championship, after interference from Orange Cassidy.  The match also featured interference from Doink the Clown and Barrister RD Evans, who claimed to have an injunction to shut down the show.

Brutus Beefcake and "Big League" John McChesney defeated "Lucious" Rocky Reynolds and "Black Sheep" Bennett Cole accompanied by The Dark Menace, when 2 of Dark Menace's goons caused a disqualification.  The goons got their haircut, while the Dark Menace and Criminal Justice escaped.