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By Mike Johnson on 8/9/2014 11:55 AM


                                                 The End of the World Party!


After a year hiatus, Freakshow Wrestling returns to Las Vegas with it’s largest and craziest show yet. Helicopters, wrestling legends, a zombie invasion, explosions, a clown army! Highlights include co-hosts The Amazing Johnathan and Jenn O. Cide, wrestling legends Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Gangrel, Chavo Guerrero, Sinn Bodhi (Kizarny), John Morrison and Brian Kendrick, special appearances by GWAR’s Techno Destructo, the Ghost of Macho Man, Clownvis, Scorch the Clown, and music by the Radioactive Chickenheads.


Freakshow Wrestling’s End of the World Party is 29Aug14 at Helltown (6425 W. Richmar Ave. 89139). Doors are at 8pm; show begins at 9pm; 21+; concessions available; sponsored by Full Moon Features, Coffin Case, Delirium Magazine, Freak Show Talent, the Balloon Master Show, Brunchlesque and Punk Rock Bingo. Merchandise will be available for sale, and the event is being filmed for a special feature DVD.


Freakshow Wrestling is the brainchild of former WWE star Sinn Bodhi (“Kizarny”). He came to Las Vegas and made a mad scientist experiment combining the local underground variety talent with his extensive experience in professional wrestling. Sinn says he “can’t wait to melt faces when I reintroduce Vegas to the awesomeness that is the new and improved Freakshow Wrestling. It’s the largest event we’ve ever done, and we’re going to blow some minds.”



About Freakshow Wrestling


Witness the full contact comedy variety show that will blow your mind and your morals!! Featuring the worlds’ best magicians, comedians, sideshow performers, musicians, circus artists and wrestlers as seen on America’s Got Talent, Cirque du Soleil, WWE, Guinness Book of World Records, the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow, and more! See midgets fighting giants, sexy evil women swallowing each other’s swords, vampires fighting chickens, fire-breathing knife-throwing clowns, the Sin City Strongwoman, whipped cream thumb-tack pies, and SOOOOO much more! We take fun and danger very seriously.


To learn more visit, or call us at 702.509.1616.