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By Dave Scherer on 4/11/2016 2:40 PM

Tito Santana captures MORE Tag Team gold!

WORLD-1 returned to New Jersey for the first time in nearly 4 years to a sold out crowd. Fans packed The Bull Pen in Morganville NJ this past Saturday night for an event featuring Al Snow, Justin Credible and Tito Satana!

Quick Results:

*Tyler “The Hammer” Stone defeated “Old School Eric Martin

*Kyle Kristopher defeated Pelle Primeau.

*The Extreme Rednecks defeated Kid America and “Super Sweet” Travis Lee after they attacked Kid America before the bell rang. The Rednecks then told the WORLD-1 crowd that they could beat anyone in the locker room. The Mayor, came out and issued a challenge on behalf on Travis Lee, along with his partner, Tito Santana! Travis Lee and Tito Santana defeated the Extreme Rednecks to win the W1 Tag titles!

*L.A Vin defeated Sam Shields to win the W1 North American title!

*Jay D Luscious and Erik Bromley defeated the team of Jaysin Genesis and Justin Credible to become the #1 contenders for the W1 Tag titles.

*WORLD-1 champion Prince Christoph came out to announce Al Snow was not even in the building yet, and that no one had signed the contract for a shot at the W1 title. Nic Cosia came out and let Prince Christoph know that some HAD signed the contract. None other than his partner, Sam Shields! Prince Christoph was able to defeat Shields in their first ever singles match.

*At that time, it was revealed Al Snow had arrived. After being instigated all match, Al Snow used Head and was disqualified allowing Prince Christoph to retain the WORLD-1 title.

Fallout from WORLD-1's "Homecoming" event!DSC_0652
It was announced that next month Prince Christoph will defend the WORLD-1 title against former WWE/TNA star and former ECW World champion, Rhyno on May 28th in Morganville NJ (712 Ginesi Drive Live at the Bull Pen at 7pm)

In addition to Rhyno, WWE Legend, Tatanka will be in action! Tatanka is coming off competing in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal at Wrestlemania this year, and he will be in action on May 28th!

Tito Santana will defend his WORLD-1 Tag Team titles with his partner, "Super Sweet" Travis Lee and their manager, The Mayor!

In case one Hall of Famer was not enough, Nikolai Volkoff will also be in action on May 28th!