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By Mike Johnson on 8/17/2016 8:45 PM

8/17- Matt Hart Looks To Follow In Uncle Bret's Steps & Become World Champion.

Global Force Wrestling World Championship Match

GFW World Champion Nick "MAGNUS" Aldis vs. "The Prodigy" Matt Hart

There are special opportunities in professional wrestling that can define a moment, define a time, define a generation, and define wrestling history.

On Sunday, September 25th in Calgary, Alberta "The Prodigy" Matt Hart, the third generation star of the legendary Hart Family looks to define all of that and more when he challenges for his first World Championship when he competes against GFW World Champion Nick Aldis.

Many members of The Hart Family have competed over decades throughout the entire World but only Matt's uncle Bret Hart captured a World Championship which he did in both the World Wrestling Federation and World Championship Wrestling.

This incredible opportunity happens a part of Canadian Wrestling's Elite's highly anticipated return to Calgary and this match may be one of the biggest promoted by any organization in the city in many years.

Nick "MAGNUS" Aldis is hands down one of the greatest in ring performers today as evident by being the first ever man to hold the GFW World Title and being a former TNA World Champion.

Magnus is highly skilled in American and British style wrestling which typically gives him a very diverse advantage over any opponent but other than the drastic experience advantage he may have met his match when it comes to diversity.

"The Prodigy" is trained by his father Smith Hart in the traditional style of professional wrestling along with the rough and tough aggression that comes with working in the "Stampede Wrestling" territory, his cousin Teddy Hart making him well versed in lucha libre, and the most notable training that applies to this match, his British style training with European wrestling legend Frank Cullen.

Being in great physical condition and having the pedigree he does it is only a matter of when Matt Hart will be a World known name across the wrestling industry and it can start as soon as September 25th if he can capture the World title!

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