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By Mike Johnson on 11/4/2016 10:47 AM

History in the making took place this past weekend in Fort Wayne, Indiana as "Danger Zone MMA" was a "Huge Success"!   One of the Pioneers of this rapidly evolving sport Dan"The Beast"Severn was the guy that who came up with this New Rule currently called "Beast Mode Rule". 

In his own words he said:  I have been keeping this idea to myself for over 20 years.  The 2 main reasons for the new rule was to make the sport more exciting for the fans to watch, and for Danger Zone MMA to become "THE",  farm club to a number of Pro-Level MMA Companies to feed then the type of athlete's they are looking for.........Strong.......Entertaining........Finishers.  

The Beast own personal Training Facility   "Michigan Sports Camps",  located in Coldwater, Michigan will become a hot-bed for aspiring fighters, and promoters looking to add drawing power to their cards.  Stay tune for the next installment of Danger Zone MMA.