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By Mike Johnson on 12/31/2016 3:02 AM

FS1 UFC 207 POSTFIGHT SHOW Quotes and Videos – 12/30/16

                                                             TATE ON NUNES’ VICTORY OVER ROUSEY: “I TOLD YOU GUYS, AMANDA HITS HARD.”

Bisping on Rousey’s Future: “She’s done everything in the UFC. Walk away.”

Florian on How Garbrandt Won: “He was able to out counter a counter-striker in Dominick Cruz.”


Los Angeles – The following quotes and videos are from tonight’s UFC 207 POSTFIGHT SHOW on FS1 hosted by Jon Anik, with Michael Bisping, Miesha Tate and Kenny Florian providing analysis. Megan Olivi conducted interviews.                    

FOX UFC analyst Miesha Tate on how hard Nunes hits: “I told you guys, Amanda hits hard. I thought Ronda would know not to sit still on those punches. Amanda has such long range. She’s deceptively long. I thought Ronda looked good and focused going into the fight, but she didn’t move her head. That first jab hit and that was the difference. I had a feeling that would be too much for her. I think there were two things against Ronda. First, the ring rust: she hasn’t fought in over a year. And second, Amanda is just on a roll and is unstoppable now.”

FOX UFC analyst Kenny Florian on what Rousey did wrong: “Amanda’s fast and she hits hard. But Ronda didn’t move her feet and head. It was the same thing she had problems with against Holly Holm. Amanda’s the real deal. Good luck to any bantamweight against her. Rousey wasn’t feinting her way in or level changes. That first shot threw her off. I don’t know if Ronda landed a shot and if Amanda even missed a shot tonight.”

FOX UFC analyst Michael Bisping on Amanda Nunes vs. Ronda Rousey: “I’m blown away. I’m in shock. The fight was so quick, it wasn’t Ronda’s fault. She was coming in off a devastating loss and that does huge things to your confidence. It takes time to come back. I’ve been there, after Dan Henderson knocked me out and it takes a while to come back and get the confidence back.”

Florian on what’s next for Rousey: “I think there are easier ways for Ronda to make money. She can make enough money other ways for the rest of her life. After taking a year off, she hasn’t shown improvement. She took a lot of damage tonight.”

Bisping on where Rousey should go now: “She’s done everything in the UFC. Walk away.”

VIDEO: Highlights: Amanda Nunes vs. Ronda Rousey


VIDEO: Nunes vs. Rousey Fight Recap


Amanda Nunes on how she felt about the fight: “I was ready for everything.”

Nunes on how she’s gotten so good with her jab: “I don’t know. I’ve been training hard.”

Nunes on what’s next: “I’ll be back in the gym and working to get better and better. I have so much to improve. I have more to learn. I need to get better kicks.”

VIDEO: Interview: Amanda Nunes postfight interview after defeating Ronda Rousey

VIDEO: Tate recaps Nunes win over Rousey


Florian on Dominick Cruz vs. Cody Garbrandt: “When you turn off the lights in the arena, Garbrandt delivers. He was able to out counter a counter-striker in Dominick. And he was landing the harder shots. We didn’t think he’d outslick Dominick and make him miss like he did. I was surprised that Dominick was pursuing Cody so much. I thought he’d let Cody come to him a little more. Cody was really waiting for Dominick, being patient, and he wasn’t expending the energy that Dominick was.”


Bisping on Cruz losing to Garbrandt: “Cody was out Cruz-ing him. Cody stood in the middle and let Dominick come to him and then countered him. The wrestling was interesting, Dominick tried to take down Cody and Cody reversed it immediately and you have no idea how tough that is mentally when you’re in the fight. Cody was reading him so well, moving out of the way."

Tate on how Garbrandt beat Cruz: “Dominick is one of the best and most elusive fighters in the UFC. Tonight Dominick met his match. He took a few big shots and he’s incredibly tenacious. He fought with a huge heart out there. I think he really went for it. He got knocked down and got right back up. I think Cruz wanted to knock out Garbrandt and prove he could be the finisher tonight.

Cody Garbrandt on fighting Cruz: “He stayed in there tough. He’s a champion. I knew I had to stick to my game plan. I had to figure him out and test my heart and will. He made me a warrior tonight.”                

Garbrandt on if he’ll fight Dillashaw next for the title: “I’m going to give Dominick a rematch. He was the champion and deserves it. TJ can wait on the side and beat other people up. Or whatever the UFC wants. I’m going to beat them all up.”

VIDEO: Interview: Cody Garbrandt


VIDEO: Highlights: Dominick Cruz vs. Cody Garbrandt


VIDEO: Fight Recap: Dominick Cruz vs. Cody Garbrandt


UFC president Dana White on Garbrandt beating Cruz: “The co-main event was amazing, Garbrandt looked better than ever. Dominick is amazing, and Cody made it look easy. And Ronda getting finished. When I walked out, and people were crying in the arena.”


White on how Rousey is dealing with the loss: “I’ve been with her the whole time. She’s devastated. She’s a competitor. But she’s a lot better than the Holly Holm fight. She’s upset. I think it’ll be better than the Holm fight.”


White on the lack of promotion for Amanda Nunes going into UFC 207: “Everyone was chirping about the promotion only being about Ronda going into this fight. I could have spent millions and people still wouldn’t have known who Amanda is. After tonight, everyone knows who Nunes is.”

White on TJ Dillashaw’s fight and if he gets the next title fight: “Dillashaw made it look easy tonight against Lineker. He’s a total conspiracy theorist thinking he won’t get it. He’ll probably get the shot.”

Bisping on TJ Dillashaw’s victory over John Lineker: “TJ looked incredible. He looked like he’s still improving. His head kicks, his takedowns, his striking. He’s really gotten better.”

Florian on if Dillashaw should get the next title shot at bantamweight: “I don’t think there’s a debate. He’s got to get the next title match. TJ just made Lineker look bad tonight and he’s the number-two guy in the division.”

TJ Dillashaw on fighting Garbrandt next: “It’s going to be a great fight if I get to fight him. Let’s have some fun. It’ll be a hyped-up fight.”

VIDEO: Interview: TJ Dillashaw speaks after unanimous decision victory vs. John Lineker


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