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By Mike Johnson on 1/11/2017 4:29 PM

H2O "Hardcore Kingdom" - Feb 17, Williamstown, NJ

Hardcore Hustle Organization (H2O) brings "Hardcore Kingdom" a one-night, 8-man Hardcore Elimination Tournament at 1041 Glassboro RD in Williamsport, NJ on Friday, February 17 at 8 pm!

The 'HardCore KINGdom' Tournament Matches include:
- "House of a 1,000 Thumbtacks" * 1st Time Ever* Drew Blood vs Ron Mathis
- "Fans Bring The Weapons" *1st Time Ever* Conor Claxton vs MIKAEL
- "Beds of DEATH Match" *1st Time Ever* Devon Moore vs Conor Claxton
- "Ultraviolent Arts & Crafts" *1st Time Ever* Danny Havoc vs Stockade
The FOUR tournament winners advance to a Fatal 4-Way, Double Hell, No Rope Barb Wire Elimination FINAL

- - - - -
In non-tournament action:
- "Falls Count Anywhere" *1st Time on the east coast* GANGER vs. "Bulldozer" Matt Tremont
-"Tag Team Match" *1st Time Ever* Storm of Entrails (Shlak and Dan O'Hare) vs. Hounds of Hatred (Boo and Bam Sullivan)
- "Singapore Cane" Match * 1st Time Ever* Jimmy Llyod vs. Blackwater

FRONT ROW SOLD OUT! 2nd Row and General Admission tickets available at Show support on our Facebook at!

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