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By Qumar Zaman on 1/21/2017 1:17 PM

AAW Don’t Stop Believing
1/20/2017 – 115 Bourbon Street

AAW Pro Wrestling Redefined kicked off 2017 at their Chicago home of 115 Bourbon Street with “Don’t Stop Believing”, named in honor of one of their long-time wrestlers, Silas Young. Silas is set to embark on a new venture away from AAW, so the company where he stood atop the mountain is giving him a send-off.

Before that could happen, a massive rivalry was set to come to a head. A video was shown of JT Davidson and the Killer Cult. Sami Callihan has an open challenge for the AAW Heavyweight Championship, while Davidson led the Crists to the opening match.

1.) The fans at 115 Bourbon Street were treated to a steel cage match in the opening contest of “Don’t Stop Believing” between Outlawz Inc. (Eddie Kingston and Homicide) and OI4K, Jake and Dave Crist. However, Dave Crist hid from behind the stage and assaulted both Kingston and Homicide. Jake Crist had remained inside the ring as a lure for Dave to make his attack. The fight went around ringside, onto the stage, and even utilized the cage from the outside. Jake Crist threw in a steel chair over the cage and into the ring, while using another to injure Kingston.

Kingston wanted to include some more chairs of his own, so after using one to gain revenge on Dave Crist, he opened the door to throw in two. Like the Outlawz are known to do, Homicide and Kingston used some silverware on the Crists to split them wide open. With a discernible edge and their opponents bloodied, Kingston entered the cage to add further damage to Dave Crist. Homicide added further damage by opening up a bottle of liquor and pouring it on the open wound on the forehead of Dave Crist.

Jake Crist wanted to make an impact while his brother was double teamed, so he climbed to the top of the cage and dove off onto Kingston to the amazement of crowd. Kingston later one-upped that dive by suplexing Dave Crist onto a bed of chairs. Homicide showed off some impressive moves of his own, capping it off with a Cop Killer on Dave Crist. However, as he was about to go for the pinfall, he was interrupted by JT Davidson and Sami Callihan. Callihan tombstoned Homicide. But, Callihan soon ran in fear as the monster Abyss entered the cage. But, Abyss removed his chokehold from Callihan and turned to Homicide to deliver a chokeslam. Dave Crist made the pin on Homicide to earn the victory a 14:32, as Abyss and the Killer Cult departed in celebration.

Inside the ring, Kingston pleaded for some medical assistance for his fallen partner, Homicide. Homicide struggled to get his footing, but was able to leave on his own. Kingston berated AAW officials as he left the cage.

While the cage was being removed from the ring, a video was shown as Tyler Volz was joined alongside The Besties in the World, Mat Fitchett and Davey Vega. Fitchett and Vega discussed their opportunity to reclaim the AAW Tag Team Championship later in the evening. 

2.) With the cage removed, it was back to action inside the ring with a 4-way match featuring Dezmond Xavier, DJZ, Moose, and AR Fox. Before the bell rang, Moose got on the mic and said that whatever match he participates in requires a pre-match talent show/dance-off. DJZ went first and opted to go with “The Worm”. AR Fox followed up by showing that he’d do the Spinarooni, but went with some kicks instead. Dezmond Xavier followed through with the Spinarooni, eliciting chants of “10” from the crowd. Moose got some music to play, freezing both he and DJZ. Both AR Fox and Dezmond Xavier were not participating and attacked both men before going at each other to start the match.

It was obvious that Moose had the size and height advantage in the match against his three competitors, who were more acrobatic and willing to execute high-risk moves. Moose countered by using his strength against all three opponents, including lifting AR Fox and powerbombing him onto the other two opponents. While AR Fox and Dezmond Xavier were competing in the ring, DJZ knocked Moose down to his knees, then ran up and vaulted himself onto his back, over the ropes and onto Fox and Xavier. Moose got up and flew off the stage and over the ropes onto the three opponents.

Each of the four men threw caution to the wind. AR Fox executed a flip over the ropes onto his opponents and into the crowd. Dezmond Xavier showed off several dives off of the top rope, even taking Moose down for a while. AR Fox was able to toss Xavier out of the ring and hit a 450 splash onto DJZ to earn the hard-fought victory at 8:57.

3.) The AAW Tag Team Championship was on the line as the former titleholders, The Besties in the World, Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett, sought to reclaim the gold. In order to do so, they needed to beat the men that defeated them for the titles at the Windy City Classic, Andrew Everett and Jack Evans.

Miscommunication seemed to be the theme of the match. Fitchett tried to start a dance-off of their own, but Evans and Everett weren’t having it. Evans and Vega seemed to have a mutual affection for their man-bun hairstyle, but both men kicked at each other to negate their own attacks. As the match progressed, Vega seemed to utilize a style that wasn’t befitting what Fitchett had wanted, such as raking the back of Everett and not legally tagging into the match. It got to a point where all four men hit superkicks on one another in a square formation.

The miscommunication continued when Everett accidentally kicked the back of his partner, but was fortunate to only see Vega pick up a two count. Evans was able to counter Vega and used his momentum to propel himself into a full body roll-up pin attempt to get the pinfall at 10:30.

While the champions celebrated retaining their titles, the frustration between Vega and Fitchett reached a critical mass. The two men argued inside the ring as Vega was irate at Fitchett for costing their team the titles.

4.) JT Davidson hit the ring to make his proclamation to the crowd that the AAW Heavyweight Champion Sami Callihan was ready for his open challenge. Callihan had baited the entire wrestling world to respond to his open challenge, even getting a response from WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Callihan continued with his antagonizing the fans of AAW and dared them to accept his open challenge.

To answer the challenge, it was none other than Candice LeRae. But, Callihan was not amused with LeRae. He denigrated her just like he had done to the fans. Callihan laid down some laws in order to claim a title match, saying that there would be no rematches if the challenger loses and that in order to earn a title match, the challenger needs to beat Callihan. Callihan also demanded that LeRae verbally waive any claims should Callihan injure her.

After LeRae slapped Callihan, he delivered a punishing forearm that knocked her down. LeRae responded with a spike reverse hurricanrana and pinned Callihan for the victory at 1:01. As a result, LeRae earned a title match, which she requested begin right away. LeRae went right at Callihan in the corner, hitting a diving hurricanrana. Candice followed that up, with a little assistance from the referee, to climb the top rope and hit a hurricanrana to send Callihan to the floor. LeRae followed up with some dives through the ropes onto Callihan on the outside, but the champ was able to reverse action with a DDT.

The opening allowed Callihan to continue punishing LeRae on the outside and onto the apron. LeRae nearly was able to hit the Ballsplex off the apron, but JT Davidson helped the champ reverse course. An overconfident Callihan was nearly forced to submit when LeRae put Callihan in the black widow. Callihan was able to get out of it, but not after LeRae hit the Ballsplex on the champ. LeRae was unable to capitalize immediately, allowing Callihan to get back on his feet. Callihan nearly retained his title with a facebuster, but LeRae kicked out to remain entrenched in the match.

Sensing some weakness, Davidson sought out a steel chair to give to Callihan. Callihan placed it in a corner, but ran into it head first. That allowed LeRae to head to the top rope to hit a tornado DDT that nearly earned her a three count. LeRae tried with the spike reverse hurricanrana that earned her the initial victory over Callihan, but history didn’t repeat itself. She was able to execute a Ballsplex with Callihan falling from off the top rope. Callihan kicked out once more. LeRae tried to go for a submission maneuver, but Callihan was able to reverse out of it and put LeRae into the Stretch Muffler to force her to tap out at 11:40.

After the match, Callihan continued to call out any future challengers to his AAW Heavyweight Championship. Answering the call was Kongo Kong, but Callihan was not ready for this fight. When Callihan escaped the ring, he left the title in the ring. Kong picked it up and raised it in the air. An out-of-breath Callihan said that Kong can keep it for now, but that he would soon get that belt back in his possession.

5.) As Kongo Kong remained in the ring, he was interrupted by Scarlett Bordeaux, Conor Braxton, and Eddie Machete. Scarlett implored both men to take up the challenge of Kong. The youngsters out of the Black & Brave Academy did just that, bringing the fight to Kong. However, Kong was too immense of a challenge for the duo.

Machete saved the day for his partner, taking a chokeslam from Kong. Sensing the damage was not over, Braxton left the ring. Kong then hit a diving splash on Machete. However, Scarlett involved herself in the match. Kong licked the side of her face and hit a Rikishi Driver. A cowardly Braxton picked up Scarlett and yelled at Machete for continually losing.

6.) In a match pitting two of the best wrestlers to compete in both the independent and mainstream circuits this decade, it was Davey Richards taking on Matt Sydal. The pound-for-pound talents showcased why they were worthy of the acclaim. Using unique pin attempts and submission attempts, the fans showed approval at what was being shown inside the squared circle.

Unfortunately, Davey used some dirty tactics to get his way out of some unfortunate situations. Sydal was defiant in his attempts to gain an advantage in the match, even when Richards had him close to defeat. Davey hit a suplex onto the apron followed up by a diving stomp from off the top rope, but Sydal kicked out. Even after a sharpshooter was applied by Davey, Sydal was able to get his way out of the predicament.

Sydal fought through all of the obstacles that Davey Richards put in his way during the match. He was able to come off the top ropes with a diving knee, and followed it up with a shooting star press to earn the pinfall at 13:11.

After the match, Davey went on the mic to introduce his wife, Angelina Love, to the crowd. 

7.) The knockout Love was ready for her match, as she faced the reigning SHIMMER Champion Mercedes Martinez. It was an impressive fight put up by Love against the titleholder of the biggest all-women’s wrestling company in the country. However, Love could not handle the onslaught of suplexes and chops that Martinez is famous for executing.

Love had to use some of her agility to keep Martinez at bay. She continually made it difficult for Martinez to earn a pinfall, causing Martinez to vent her frustration at the referee. Love used an opening to hit a Flatliner and try to force Martinez to tap out, but was unsuccessful. In the end, Martinez hit a Codebreaker and followed it up with a Fisherman’s brainbuster to pick up the victory at 7:45.

After the match, a video was shown of Tyler Volz interviewing Abyss. JT Davidson quickly interrupted the interview, and explained why he was able to bring Abyss into the Killer Cult. Davidson explained that Colt Cabana would be the first man to face the “Killer” monster, Abyss.

8.) It was time for AAW fans to bid farewell to one of the men whom they’ve cheered and jeered over the years, Silas Young. Silas went head-to-head with Drew Galloway. Uncharacteristically, Silas high-fived fans while he made his way around ringside. Inside the ring, Silas was showered with streamers and chants of affection from the crowd. Galloway got on the mic and told the story of how Silas helped build AAW over the years. Galloway complimented Silas, but reminded him that he would win the match and become the new measuring stick in AAW. Silas responded by reminding Galloway that it wouldn’t be so easy to beat him in the place he built.

At the onset of the match, the two men traded chops and battled in and out of submission attempts. Silas went to work on the left leg of Galloway in an attempt to bring down the stocky former WWE InterContinental Champion. It is part of Silas Young’s arsenal to isolate an opponent’s body part in an attempt to earn a victory.

When the fight went to the outside, it was Galloway who turned the tables on the AAW veteran. Galloway was relentless in attacking Silas at every point, forcing Silas to dig down deep and exert a comeback. Silas hit a diving moonsault into a pinfall, but Galloway kicked out at two. Silas was able to hit the Killer Combo, but it wasn’t enough to earn a pinfall.

Both men gave it their all in the match. Silas desperately wanted to leave as a victor, but Galloway wanted to prove he could be the new man in AAW. Galloway thought he had it won when he was able to avoid the Pee Gee Waja Plunge and hit the Future Shock DDT. Silas kicked out and was able to put Galloway in the figure four leglock. Galloway was able to get to the ropes, but the damage was done to the left leg. It ended up being a ruse, as Galloway hit a spike piledriver and followed it up with two Future Shock DDTs on Silas Young to win the match at 17:40.

After the match, Silas thanked the fans for their support, in spite of him not returning the favor. Silas expressed how impressive Galloway was in the match, and said that AAW found its new measuring stick. Silas went around the ringside area once more to greet the fans before departing.

9.) The newest member of the Killer Cult, Abyss, hit the ring alongside JT Davidson for the night’s penultimate match. Combating the monster was none other than Chicago’s very own, Colt Cabana.

Cabana had to pull some tricks out to try and get ahead of the monster Abyss. Those tricks seemed to work for Cabana, but JT Davidson served as a distraction that swayed the momentum in the monster’s favor. As the battle took to the outside, Abyss regained the edge in the match, utilizing the surroundings to his advantage.

Back inside the ring with Abyss in complete control, Davidson handed him a steel chair to further exact damage on Cabana. Cabana was able to turn the chair around, causing an injury to Abyss’ groin before using it as a weapon to the back of the monster. Cabana then sat Abyss on the chair to deliver punches and the patented elbow. In a moment of desperation, Cabana threw the chair at a running Abyss, then hit a moonsault off the top rope. But, just as Cabana was about to earn the pinfall, Davidson pulled the referee from under the ring.

However, Davidson’s distraction paid off in the end. Cabana chased him around the ring, and once he returned inside the squared circle, Abyss was waiting for him. Abyss hit the Black Hole Slam on Cabana to earn the pinfall at 8:56.

10.) The main event featured the team of Brian Cage and Michael Elgin taking on the duo of Rey Fenix and the AAW Heritage Champion, ACH. It is a clear size mismatch as the heavyweights Cage and Elgin took on the relatively smaller Fenix and ACH. To start the match, ACH tried to test his mettle with Cage. It didn’t pan out so well for the Heritage champ, as every offensive maneuver he tried to hit had little effect.

Both teams opted for a change, but the results remained the same. Elgin even showed off with a hurricanrana on Fenix. It took some time for Fenix and ACH to gain an edge in the match, but they were not able to sustain it. Elgin and Cage used ACH as a showcase of their strength, tagging in and out of holding him up for a suplex. After being abused right and left, ACH was able to find some strength and hit a brainbuster on Cage, allowing him a chance to tag in Fenix. The fresh man hit the ring with a fury, delivering some punishment to both Cage and Elgin both inside the ring and on the stage.

An invigorated ACH impressed with a pair of snap German suplexes to his opponents, followed by a deadlift German suplex on Cage. The pair of heavyweights tried to regain control of the match, but ACH was resilient in fighting back. ACH was able to tag Fenix back in, bringing a short burst of momentum to their team. It led to some chaotic moments, where all four men were down in the ring.

ACH went head to head with Elgin, trading blows back and forth. But, ACH fought back by hitting a Stone Cold Stunner. Cage tried removing ACH out of the ring, but that gave an opening for Fenix to fight back. ACH ran from the stage, diving over the top rope, and hitting an RKO out of nowhere on Cage. Fenix followed that up with a Canadian Destroyer on Cage to get the surprise victory at 18:01. After the match, all four men shook hands and raised arms as the crowd showered them with applause.  

AAW Pro Wrestling Redefined will have their next event on Saturday, February 4th at the Knights of Columbus in LaSalle, Illinois. Entitled “The End of Innocence”, wrestling fans in LaSalle will be treated to several matches including ACH vs. Trevor Lee for the AAW Heritage Championship, OI4K vs. Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz, and in a women’s tag match, it will be Allysin Kay & Jessicka Havok vs. Candice LeRae & Samantha Heights. Also scheduled to appear is AAW Heavyweight Champion Sami Callihan, AR Fox, DJZ, Arik Cannon, Kongo Kong, the AAW debut of David Starr and more. Fans will also have the opportunity to meet with Krugar (fka Adam Rose in the WWE) in a special pre-show autograph session. Tickets for the event and the autograph session can be purchased at

AAW Pro Wrestling Redefined will return to 115 Bourbon Street in Merrionette Park, Illinois on Friday, February 17th for “The Art of War”. Already scheduled to appear are Matt Riddle, LoKi, Chuck Taylor, Trent Barretta, King Cuerno from Lucha Underground, and more. Tickets for this event and more information can also be found at