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By Mike Johnson on 2/6/2017 10:29 AM


VOICE: Standing Out in Women’s Wrestling with Portia Perez 2/15


Many women aspire to reach success in independent wrestling and beyond. Portia Perez made many waves in women’s wrestling during her career. Now, after retiring from active performance in the ring, Portia Perez has made herself available to women talents for education and perspective through this online seminar, made available exclusively by VOICE.


Learn from one of SHIMMER’s most decorated competitors as well as a key, influential mind behind the scenes without even leaving the comfort of your own home!


$25 Fee, email, Subject: VOICE Portia.




VOICE Online Seminar: Conduct, Psychology & The Next Level with Dr. Tom Prichard on 3/8


Different from anything offered in our upcoming, in-ring seminars with RISE and GAIN, Dr. Tom Prichard makes his debut as a PIPELINE – Wrestling Talent Development Systems Trainer through VOICE.


Have you ever found yourself wishing you had access to a trainer the level of Dr. Tom Prichard, but travel and other logistics got in the way? Let US bring Dr. Tom Prichard to YOU via your computer, smart phone or tablet!


It all happens from the comfort of your own home Wednesday, March 8 at 8 PM CST!


Topics covered by Dr. Tom include:


• Psychology


• Getting noticed and getting to the next level (WWE, ROH, etc.)


• What the main companies are looking for.


• Backstage etiquette


• Overview of the recruiting process and how to be prepared.


• How to conduct yourself once you make it to NXT, WWE, ROH, etc.


$60 Fee, email, Subject: VOICE Dr. Tom.