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By Mike Johnson on 2/11/2017 10:45 AM

- Main event signed for SHIMMER 91 in Orlando! 
- Dulce Garcia added to SHIMMER 91 talent lineup! 
- SHIMMER & RISE notes from California! 


The yearly tradition of SHIMMER presenting a live women's 
pro wrestling event as part of the WWN Live Experience 
festivities continues in 2017! SHIMMER 91 will take place on 
Saturday afternoon, April 1st, at the Orlando Live Events 
Center (6405 S. US Highway 17-92) in Fern Park, FL. Bell 
time is Noon Eastern time. First and second row seating is 
already sold out. Third row reserved ($50), fourth row 
reserved ($40), and general admission ($25) tickets are 
still available. If you'll be in town that weekend, don't 
miss SHIMMER live! Visit to purchase 
tickets. If you're unable to attend in person, the event 
will also be available as a live streaming iPPV at 

The main event for SHIMMER 91 has been signed! It will 
feature Candice LeRae challenging Mercedes Martinez for the 
SHIMMER Championship! Visit the YouTube link below to view 
Candice's comments about the match. 

Candice LeRae Promo - 

Also announced during this past week for SHIMMER 91 in 
Orlando is the return of Dulce Garcia to SHIMMER 
competition! Dulce is one of the most accomplished female 
competitors in lucha libre. In the process of establishing 
her own identity without a mask, Dulce made her SHIMMER 
debut this past November in exciting bouts against LuFisto 
and Mercedes Martinez. We're pleased to now include Dulce on 
our Orlando card as well! 

Other competitors already announced for SHIMMER 91: Mia Yim, 
Tessa Blanchard, Leva Bates, Jessicka Havok, Shayna Baszler, 
Cherry Bomb, Kellyanne, Santana Garrett, Veda Scott, and 
Britt Baker. Look for more competitors to be officially 
added to the SHIMMER 91 talent lineup during the coming 

Saturday, April 1, 2017 at 12PM ET 
Orlando Live Events Center 
6405 S. US Highway 17-92 
Fern Park, FL 32730 
Tickets at 
On sale now 


SHIMMER and RISE will present a weekend of live events in 
the Chicago area during the weekend of July 7th through July 
9th, 2017! All three days of events will take place at the 
Berwyn Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL. Two day ticket packages 
for SHIMMER 92-95 and RISE tickets are now on sale! Visit for SHIMMER tickets, and for RISE tickets. Single day 
tickets for the SHIMMER events will be made available 
beginning Sunday, February 19th. 

RISE - Developing Tomorrow's Women Athletes 
Friday, July 7, 2017 at 8PM CT 
Berwyn Eagles Club 
6309 26th Street 
Berwyn, IL 60402 
Tickets at 
Tickets now on sale! 

SHIMMER 92 & 93 
Saturday, July 8, 2017 at 2PM CT 
Berwyn Eagles Club 
6309 26th Street 
Berwyn, IL 60402 
Tickets at 
Two Day Ticket Packages - Now on sale! 
Single Day Tickets - On sale Feb. 19 

SHIMMER 94 & 95 
Sunday, July 9, 2017 at 12PM CT 
Berwyn Eagles Club 
6309 26th Street 
Berwyn, IL 60402 
Tickets at 
Two Day Ticket Packages - Now on sale! 
Single Day Tickets - On sale Feb. 19 

Mark your calendars, and make your plans to see us live! 


(Notebook entry from 1/29 by Dave Prazak) 

It's the very early morning hours of Sunday, and as 
ShimVirus: West Coast Edition begins to fully take hold and 
I can't seem to fall asleep, I may as well put down a few 
thoughts as it pertains to this weekend's events out here in 
South Gate, CA. 

For those unaware, this past Friday was the second session 
of RISE: Developing Tomorrow's Women Athletes, the talent 
development project spearheaded by SHIMMER producer Kevin 
Harvey. The concept is fairly simple. As the name suggests, 
the goal is to provide multiple ways for female professional 
wrestlers to make further career progress, through 
scheduling a series of training camps with a host of 
different established instructors from around the wrestling 
world, in combination with providing talent with more live 
wrestling events to appear on, in addition to their current 
schedule across the independent circuit. Roughly twenty 
wrestlers of varying degrees of overall experience 
participated in a full day camp with both Colt Cabana and 
Saraya Knight on Friday, as well as a live event that 
evening at the American Legion in South Gate, home of Bart 
Kapitzke's AWS promotion. Also on Saturday evening, a 
considerable number of those same wrestlers were a part of 
Bart's AWS event at the same location. A big thanks to all 
of the fans in the area who filled the seats on both nights! 

It's great to see so many talented performers looking for 
further opportunities in the industry, eager to grow as 
overall athletes by learning from a variety of additional 
sources of wrestling knowledge, to build upon their 
respective initial training backgrounds. With only two RISE 
camps & live events in the books thus far, it's clear that 
this will be a very helpful method of not only the wrestlers 
improving their skills, but also management from SHIMMER, 
Bellatrix, AWS, and a host of other companies effectively 
scounting talent and tracking their progress. Only so much 
can be displayed to a potential promotion through an 
aspiring talent sending YouTube links of their matches in an 
attempt to line up bookings. Doing that only gets across one 
aspect of what that wrestler has to offer. It is so much 
better for us to be able to evaluate talent through 
interaction during the training process, as well as working 
with each talent on live events, providing feedback, and 
learning what each wrestler's specific goals may be going 

It's an exciting time of change across the women's pro 
wrestling landscape right now, with more and more 
opportunities coming along for talent all over the world. In 
the process, we at SHIMMER have been among the promotions 
which have experienced the need to prepare more talent for 
our future, due to several changes to our available talent 
roster, particularly during the past year. Four of our main 
roster talents were signed to WWE deals during the second 
half of 2016, meaning there are roster voids to be filled. 
Additionally, we as a promotion have also felt the effects 
of the always inevitable setback of key performers 
sustaining injuries which sometimes put them on the 
sidelines an extended period of time. Now, more than ever, 
we need to be sure to focus on having several talents 
waiting in the wings, should we need them to step up to the 
plate in the months and years to come. 

This weekend's seminar and live events have been an 
essential part of the entire SHIMMER team discovering who's 
out there, and who is hungry for opportunties. As Kevin 
announced on Friday evening, six women have been named 
official RISE roster members going forward, meaning they 
will be regularly appearing on events promoted by RISE, in 
addition to RISE affiliated matches on independent events 
around the world in the future. Angel Dust, Delilah Doom, 
Britt Baker, Chelsea Green, Shotzi Blackheart, and Kikyo are 
those first six. Going forward, the RISE events will 
continue to feature established SHIMMER stars, plus the RISE 
roster members, and the standout competitors from each 
future training seminar. We had wrestlers of varying degrees 
of experience participate in the first two RISE seminars, 
from competitors with only a handful of matches under their 
belt to ten year veterans, all looking to continue to learn, 
network within the industry, and fine tune their skills. 
Fans will absolutely see several of these talents given 
opportunties in the SHIMMER ring during 2017 and into the 
future, as each competitor makes their own progress as 
overall performers. 

Having promoted SHIMMER for over eleven years now, there's a 
sense of pride reflecting back on how many young, developing 
talents were able to make use of whatever opportunities we 
were able to assist them with through being a part of our 
roster for a stretch of several years. Wrestlers like Portia 
Perez, Nicole Matthews, Mia Yim, Kellie Skater, and so many 
others arrived in SHIMMER during their early, formative 
years and developed into some of the very best female 
wrestlers in the world through their hard work, 
determination, and the drive to constantly take their skills 
to the next level. It's exciting for myself, Kevin, Allison 
Danger, Saraya, and everyone else at SHIMMER and RISE to see 
a new crop of young talent, with a world of potential, who 
want to follow in their footsteps and do the very same thing 
during the years to come. 

The next seminar will take place on Saturday, March 25th in 
Berwyn, IL, with Saraya Knight and Chicago veteran trainer 
Ace Steel handling the training duties. That particular 
seminar is open to both male and female wrestlers, and will 
be accompanied by a GAIN live event at the Eagles Club. Ace 
Steel is one of the men responsible for training wrestlers 
such as Cabana and CM Punk at the Steel Domain school in 
Chicago during the late 90's. There will be another RISE 
camp for female wrestlers prior to the SHIMMER 92-95weekend, 
again with a live event during the evening. It will take 
place on Friday, July 7th in Berwyn, this time with 
legendary trainer and wrestler Dr. Tom Prichard lending his 
knowledge to the proceedings. Kevin can provide details to 
any wrestlers interested in taking advantage of the 
opportunties offered, by shooting him an E-mail at 

Fans will see some new faces added to the SHIMMER mix during 
our upcoming events on 4/1 in Orlando, as well as 7/8 & 7/9 
in Berwyn. We hope you like what you see! 


Visit to purchase SHIMMER DVD 
releases online. If you would like to purchase SHIMMER DVDs 
via money order, E-mail for mail order 


1. Shazza McKenzie vs. Marti Belle 
2. Crazy Mary Dobson vs. Miss Natural 
3. Kay Lee Ray vs. AKINO 
4. Jessicka Havok vs. Melanie Cruise 
5. Xandra Bale vs. Courtney Rush 
6. LuFisto vs. Misaki Ohata 
7. Athena vs. Tessa Blanchard 
8. Mia Yim vs. Nicole Savoy 
9. Candice LeRae vs. Cheerleader Melissa 
10. SHIMMER Tag Team Championship Match: Kimber Lee & Cherry 
Bomb vs. Heidi Lovelace & Evie 
11. Madison Eagles vs. Saraya Knight 
12. Tomoka Nakagawa's Retirement Match: Kellie Skater & 
Tomoka Nakagawa vs. Nicole Matthews & Portia Perez 

Price: $15.00 

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1. Crazy Mary Dobson vs. Portia Perez 
2. Thunderkitty vs. Angelus Layne 
3. Mia Yim vs. Kimber Lee vs. Kay Lee Ray vs. Saraya Knight 
4. Yumi Ohka vs. Nicole Savoy 
5. Shazza McKenzie vs. Melanie Cruise 
6. Candice LeRae vs. Cherry Bomb 
7. Jessicka Havok vs. Veda Scott 
8. Heidi Lovelace & Evie vs. Courtney Rush & Xandra Bale 
9. Athena vs. Vanessa Kraven 
10. Cheerleader Melissa vs. AKINO 
11. SHIMMER Championship Match: Nicole Matthews vs. Madison 
12. Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa & Hiroyo Matsumoto & 
Misaki Ohata vs. Aja Kong & Mayumi Ozaki & Dynamite Kansai & 
Kyoko Kimura 

Price: $15.00 

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1. LuFisto vs. Marti Belle 
2. Crazy Mary Dobson vs. Melanie Cruise 
3. Thunderkitty vs. Cheerleader Melissa 
4. Mia Yim vs. Kyoko Kimura 
5. Kay Lee Ray vs. Saraya Knight 
6. Kellie Skater vs. Evie vs. Nicole Savoy vs. Allysin Kay 
7. Athena vs. Tessa Blanchard 
8. SHIMMER Tag Team Championship Match: Kimber Lee & Cherry 
Bomb vs. Courtney Rush & Xandra Bale 
9. Heidi Lovelace vs. Misaki Ohata 
10. Madison Eagles vs. Portia Perez 
11. Tomoka Nakagawa vs. AKINO 
12. SHIMMER Championship Match: Nicole Matthews vs. Jessicka 

Price: $15.00 

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1. Jessicka Havok vs. Cheerleader Melissa 
2. Courtney Rush & Xandra Bale vs. Taylor Made & Allysin Kay 
3. Thunderkitty vs. Vanessa Kraven 
4. Misaki Ohata vs. Nicole Savoy 
5. LuFisto vs. Miss Natural 
6. Shazza McKenzie vs. Veda Scott 
7. AKINO vs. Portia Perez 
8. No Disqualification Match: Evie & Heidi Lovelace vs. 
Saraya Knight & Mayumi Ozaki 
9. Madison Eagles vs. Yumi Ohka 
10. Two Out Of Three Falls Match: Athena vs. Mia Yim 
11. SHIMMER Tag Team Championship Match: Kellie Skater & 
Tomoka Nakagawa vs. Kimber Lee & Cherry Bomb 
12. SHIMMER Championship Match: Nicole Matthews vs. Kay Lee 

Price: $15.00 

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1. Evie vs. Portia Perez 
2. Candice LeRae vs. Nicole Savoy 
3. Nikki Storm vs. Cherry Bomb 
4. Kay Lee Ray vs. Kimber Lee 
5. Athena vs. Mia Yim 
6. Jessicka Havok vs. Cheerleader Melissa 
7. Second Round Tournament Match #1 
8. Second Round Tournament Match #2 
9. Second Round Tournament Match #3 
10. SHIMMER Championship Match: Nicole Matthews vs. Tomoka 
11. Three-Way Elimination Tournament Final Match 

Price: $15.00 

Order at 

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