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By Mike Johnson on 2/12/2017 11:18 AM


Florian on why de Randamie was successful: “Holly was telegraphing her shots and Germaine saw them coming and landed the harder counterstrikes.”

Los Angeles – The following quotes and videos are from tonight’s UFC 208 POSTFIGHT SHOW on FS1 hosted by Karyn Bryant, with Miesha Tate and Kenny Florian providing analysis. Megan Olivi conducted interviews.                      

FOX UFC analyst Miesha Tate on Germaine de Randamie vs. Holly Holm: “Holly adjusted as the rounds went on, and she started to counterstrike better in the later rounds. I think the difference was the headshots by Germaine. Holly wasn’t successful with the takedowns, but I don’t think Germaine wasn’t ready for the grind. Holly looked like she had to pressure and blitz forward early in the fight, and got hit by the power counter shots of Germaine. When Holly went back to counterstriking, she did better.”

FOX UFC analyst Kenny Florian on Holm vs. de Randamie: “Holly looked a little too emotional going into the fight. She chose to initiate her offense and she was worked up and tight, and she was telegraphing her shots and Germaine saw them coming and landed the harder counterstrikes. Holly wasn’t feinting her way in, and she was blitzing from way too far out.”

Florian on what de Randamie did well in the fight: “Germaine was being patient, sitting down on her punches, setting up and seeing those blitzes. Holly had to adjust because of that. Germaine beat up Holly well in the clinch with her knees. Germaine landed the harder punches through most of the fight.”

Tate on if she scored the fight the way the judges did: “I’m not sure I agree with the judges’ decision. It was a close fight. I had the edge for Holly. She started chaotic and she had a lot of anxiety going into it, but she did much better as the rounds went on. Holly needed to be careful with the power of Germaine. I had Holly winning the later rounds.”                                           

VIDEO: Highlights: Holm vs. de Randamie


Germaine de Randamie on who she wants to fight next: “I want to fight everyone and if Cyborg is next, I’ll fight her.”

Florian on who de Randamie should fight next: “Cyborg is one of the most exciting fighters in all of the UFC. That’s the fight that has to happen.”

Florian on if Anderson Silva vs. Derek Brunson was a controversial decision: “I had it 29-28 for Anderson. I thought Anderson did more than Brunson. We saw the flashes of old in this fight, but I think he should retire after this. We only saw flashes, not the old Anderson. I don’t want to see him take more damage than he has to. But Brunson backing up didn’t help him in the fight.”

Tate on if she thought Silva won: “It was a close fight. I had Anderson winning, but I thought Derek did really well with his dirty boxing and Anderson lingered in the pocket a little too long.”

Anderson Silva on if he was hurt in the fight: “He had strong kicks. But I’m ok.”                 

Silva on if he thought he won: “Yeah, I moved more, attacked more. I’m so happy to fight here. New York is my second house. I love fighting, the UFC and my job.”

Silva on if he was thinking of retiring: “I have four or five more fights. I’m waiting for my next challenge.”

Tate on if Silva should retire: “You can hear how happy he is to fight, so when he decides to retire, he’ll know.”

VIDEO: Interview: Silva reacts after beating Brunson


VIDEO: Highlights: Silva vs. Brunson


UFC president Dana White on UFC 208: “This was not one of our better events. When we put on a show like this, I feel like you should have a few good fights in the night. The Poirier-Miller fight was awesome. It’s been a long time since we had a bad show like this, but it happens.”

White on what he thought of the Anderson Silva Derek Brunson fight: “I had the fight one round to one round going into the third, and I gave the last to Brunson. But it’s one of those things. I say it all the time, if you don’t want it to go to the judges, don’t let it go to the judges.”

White on where Jacare goes in the 185 division: “Jacare came out with a stellar performance and won the performance bonus tonight. I’ve got to go home and figure out what we do with him. I’ve got to get him another fight. He fought a very dangerous guy and treated him like he was number 13.”

VIDEO: Interview: White on UFC 208


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