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By Mike Johnson on 2/20/2017 1:55 PM


Results For NWL KC at the Scottish Rite Temple 2/18/17

  • Dak Draper def Thor Theriot after Michael Strider interfered and hit Thor with a chair.
  • Flex Zerba def  Laz Kalo following an F5 to advance in the KC title tournament
  • League President Major Baisden came to the ring to for a powerpoint. He was interrupted by The Howletts who confronted Baisden. Things almost got physical after The Howletts were approaching Majors kids who were at ringside. Luckily, Blaine Meeks and Lakota Red Cloud came to chase The Howletts to the back.
  • Niles Plonk def Joe from The Union to advance in the KC title tournament following a cravat driver.
  • NWL KC vs NWL STL Showcase match: Jeremy Wyatt def Skyler Beckett following a piledriver. Roscoe Leech came out and asked Jeremy Wyatt to join the Leech Talent Agency and Wyatt declined.
  • Ken Dharma def Gil Rogers following a bridge pin to advance in the KC title tournament.
  • Chad Barstow def Ray “Lockdown” Briggs
  • Lakota Red Cloud and Blaine Meeks def The Howletts via DQ after The Howletts hit Meeks with a pipe. The Howletts laid out Meeks and Red Cloud with a chain. The Royal Bloods came through the audience and attacked The Howletts, putting them through tables to end the show.

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