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By Mike Johnson on 3/6/2017 11:02 AM

Saturday night March 4, 302 Pro Wrestling Presented: Elimination Wars

Venue: The Delaware Auto Exchange in Felton, Delaware

The face of 302 Pro Wrestling Rick Parker opened the show.

Andy Vineberg came out at the beginning of the first match and was looking to recruit a new

Match 1: Elimination 4 Way to determine the new  #1 Contender for the Cruiserweight Championship

Killian McMurphy defeated Rayo, Steven DIAZ & JJ Cruz.

Killian McMurphy won with help from Andy Vineberg.

Match 2: Private Party defeated The Working Class Heroes

Match 3: Anthony Bennett defeated Jeremiah W/ Andy Vineberg and McMurphy

On screen Louis G. Rich tried to petition that Kekoa gets no more titles. Kekoa confronted him while issuing the protest saying they will meet
in the ring later tonight!

On screen, 302 Ringside girl Melissa interviewed Ty Awesome about his match with Ricky Reyes from Bashiversary.

Match 4: Ricky Reyes defeated Ty Awesome to become the new 302 Pro Wrestling Cruiserweight Champion!

Match 5: The Bingo Enforcement Agency (Funk N’ Dirty and Travis Banks) defeated 410 Massiv and Franco Varga in a Six-man Elimination Match.  If 410 Massiv and Franco Varga won, they would
get title shots at any time.

1st Round was a Single Fall Match where Travis Banks was eliminated.
2nd Round was a No DQ match: Sid from 410 Massiv was eliminated.
3rd Round was a Tornado Tag: Franco Varga was eliminated.
4th Round was a Falls count Anywhere match:  Dirty Sonny Deeds was eliminated by being DDT'd on the cement floor in the crowd.
5th Round was a Single Fall match where The Funky White Boy pinned RD of 410 Massiv to win the match for the Bingo Enforcement Agency.

Match 6:  Main Event: 302 Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Kekoa defeated Louis G. Rich.