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By Ray Bourcier on 3/20/2017 1:09 PM

Packed house and raucous crowd.

Match 1. Outer limits tournament match. Winner goes on to main event for Outer Limits title (defended 24/7 in any promotion).
The Walking Weapon Josh Alexander vs. Will White.

Winner: Josh Alexander

Match 2. Outer limits tournament match. Winner goes on to main event for Outer Limits title.
Dominic Garinni w/ Stokely Hathaway vs. All Ego Ethan Page

Winner: Ethan page

Match 3. Singles:
Joey Kings vs. Mark Wheeler

Winner: Joey kings

Match 4. Mixed tag:
Faye Jackson & Ricky Shane Page vs. Gregory Irons & Veda Scott

Winners:  Greorgy Irons and Veda Scott

Match 5. Alpha Male championship match.
Kobe Durst(c) vs. Shane Sabre

Winner: Kobe durst

Match 6. Grudge match:
Jim Nye vs. Space Monkey

Winner: Jim Nye via unscrupulous methods.

After the match, Space Monkey cut a promo demanding one final match against Jim Nye, on May 14th.

Match 7. Zero Gravity championship match. 4 way elimination:
Alessandro Del Bruno(c) w/ Miss Chung vs. Alex Daniels vs. Dr Dan vs. Jason Cade.
First elimination: Dr Dan
Second elimination: Jason cade
Third elimination: Alex Daniels
Winner: del Bruno

After the match Alex Daniels cut a promo saying how he’s been in Alpha-1 for two years, and this championship has eluded him numerous times. He challenged Del Bruno to a rematch in the next Oshawa show, which was accepted by Miss Chung

Match 8. Outer limits tournament finals:
Josh Alexander vs Ethan Page

New Outer Limits champ: Ethan Page

Next shows:
Immortal Combat 5 -> May 14th 2017, Hamilton, Ontario.
Marvelous -> May 28th 2017, Oshawa, Ontario