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By Gabe Miller on 4/3/2017 12:10 PM

Here are the latest results!

NWL KC Results 4/1/17 Crowning The First NWL KC Champion!

  • The Howletts def NWL Security Team Shane and Bradley
  • Thor Theriot def “High on Life” Ken Dharma following a gut buster. Good match.
  • The Tasting Room Interview Segment with Niles Plonk. He interviewed Chad Barstow and Roscoe Leech interrupted the segment asking Barstow to join his agency. Barstow declined which set up a match later between Chad Barstow and LTA member “Lockdown” Ray Briggs.
  • The Swoll Patrol def The End.
  • “The Monarch” Jeremy Wyatt def Kyle O’Reilly. Finish came when O’Reilly had Wyatt locked in an arm bar submission and Wyatt rolled O’Reilly on his shoulders for the three count. Wyatt was tapping out simultaneously and the ref did not see it. Great match.
  • “Lockdown” Ray Briggs def Chad Barstow following his Pick 6. This was Briggs first win in the NWL KC.
  • Royal Blood def Niles Plonk and Belvedere pinning Belvedere after a 450 splash and shooting star press combo.
  • “The Mile High Magnum” Dakota Draper def Blaine Meeks to become the first ever NWL KC Champion. During the match The Howletts came out to attack Blaine Meeks but were chased off by the Royal Blood. INCREDIBLE match that all fans should go out of their way to see.

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