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Pro Wrestling Has A Scott Boras-Like Super-Agent, And His Client List Is Mind Blowing

PWTorch Livecast Interview Thursday (06-22-17): Pat McNeill and Bill Behrens with ROH Champ Christopher Daniels

SHOW SUMMARY: PWTorch columnist Pat McNeill fills in with guest cohost Bill Behrens, and they interview Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, and Ian Riccaboni from Ring of Honor Wrestling regarding Friday’s Best In The World PPV, Daniels’s reign as ROH World Champion, the prospect of working with New Japan again, Ian becoming the main announcer for ROH, additions to and departures from the company, issues within Impact Wrestling, Billy Corgan purchase of the NWA, advice from prospective wrestlers, and much more.








One of pro wrestling's all time greatest pitchmen and the force Bill Behrens joins today's Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling. Covering topics like how WWE NXT signs in coming talent through all of the inner workings of the promotions he has worked for (WWE, WCW, TNA to name a few).  Behrens gives John and Chad an in depth look at how someone who came from a television background managed to penetrate a business needing someone with his unique skill set. We also learn about how exactly he became "Pro Wrestling's Super Agent"and representative to stars like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and James Storm.


Interview with William Hatfield from TWH


Midnight Black Mass – History of Wildside with guest Bill Behrens

Part 1

Part 2


Bill Behrens Inadvertently wins a Battle Royal


Bill Behrens vs The Colorado Kid NWA North American Title Match

















Classic NWA Wildside Episodes are now being posted at


NWA Wildside TV


SHOW #174









Multimedia section at or


NWA Wildside featured stars like Current TNA Heavyweight Champion, "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles (TNA/WCW), Ron Killings (WWE/TNA), Abyss (Justice) (TNA), Jimmy Rave (TNA), Amazing Red (TNA), Tony Mamaluke (WWE/WCW/TNA), Air Paris (WCW), Hotstuff Hernandez (TNA), David Young (TNA), Kenn Phoenix (Kenn Doane/Dykstra) (WWE), Luke Hawx (Altar Boy Luke) (WSX), Matt Sydal (Evan Bourne) (WWE), Delirious (ROH), Mike Posey (WWE/TNA), “The Original Gangsta” New Jack (ECW/TNA) and many more. NWA Wildside served a development promotion for WCW and featured stars like The Beast (Bob Sapp), David Flair, Tank Abbott, Shannon Moore, Shane Helms, Mark Jindrak, Sean O'Haire, Elix Skipper, Jimmy Yang and many more. Wrestling legends like Dusty Rhodes, Dory Funk, Jr., Terry Taylor, Larry Zbsyzko, James E Cornette, The Rock & Roll Express (Ricky & Robert), Abdullah The Butcher, and many more all appeared on NWA Wildside TV.


The NWA Wildside announce team featured Dan "The Dragon" Wilson, Steven Prazak, Scott Hudson, Steve Martin, Bill Behrens, Al Getz, Chris Cruise & others.


Classic NWA Wildside DVD’s are now available at . Relive the excitement of one of the most talked about independent promotions in professional wrestling, NWA Wildside!


All DVD’s may be purchased by using your PayPal account and using the "Send Money" option to Each LAST RITES 2005, FREEDOM FIGHT 2004 or HARDCORE HELL 2005 PT 1 or 2 DVD is only $10, shipping included!


And WILDSIDE TV episodes are available for $5 each or 3 for $10 on DVD with shipping included for free.


Write to Show Business, Inc at for info on how to order by mail and on how to order any of the over 300 episodes of NWA Wildside TV, or write to PO Box 941787 Atlanta, GA 31141.









Tickets can be purchased by calling 770-328-1162 or by e-mailing us at You can also purchase tickets on our website



Saturday, July 29th at the VFW Ballroom with a start time of 8:00 and doors opening at 7:00!


 --The Backbone(Drew Adler, Michael Stevens, and Zac Edwards) reunites to take on The Reckoning(Kevin Blue, Billy Buck, and Schaff) in 6-man tag team action


 --Sal Rinauro returns to face The Gladiator Jeremiah, who hasn't been seen at PWA in almost 6 months.


 --Fry Daddy, a true fan favorite, returns to PWA and will square off against the vastly improving Gil Quest!


 --Ace Haven (w/Amy) is signed to face "The French Sensation" Romeo in singles action!


 --CB Suave will have his 1st ever encounter with the eccentric and unconventional Ashton Starr!


 **Also scheduled to appear: PWA Women's Champion Crystal Rose, Pandora, Jeremy Foster, Griff Garrison and more!


 **Tickets can be purchased by messaging us here on Facebook, e-mailing us at, or by calling 770-328-1162.


 Don't forget to check out the new menu items at the always affordable concession stand including chicken sandwiches and deep fried Twinkies!







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Anarchy Wrestling Report from Cornelia on July 22

Photos Courtesy of Scene Nick

From Larry Goodman:


Tanks for the Memories was the perfect conclusion to Tank’s career at Landmark Arena, a bloody, violent, brutal night of professional wrestling. He would not have wanted it any other way.


Tank went out in a style, putting on a classic hardcore match with the current master of the genre, “The Bulldozer” Matt Tremont.


The big news was “The People’s Captain” Gunner Miller defeating Jacob Ashworth to become a two-time Anarchy Triple Crown Champion.


It was rough night at the Arena. Aside from the expected bloodshed in the main event, Ashworth suffered a concussion. Gladiator Jeremiah was badly lacerated during his match. Even one of the security people got busted open.


Dan Wilson’s Memphis-infused booking continues to resonate with the Anarchy fans. Crowd reactions were strong all night long. 


Attendance was 150.The crowd and wrestler held up amazingly well given the stifling heat. Temperatures had soared into the mid 90s during the day and it was still that hot in the oven known as the Landmark Arena. 


Wilson introduced White Trash as the special guest host for the evening. White Trash credited Tank with being the guy that took him to his only championship (the NWA Wildside Tag Team Championship as Project Mayhem) and said Tank had bled more blood at Landmark Arena than anyone.


They shot the opening for the DVD and Powerbomb.TV episode.


Anarchy tag champs The Approved (Adrian Hawkins & Bobby Moore) were pissed about not having a match. Moore said the problem was they had beaten everyone there was to beat and said they were taking over the show until they got one.


Wilson said Beautiful Bald Besties would be back to challenge them in two weeks and ordered them out of the ring. Moore blamed Wilson for their behavior and threatened to leave him in a bloody pile. Approved begrudgingly left the ring at the behest of Anarchy security.


(1)Jeremy Foster defeated Brad Cash in 6:47. The Anarchy crowd’s warm and fuzzy reaction to Cash shifted radically once his nasty attitude kicked into gear. Match was a see saw battle. Foster used kneebar and crossface submissions. Cash nailed Foster with some wicked strikes. Foster busted out the headbutt attack and tried for the flying knee. Cash stepped aside and hit a World’s Strongest Slam. Moments later, Foster surprised Cash with a flying crucifix to score the pinfall. 


Cash attacked Foster after the match. Security tried to intervene. Cash pulled out a pizza cutter and sliced security guy Larry Lewallen’s head open. Lewallen bled like a pro. If the object was to position Cash as Anarchy’s new psycho killer, it worked. 


Trash hosted the first of several classic video footage segments: Project Mayhem vs. Lance Dreamer & Mr. Delicious from Freedom Fight 2001. 


(2) Kyle Matthews defeated Gladiator Jeremiah to retain Landmark Heritage Championship in 9:54. Match was everything you would expect from two of the best technical wrestlers around. They opened with grappling, then traded aerial moves building to simultaneous dropkicks for a big pop. Matthews went for tope that turned into more a flying tackle. In the process, Jeremiah headbutted the ring apron splitting his eyebrow wide open. Jeremiah had blood streaming down his face. Unphased, Jeremiah licked the blood and carried on. Matthews hit a release german suplex. Jeremiah came roaring back with Screwdriver on the Rocks and a sunset flip powerbomb for a near fall. Matthews evaded Jeremiah’s top rope splash and capitalized with a tornado DDT followed by a frogsplash but Jeremiah kicked out. Matthews got the Octopus hold. Jeremiah countered with a cobra clutch. Matthews made the ropes and reversed Jeremiah’s backslide attempt to pick up the win. 


Team TAG (Billy Buck & Chris Spectra) attacked after the match but Matthews and Jeremiah were able to repel them. Matthews said that even with a busted head and busted mouth, they could still whip Team TAG. Wilson made the match for later in the evening. 


A creepy promo from “The Natural Born Legend” Crystal Rose was shown on the video screen. It appeared to be shot in an attic. Rose said she bringing all of hell with her and taking her title back from Rock C. Rose said be prepared for a surprise because was letting her rat of its cage. We got a final glimpse of Rose hanging from the rafters. The crowd chanted “Crystal Meth”. 


(3) Hate Junkies (Stryknyn & Dany Only) defeated Hooligans (Devin & Mason Cutter with Uncle Leo) in 3:32. Only’s big mouth precipated a wild brawl before the bell that was longer than the match. A rapid fire sequence of double chops by Hooligans looked terrific. Stryknyn did a senton off the apron on Devin and gave Mason a DDT on the ramp. It devolved into one hell of a slugfest. When the bell finally sounded, they set up four chairs in the ring and did a Tank tribute, going round and round blasting each other with right hands. Devin kissed Stryk. Mason superkicked Only out of his chair. Stryk speared Mason out of his chair. Finish was an F5/top rope elbow combo on Devin. A zany match that worked because it was so different. Finish was ehh because Only didn’t have enough room to do a proper elbow drop. 


Classic video footage: Tank vs. Samoa Joe from IWA Mid-South 2005 King of Strong Style 


(4) Gunner Miller (with Jeff G. Bailey) defeated Jacob Ashworth to regain the Anarchy Triple Crown Championship in 12:34. Miller had badass game face on and a new buzzcut for the occasion. Crowd was all Ashworth save a few Miller diehards. Ashworth was in control until Bailey grabbed Miller’s leg to foil Ashworth’s bulldog attempt. Miller almost lost his grip on an overhead suplex. He managered to power through but Ashworth appeared to take an awkward bump on his shoulder. Miller unleashed a wicked clothesline. He absolutely leveled Ashworth with it but only got a two count with the delayed cover. Ashworth fought up from the bottom, rallying back with clotheslines of his own. Team TAG tried to interfere. Ashworth cut them off but fell victim to Miller’s uranage. Ashworth kicked out and fended off a second uranage. Ashworth came back with a Vader bomb and had the crowd behind him strong when he took a bump where the back of his head snapped across the bottom rope or slammed into the mat. Whatever happened, Ashworth was out of it. Ashworth managed to hit his elevated full nelson face plant but Miller grabbed the ropes. Ashworth went for roll of the dice and Miller countered with a Jackhammer to win the title. No harm done to Ashworth's stature by losing this brutally physical match. Ashworth somehow gutted out the final minute despite his concussed condition. Miller’s Jackhammer looked devastating. 


Anarchy personnel came out to tend to Ashworth. There was great concern for Ashworth’s condition due to the neck injury he suffered several years ago that almost ended his career. A concussion was bad enough. 


(5) Se7en defeated Shad Satu in 5:39. Satu is a wide body Samoan with IWA Mid-South credentials. Crowd was not impressed, chanting “Se7en’s gonna kill you” and “wear a bra”. Se7en eventually came out on top in the bull of the woods contest. He used Mongolian chops to set up the choke slam. Satu escaped and got near falls with a Samoan drop and a running hip attack before coming up empty on a diving headbutt. Se7en put him away with the choke bomb. Match was OK. Satu was not the opponent to put Se7en the best light. Two guys this huge should avoid whip reversals spots. 


Classic video footage: Tank vs. Necro Butcher from IWA Mid-South 2005 King of the Death Match Tournament. 


(6) Team TAG (Billy Buck & Chris Spectra) defeated Kyle Matthews & Gladiator Jeremiah in 5:20.Team TAG back jumped Matthews and Gladiator as they entered the ring. Jeremiah took a stiff shot into the ringsteps and was helped to the back. Matthews was doing fine on his own until Spectra interfered. Buck and Matthews traded hellacious chops. Spectra with a cradle suplex and a fallaway slam for near falls. Matthews hit a backcracker on Spectra and both were down. Jeremiah returned to take the tag. Spectra tried and failed to nail Jeremiah with his shield. As referee Darryl Hall was removing the shield from the ring, Buck gave Jeremiah a low blow and rolled him up. Hot action and the finish was the perfect set up for next time. 


Postmatch: Jeremiah said he wasn’t finished with Buck and next show his ass was dead. 


Classic video footage: Project Mayhem defeating Blackout in a Four Corner of Pain match to win the NWA Wildside tag titles in 2001. 


Ring announcer Jonathan Feltner issued an advisory that main event would be adult oriented violence as barbed wire boards were set up in the ring. 


 (7) Matt Tremont defeated Tank (with Jeff G. Bailey) in a hardcore match at 13:18. Huge Tank chant as he entered the ring for his final match at Landmark. Tank urged the crowd to applaud Tremont. Match opened with each guy trying and failing to shove the other guy’s head into a barbed wire board. Tank wacked Tremont with a pizza paddle and gouged his forehead with the edge. Tremont bled. They konked each other with baking pans until both were staggering like drunken sailors. Tremont took a pizza cutter to Tank’s head. Tank bled. Tank used a kendo stick. Tremont whipped Tank into board covered with gusset plates. Tremont fired a trash can lid at Tank’s head and covered for a two count. The action spilled outside the ring. They sat down in chairs and punched and headbutted each other. 



The battle briefly moved into the parking lot. God only knows what they were doing to each other out there. 



Tank was wearing the crimson mask when they got back inside in the ring. Tank whipped Tremont through a barbed wire board. Tremont was convulsing with the wire sticking to his back. Tank stuck a handful of skewers into Tremont’s head, the sight of which had some people shrieking in horror and others chanting “this is awesome”. Tank jabbed some skewers into Tremont’s arm. They battled on the ropes. Tremont fought off a superplex, sending Tank on Nestea plunge through a barbed wire board laid across two chairs. Tremont hit a top rope splash as Tank was lying on the barbed wire board to end the match. 




The crowd erupted with a “Thank you, Tank” chant. A tribute video was shown on the video screen. The fans gave Tank a standing ovation and started chanting again as wrestlers came out from the dressing room to surround the ring. 


Tank said in two weeks, he would wrestle his final match at the Scenic City Invitational, while Tremont would be wrestling the godfather of death match wrestling, Onita, in New Jersey. Tank put Tremont over as the best death match wrestler on the planet. 


Tremont said when he grew up in New Jersey he would stay up to watch NWA Wildside on syndication at 2 am in the morning. He thanked Tank and everyone the bank. They toasted with a Miller Lite. 


Tank’s parting words were true to form -- candid, funny and heartfelt – delivered with blood still covering his face. Tank said he first came to a Wildside show in 2000 with Wilson. After wrestling shit shows for five years, Wildside was a real wrestling company. He saw AJ Styles do a shooting star press to the floor and knew he had to wrestle in that ring. He got a tryout match thanks to Bill Behrens and Steve Martin during which he did an elbow drop off the apron. Martin said he would be their Cactus Jack. He did that move just one more time because it hurt too much. Tank said he had been all over but this building was always home. He had been through three owners, and the awesome arguments in the back involving Behrens, Wilson and Bailey. Behrens would tell him, “Warren, you’ve got to stop that shit.” He had fond memories of the road trips with Adam Jacobs and David Pierce. He looked at his wife, Kim, in the bleachers and broke into tears calling her his best friend. “She’s still supporting me and I had to have her here tonight.” Tank said he loved each and every one of the wrestlers, “even those assholes up there” (the heels wrestlers that were now standing on the ramp). Tank said Matthews and Buck were his two favorite independent wrestlers to watch.


“Take the damn torch and run with it. Thank you for spending the night with us. 21 years is a long time up and down the road. I get to go home and be daddy and Warren."


Tank got hugs from Bailey and Wilson. White Trash raised his hand. Tank circled the ring one last time saying his goodbyes to the Anarchy fans.








Next few dates for Southern Fried

 August 19th Monroe $12/10

 Sept 7 Thursday night $12/9

 Sept,23 Crossroads Felker Gym $15/12





Martin Stone vs. Corey Hollis has been announced for Crossroads 17, SFCW's next super show on September 23. SFCW is hoping to get Felker Gym in Monroe for that date.


Former NWA Atlanta announcer Adam Vance is joining SFCW to handle video production and play by play for future video releases.





Deep Southern Championship Wrestling was created in March of?  2010 and started running shows once a month in Ellijay, Ga. We started out in a place known as Gilmer Golf and games. Our first show drew a crowd of 35 or 40 people. DSCW didn’t get discouraged though we kept giving good quality matches at a fair price and got our crowds up to 150 or more. We had to move to gyms and civic centers to support our fan base, drawing close to 600 on some of our big shows Taking the Bump: A story of semi-pro wrestling


Big Wood (Greg Hullender) was named BEST PROMOTER in the 2013 Georgia Wrestling History Awards


For more information check out 





APW ROYSTON, GA!/pages/Alternative-Pro-Wrestling/300432721579




Latest episode at:


APW has live events each Friday at the Cherry Street Gym in Royston, GA 8PM Belltime. 305 Cherry Street, Roys





We're there every First and Third Saturday of the month!

2001 Main Street
Porterdale, Georgia 30070
(20 East, Go right off of Exit 88, 3.5 miles go left at the four-way stop, building is on the left side of the street)









ProSouth Wrestling

627 Southern Avenue

Piedmont, AL 36272

Tickets are $6 and free for children under 5. Doors open at 6:00 and bell time is at 7:00. For more information, call (256) 447-3825.


Current Champions

ProSouth Champion: Donnie Primetime

All-Out Champion: Cabana Man Dan

Tag Team Champions:  The Greenhorn Militia (Shean Christopher & B-What)


ProSouth Wrestling was in Piedmont, AL on July 21.  Results:  Alister Crowe defeated Kevin Ryan to advance to the next round of the ProSouth Unified Championship #1 Contender's Tournament.  Tyler Gage defeated Daniel Divine.  Britt Jackson defeated Eric Silva to advance to the next round of the ProSouth Unified Championship #1 Contender's Tournament.  Ayden Andrews defeated Jon Averson.  Cameron Action defeated Cabana Man Dan.  The Trickster defeated Big Tomb to advance to the next round of the ProSouth Unified Championship #1 Contender's Tournament.



This Friday! The semi finals of the #1 contender's tournament with Britt Jackson versus Alister Crowe and Dameon Ceretone versus The Trickster! The DMS of Swagger versus The Greenhorn Militia for the Tag Team Championship! Griff Garrison debuts against Ayden Andrews! Plus in our main event, Brandon Collum and Chris McCain team up to face Eric Silva and Donnie Primetime! Tickets are only $8, doors open at 6:30!




ProSouth Wrestling




 Live on Friday, August 4th!


 The ProSouth Arena

 627 Southern Avenue

 Piedmont, AL 36272


 Doors open @ 6:30 PM

 Bell time @ 7:30 PM


 ALL Tickets $10!

 Kids 4 and under FREE!

 First come, first served seating




 ***Main Event #1***

 **Unified ProSouth Championship**

 Challenger Chris McCain


 Champion Donnie Primetime (w/Mathias Darkthorne)


 ***Main Event #2***

 **Unified ProSouth Championship**

 *If Donnie retains against McCain, both titles will be on the line again*

 Challenger Brandon Collum


 Champion Donnie Primetime (w/Mathias Darkthorne)


 ***Semi Main Event***

 **Last Man Standing**

 O'Shay Edwards


 Ayden Andrews


 ***#1 Contender's Tournament Final***

 TBD 7/28 (Alister Crowe or Britt Jackson)


 TBD 7/28 (Dameon Ceretone or The Trickster)


 ***All-Out Championship***

 *Triple Threat*

 Challenger Cameron Action


 Challenger Kevin Ryan


 Champion Cabana Man Dan


 More matches to be announced!


 Card Subject To Change









The famous line in Field of Dreams is "If you build it, they will come." Wayne's World 2 is the comical depiction of 2 dreamers setting up their dream concert and worrying that no one would show up but then having Aerosmith and other bands come through to help them create magic.


 In 2015, after years of "fantasy booking", myself and Josh Massey made calls, cashed in favors, and formed partnerships to create a 2 night professional wrestling tournament we called the Scenic City Invitational. Drew Mullinax & Susan Bailey-Mullinax & their crew with Empire Wrestling( Lucas Ryan Caylor Daniel Wilson etc) got on board and helped make that first year happen. Wil Force created some great looking graphics for us. Allan Barrie & Matt Griffin filmed/edited the action, making it available for the world to see and some fans that we now know as The Hales Clan ( Dylan Hales Michael Hales Devon Motivator Hales Stephen Dustin Hales ) began to hype the talent and the passion to the rest of the world as we featured many rising stars from wrestling that all went to the ring and gave it all they had.


 2016 came and we were presented with the opportunity to take the tournament in a new direction. Kody Wynne came on board to create some amazing graphics. We added Allan Barrie and Daniel Wilson to the creative team, created partnerships with Brad Stutts & Emil Jay and strengthened our relationship with Dylan & Papa Hales. Our goal was to create something bigger than ourselves, bigger than local pro wrestling, and bigger than "just" wrestling and with a partnership with East Hamilton Middle High School, we were able to do just that. It was a huge upgrade in venue and the location was more convenient for out of towners to make a weekend trip out of it. Papa Hales pulled strings with City Cafe and the hotel there to accommodate the fans and the wrestlers, creating some special opportunities for networking and podcasts. We raised thousands of dollars for the school and presented two nights of exciting wrestling action, once again featuring top independent wrestlers but now being an event that people from all over the United States and Canada had travelled to.


 It's now year 3. We've expanded to add the Scenic City Rumble that we had in March; we have the Scenic City Trios coming up in November; and we are 10 weeks away from our 3rd tournament. Tickets went on sale today and we're blown away by the response: people coming from more countries, more states, wanting to donate money, be sponsors, and make every effort to come and support what we are doing. This year's effort has included Dylan & Papa Hales more and we're always expanding our team, including a great partnership with Georgia Premier Wrestling ( Bob Riley & M Mark Riley)


 A huge thank you to everyone that partners with us to make these events so special. Thank you to the wrestlers for giving their time, efforts, and bodies. Thank you to everyone behind the scenes that has helped us out. Finally, thank you to the hundreds of fans that help us make these events so special!


 August 4th and 5th East Hamilton High School! for more info


 Email for tickets!


Darby Allin is the final entrant in the 16 man field for the 3rd annual Scenic City Invitational, set for August 4 and 5 at East Hamilton High School just outside Chattanooga in Ooltewah, TN.


Allin joins a field that includes Matt Riddle, 2016 SCI winner Gunner Miller, GWC Champion Martin Stone, Jason Cade, Jason Kincaid, Anthony Henry, Joey Lynch, Matt Fortune, former Georgia Wrestler of the Year Shane Marx, Tank (wrestling the final match or matches of his career), Curt Stallion, Torque (Georgia's Most Improved Wrestler for 2016), Joey Janela, Arik Royal and Gary Jay.





Episode of Rev. Dan Wilson's Midnight Black Mass podcast (Vol 5 E02) with ROH, XPW, CZW, Extreme Rising, MCW, Wildside star, Wildkat Pro owner, star and stuntman of TV and film "The Southern Stomper" Luke Hawx available now:









Q.t. Marshall is offering a training camp at his new One Fall Power Factory school in Buford on June 16 and 17. Ring of Honor's Delirious will be the featured trainer with Marshall,  "Glacier" Ray Lloyd, Monster Factory Owner Danny Cage and Monster Factory/ROH star Punishment Martinez on the coaching staff.  


All experienced wrestlers (1 yr minimum) will have a match in full character/gimmick and a 30 second promo critiqued by the coaching staff.




Current WWE Superstar along with Former WWE Producer / NXT coach to open New Pro Wrestling School

From WrestleMerica:


 Current WWE Superstar Luke Gallows is teaming with Former WWE Star, Agent and NXT Coach Joey Mercury to bring first class Professional Wrestling training to Middle Georgia. The “Bullet Proof Dojo” will officially open their doors later this year


Joey Mercury is a former 3x WWE Tag Team Champion, NXT Coach, Writer, WWE TV Producer & Road Agent. Joey is uniquely talented with a resume unlike any other. Joey has spent the past 20+ years learning every facet of the Sports Entertainment Industry at its highest level. Joey is credited with being instrumental in the success of dozens of current top WWE superstars.


Bullet Proof Dojo is the brainchild of Luke Gallows as he wishes to pass on the knowledge he has gained over the years working across the world of professional wrestling. Joey Mercury will be the head trainer. The school is located in Jenkinsburg Ga, approx. 50 miles south of Atlanta and approx. 45 miles north of Macon Ga.


2016 Georgia Wrestling History Awards Winners


Stephen Platinum and Larry Goodman hosted the announcement of the 2016 Georgia Wrestling Awards, as voted by the Georgia wrestling community, and interviewed each and every award winner except Bill Behrens because it was past his bedtime.


2016 Georgia Wrestling Award Winners

From Brian Slack:


Here is the list of 2016 Georgia Wrestling award winners and runner ups.


Overall Wrestler Award:  Chip Day wins the award for the first time, edging out 2015 winner and fellow Hierarchy Jimmy Rave. 


Best Technician Award:  Kyle Matthews once again wins the award, making it seven times.  Gladiator Jeremiah aka Slim J was a very close runner-up.


Best Male Performer Award:  Sal Rinauro became the first back to back winner of the award since 2012.  Kevin Blue was runner-up.


Best Female Performer Award:  Kiera Hogan wins this award after edging out the first runner-up and the 2015 winner Dementia D'Rose.


Ted Allen Legends Award for Mentorship Contributions:  There was no winner of this award due to no one getting 50% of the vote.  The top vote getter was Woody Hullender followed by Rick Michaels.


Best Tag Team or Stable Award:  Backbone (Drew Adler, "Marvelous" Michael Stevens, "Encore" Zac Edwards, Leon McMichaels & Shane Curtis) became the first stable to win this award.  Runner ups were Backbone members, The Beautiful Bald Besties (Michael Stevens & Zac Edwards), The Hierarchy (Jimmy Rave, Murder One, Iceberg, Chip Day, Adrian Armour, Kimber Lee & Tessa Blanchard) and The Lynch Mob (Joey Lynch & Matt Lynch). 


Most Improved Wrestler Award:  Torque won this award.  Odinson was the runner-up.


Best Manager or Valet Award:  Jeff G. Bailey and Bill Behrens are the co-winners of the award.  This is Bailey's seventh time winning the award.  Logan Chase III was the runner-up.


Best Promoter Award:  Peachstate Wrestling Alliance's Shane Noles wins this award.  Woody Hullender & Darrell Morris from Deep Southern Championship Wrestling & Georgia Premier Wrestling are the runner ups. for the second time.


Best Booker Award:  Rick Michaels from Peachstate Wrestling Alliance is a back to back winner of this award.  Platinum Championship Wrestling's Matt Hankins was the runner-up. 


Best Promotion Award:  Peachstate Wrestling Alliance repeated as the winners.  Georgia Premier Wrestling was the runner-up.


Best Live Event Award:  While technically in Tennessee, the 2016 Scenic City Invitational ended up winning this award.  Georgia Premier Wrestling's No Limits, which was AJ Styles' final indy event, was the runner-up.


Best Announcer Award:  Jonathan Feltner won this award for the third year in a row.  Great way to go out as Jonathan takes some time off from professional wrestling.  Brittany McWhorter was the runner-up.


Best Referee Award:  Triston Michaels, last year's runner-up, became this year's winner.  Daryl Hall was the runner up.