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By Roy Lucier on 7/29/2017 2:16 PM

Longtime pro wrestling fan and historian Roy Lucier is proud to present the very first podcast dedicated to Professional Wrestling in Japan, with a particular focus on the company All Japan Pro Wrestling.

With exciting new episodes to be released approximately every two weeks, Roy has secured some of the most important names from the sport to join him on his show as he examines the rich culture of puroresu in Japan.

The debut edition features guest Joel Deaton, a wrestling veteran who competed in AJPW for over a decade; while in the second episode, Roy is joined by Richard Slinger, who trained in the All Japan Dojo and worked in the country for 16 years.

His podcast is available on both iTunes and under the name "Japanese Wrestling Classics With Roy Lucier" and promises to be a big success as it studies a topic that is rarely analyzed.