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By Mike Johnson on 8/2/2017 7:48 AM

We are just days away from the biggest pro wrestling show 
in upstate New York this year. It's Upstate Professional 
Wrestling's Headlocks & Homeruns 6 at the Eagles Club in 
Rochester, New York Saturday August 5th. Doors open at 5 PM. 
Bell time is at 6 PM. Tickets are $18 presale and $20 at the 
door. Here's a preview of the card, which is subject to 

Main Event 
UPW Heavyweight Title Match 
"Your Captain" Nick Ando vs. "The Infamous" Bobby Fish (c) 

The UPW Heavyweight Championship will be on the line in the 
main event. Nick Ando has been a mainstay in UPW for nearly 
10 years. He has worked his way up the ladder and fought 
hard and long to get an opportunity at becoming the top man 
in UPW. Well Ando's chance has finally come, but not without 
a little controversy. The current champion Bobby Fish 
succesfully defended his title in a rematch against Mattick 
at UPW's last show, Red, White, & Bruised. An irate and 
frustrated Mattick attacked ring announcer Kount C and Fish 
after the match. Ando came out to make the save and as Fish 
checked on Kount, Ando grabbed Fish's title and held it high 
as he ran off Mattick. Fish saw this and was none too 
pleased and let Ando know about him. He told Ando that he 
didn't ask for or need his help and that he had no business 
taking something that didn't belong to him. Ando told Fish 
that he came out to help him because it was the right thing 
to do. Fish was having none of it and challenged Ando to a 
title match for Headlocks & Homeruns 6. So the stage is set 
for an intense, action-packed main event. Will the 
experience and striking prowess of the Infamous one lead him 
to victory once again? Or will the Captain's hard work and 
perseverance help him realize his dream of becoming UPW 
Heavyweight Champion? Find out next Saturday at the Eagles 

UPW No Limits Title Match 
Jay Freddie vs. "The King of the North" Carter Mason (c) 

At Red, White & Bruised Carter Mason shocked everyone when 
he defeated Dick Justice to claim his first title here in 
UPW. Mason has been on the chase for gold since he first 
arrived here, nearly 2 years later, he has found it. "The 
King of the North" has cemented himself here in UPW and 
plans on holding onto his newly won title as long as he 
possibly can. Mason was originally scheduled to face "Big 
League" John McChesney. But unfortunately due to injury 
McChesney will be unable to compete at this year's event. 
But taking his place will be standout star Jay Freddie. 
Freddie will finally be making his debut here in Upstate. He 
was scheduled to wrestle in last years Upstate 8, however 
due to unforeseen circumstances he was unable to appear. For 
those unfamiliar with Jay Freddie he is an international 
star and has just come back from another tour of Japan. What 
an incredible journey it would be for him to come back home 
and bring the NO-Limits Championship back to the USA! Can 
"The King of the North" keep his freshly won title and bring 
it back to Canada with him? Will Jay Freddie make his UPW 
debut a successful one and reclaim the title for America? 
Find out at Headlocks & Homeruns 6! 

UPW Tag Team Title Match (Danger Zone Match) 
Defiance vs. Wrecking U (c) 

The UPW Tag Team Titles will be on the line as well. The 
ongoing war between the two top tag team in UPW continues 
here. Hellcat and Bobby Dipinto have been dominant since 
becoming UPW Tag Team Champions back in March. But the one 
thorn that has constantly been in their side has been 
Defiance. Maximo Suave and Chris Cayden have had a long 
standing war with Wrecking U for almost a year now and 
Hellcat and Maximo have had been long-time rivals for years 
in UPW. Defiance got their shot at the champs at Red, White, 
& Bruised and looked to have Wrecking U in trouble. But 
Wrecking U's newest member and insurance policy, Nick 
Sullivan, got involved and helped Wrecking U retain their 
titles. These actions prompted Commissioner Casey Doyle to 
make a rematch for Headlocks & Homeruns 6. But this will be 
no ordinary match, this will be a "Danger Zone" match. Now 
what exactly is a Danger Zone match? We honestly have no 
idea. But one thing we do know is that these two teams hate 
each other and will both do whatever it takes to come out on 
top. Will Defiance knock off the champs and finally gain UPW 
tag team gold? Or will their chances get wrecked once again 
by man who epitomizes intensity and the man that father time 
forgot? And will their hired hitman, Nick Sullivan, play a 
role in things once again? Find out next Saturday at 
Headlocks & Homeruns 6! 

"The Young Lion of the West" Mattick vs. Abyss 

Another huge match that will take place at H&H 6 will see 
two men who were once partners in UPW last year go at it 
one-on-one. This match was made by Commissioner Casey Doyle 
based on the actions of Mattick after his loss to Bobby Fish 
at Red, White, & Bruised. Mattick pinned Fish after hitting 
him low, which was not seen by senior referee Richard Head. 
Commissioner Doyle came out and ordered the match be 
restarted. Fish won after the restart and an irate Mattick 
attacked both Fish and ring announcer Kount C for the second 
show in a row. Mattick confronted Doyle after the show and 
demanded the decision be reversed and that he should be 
declared champion once again. Doyle disagreed and told 
Mattick he had something special planned for him at 
Headlocks & Homeruns. Well that "something special" is none 
other than Impact Wrestling mainstay the Monster Abyss! 
Abyss had some pointed words for Mattick, telling him he was 
coming back to make Mattick pay for turning his back on UPW 
and its fans. Mattick disagrees and says that UPW turned 
their back on him and he's simply doing what he has to do to 
get things done. With Abyss's penchant for chaos and 
violence and Mattick's recent change in attitude, this has 
all the makings of an all-out war. Who will come out on top, 
better yet, who will survive when the Lion and the Monster 
collide next Saturday? 

"The New Wave" Cheech vs. "Hybrid" Sean Carr 

Cheech will make his return at H&H6. He has not been in 
action for the last several months here in UPW. How has this 
time off affected him? Will he give us a reason for his 
absence? Cheech will step back into a UPW ring against the 
debuting "Hybrid" Sean Carr. Carr has been all over the 
indie scene for awhile, but over the last few years has 
really broken out and become a top level wrestler. This 
match is going to be a back and forth battle. I'm sure that 
Sean Carr wants to make his debut a good one and pick up a 
win. On the other side, Cheech will be trying to play 
spoiler and put himself back in a position for a title 
opportunity. Who will come out on top between two top-notch 
talents? Be there next Saturday at the Eagles Club to find 

"The Amazing Canadian" Lionel Knight vs. "Extremely Cute 
Wrestler" Colin Delaney 

Since coming back to UPW, Lionel Knight and Colin Delaney 
have not locked up. They actually have not locked up since 
the Upstate 8 in 2008. That all changes on August 5th. These 
two are both insanely talented. Colin continues to amaze 
fans every time he gets in the ring. His unique style and 
ability to adapt to any opponent that he squares off with, 
no matter their size or style make him truly one of a kind. 
Lionel Knight is a veteran of the ring in his own right. 
Also possessing a unique style, and crazy athleticism it 
will be interesting to see these two square off. There's one 
thing that we know for sure and that's these two are going 
to give it all and leave everything in the ring. Be there 
August 5th for Headlocks & Homeruns 6! 

Cloudy's Open Challenge 

Cloudy vs. ??? 

As is the tradition with Headlocks & Homeruns, Cloudy will 
be hosting his open challenge. In past years we have seen 
Rhyno, Hardcore Holly, Nunzio and HC Loc answer the 
challenge. Over the course of the past 9 months, Cloudy has 
aligned himself with Krist Worthless and Bin Hamin to form 
the Wrestling Liberation Front. Together they have dethroned 
the KDW Tag Team Champions The Wet Bandits and now have 
their sights set on the UPW Tag Team Titles. Cloudy will 
have his allies by ringside but he will fight this one 
alone. The thing that has been said about his open challenge 
through out the years is that literally ANYONE can answer 
the open challenge. Will it be someone on the current UPW 
roster? Will it be an old face making a return? Will it be a 
new wrestler looking to make a name for himself? There's 
only one way to find out and that's to be at Headlocks & 
Homeruns 6!! 

"Big Time" Bill Collier vs. Coconut Jones 

Another high-profile matchup at H&H 6 will see UPW fan 
favorite Coconut Jones take on "Big Time" Bill Collier. 
Coconut has done it all in UPW and also gives it his all 
every time he steps foot in the ring. Headlocks & Homeruns 6 
will be no different as the high flyer from the Caribbean 
looks to notch another huge victory under his belt. But that 
will be no easy task here as he takes on one of the toughest 
men on the indie scene today. Bill Collier has made a name 
for himself as a no-nonsense, smash-mouth competitor. He's 
faced some of the biggest names in the business and will be 
returning to a UPW ring for the first time since 2013. 
Collier will be back to make a statement and that statement 
will be that it's "Big Time". But Coconut Jones is no slouch 
himself and has never been one to back down from a 
challenge. Will Coconut Jones rise to the occasion and spoil 
Bill Collier's return? Or will "Big Time" come back and 
prove to everyone now is HIS time? Find out next Saturday! 

Headlocks & Homeruns Championship Battle Royal 

A staple at Headlocks & Homeruns, the Headlocks & Homeruns 
Championship Battle Royal comes backs again for this year's 
event. Last year's battle royal was won by Professor Wessler 
and Wessler will be a part of this year's event to defend 
his championship. But a long list of UPW stars will look to 
teach the Professor a lesson in pain and punishment and 
become this year's champion. Some of those stars include 
fellow Faculty members Boz and Bam Bam, last year's UPW 
rookie of the year Icon Ace, Charlie Locke, Fireheart, "The 
All-American Irishman" Pat White, Eric Rosecroft, "Just" 
Jeremy Jensen, Sebastian Braun, this year's Dustytaker 
Invitational winner Krist Worthless, and making his UPW 
return from a lengthy absence, Chip Stetson! All of these 
names and much more will go at it in hopes of becoming the 
2017 Headlocks & Homeruns Champion. Who will take the title 
this year? Be there next Saturday at Headlocks & Homeruns 6 
to find out! 

And if that wasn't enough, Kayfabe Dojo Wrestling also comes 
back to action on Saturday August 12th at Pineapple Jack's 
in Rochester, New York for "Continuing The Tradition"! Doors 
open at 3:30 PM. Belltime is at 4 PM. Tickets are $12 
presale and $15 at the door. Card subject to change. 

Main Event 
KDW Heavyweight Title Match (Rematch from UPW's Red, White, 
& Bruised) 
Anarchy Ashe Aubrey vs. "The Alpha & The Omega" Jason Savior 

585 Live Championship Tournament 
First Round Matches 

Icon Ace vs. "Just" Jeremy Jensen 

Boz vs. "Your Captain" Nick Ando 

Winners of these matches will face each other in the finals 
to crown the first ever 585 Live Champion! 

"The Young Lion of the West" Mattick vs. "The Wet Bandit" 
Eric Rosecroft 

And much, much more!!! 

And don't forget about our special ticket deal. If you 
purchase a ticket for the Headlocks & Homeruns 6 show, you 
get a ticket for the KDW show at 50% off!