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By Mike Johnson on 10/10/2017 8:59 AM

In this episode of Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia WWE Superstar Alicia Fox discusses the beginning of her WWE career, growing up seeing her mother abused, feeling embarrassed sometimes about her career, her struggle with dating, how it felt becoming the first and only African American Diva’s Champion, seeing herself on Total Divas, her mother living on the streets, her past relationship with Wade Barrett and more! 

Alicia on Starting Out in The WWE at a Young Age

“Coming into it I felt really insecure being around all these very driven people that worked hard and did the indies and do their research and diligence to get there. I felt very insecure about when I had an opinion about something or even when it comes to putting a match together, even speaking about what I know from the experience I’ve pulled because I’ve been in the locker room with a lot of greats. Mickie James, Melina, Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix, Katie Lea, ODB, come from a lot of experience of their own and the question that I will answer, ‘How this environment has affected them as an individual’. So they’ve overcome that, but I think for an answer to that question for me, I think I’m very blessed to have been able to be in the business early. Wrestling in itself it seems like a small bubble in a weird way, but you’re kind of lucky to be in that bubble because you’re really quickly faced with all types of issues that the real world faces at maybe more of an extended timeframe. You kind of get a very quick crash course in life.”

Alicia on Witnessing Her Parents' Domestic Abuse:

“I don’t really know if I understood at that point what I was really witnessing. I just remember one night my sister and I in Texas-I think this was one of the last nights we were at my house in Greenville,Texas. My mom, I could hear her crying of like pain or sadness or something and my dad, things were breaking. It was just very violent and a very bad kind of night. I remember my sister and I not knowing what to do because we shared a room. I remember we were going to open the window and just start screaming for help. It was the first time that I for whatever reason my mind saw myself and my sister screaming out that window from above in a very weird meditated state. If I could recall that night, because it’s one of the only memories I really have of my parents being abusive, other than the fact that my dad moved to Commerce, Texas where he could finish his degree and I remember my mom being very miserable there and I think that was where it started kicking off.”

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