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By Mike Johnson on 10/17/2017 7:59 AM

AAW Pro - Berwyn IL - Saturday October 14, 2017 - 400 Fans
2017 Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament - Night Two

1. 2017 Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament - Second Round:  Zema Ion defeated ACH in a high flying opener.  (6:42)

2. 2017 Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament - Second Round:  Michael Elgin defeated his student Myron Reed - Reed looked very close for an upset when he hit a reverse rana followed by a near-perfect 450° splash off the top rope for a two count. Elgin used his experience and put him away with buckle bomb/sit-down powerbomb for the win.  (13:29)

3. 2017 Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament - Second Round:  In a heated grudge match Jeff Cobb defeated AR Fox in a heated match after a spinning powerslam.  At one point Cobb used Fox's own pants to choke Fox out with.  Very good match.  (11:28)

4. 2017 Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament - Second Round:  Sami Callihan defeated Mark Haskins. One of the finest matches of a fantastic weekend.  Sami finally put Haskins down after his cradle tombstone piledriver.  Haskins impressed and was very close to submitting Sami with his incredible arm-bar. (13:58)

5. In his AAW Debut Teddy Hart defeated Steven Wolf, Andrew Everett and Brian Cage after a Canadian Destroyer on Everett.  This was insane.  Bar none the comeback story of 2017 might be the return of Teddy.  So much good stuff here.  Very hard to recap.  Everyone impressed from the cocky Everett to up and comer Steven Wolf.  Great stuff and Teddy was way over when he was announced (the match was not announced in advance) Lots of "Please come back" and "Thank You Teddy" chants post match.  (9:54)

6. 2017 Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament - Semi Final Round:  Michael Elgin defeated Zema Ion after the bucklebomb, sit-down powerbomb combo.  Great match, Zema is incredibly underrated and had a tremendous weekend. (10:52)

7. 2017 Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament - Semi Final Round:  Jeff Cobb defeated Sami Callihan.  Cobb jumped Sami before the bell while he was doing his "Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down" in the aisle.  He threw Sami into the ring.  Hit Sami's manager JT Davidson with a severe headbutt and then hit the Tour of the Islands for the quick win.  Cobb pinned Sami with his foot on his chest, and then afterwards hit the Tour of the Islands again.  Cobb then held up one finger to signal he was one win away from achieving his and David Starr's "masterplan" and then he turned his index finger into a the middle finger to the chagrin of the crowd.  (0:33)

8. The Besties In The World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett) defeated Connor Braxton & Curt Stallion, PACO & Eddie Kingston after Vega pinned PACO after PACO's nemesis Connor Brazton hit PACO with an object.  The story of the match was PACO and Connor's hatred towards each other and The Bestiest trying to get along with one another.  However, Davey Vega, the cunning crafty bestie, seized the opportunity and rolled up PACO after the weapons shot.  Afterward, PACO challenged Connor to a "fans bring the weapons" match for 11/3 in Berwyn. (12:24)

9. In a Non-Title Champions Challenge Match:  AAW Heavyweight Champion Rey Fenix y AAW Heritage Champion Penta EL 0 M defeated AAW Tag Team Champions Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz when Penta pinned Dezmond after a package piledriver while standing on top of a several standinig up steel chairs.  Pheonomial match which saw the young tag team champions (who came out with Fenix and Penta's masks on) being able to hang with the Lucha Brothers.  Afterwards the fans threw money in the ring (estimate was about $127 dollars american).  The singles champions embraced the tag champions.  Teddy Hart came out and put over helping Penta/Fenix early on in thier training, and because of the reaction the great AAW fans gave him - he signed on for number of dates.  The first one will be at the Logan Square Auditorium on Saturday night November 25.  He eyed the singles titles around the Lucha Brothers and said he was coming for one of them.  Penta go the mic and said they we're kids anymore, they were AAW, and he would love to face Teddy then, then Fenix got on the mic and said he too wanted to face Teddy.  (16:02)

10. 2017 Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament - Finals:  Michael Elgin defeated Jeff Cobb after a burning hammer to win the 2017 Jim Lynam Memorial Touranment.  Both men threw everything at each other - Supexes, Elbows, you name it.  Elgin came back with his hit his spinning elbow, bucklebomb and the sit down powerbomb for a two count.  After the match Elgin thanked the fans and said he had three loves in the world.  His wife, his son and CENSORED professional wrestling and talked about his goal of being the AAW Heavyweight Champion again.  (20:01)