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By Mike Johnson on 12/6/2017 2:23 PM

Three new inductees were voted in the Quebec Wrestling Hall of Fame: Kevin Owens, Bret Hart and Eugene Tremblay.

Owens has wrestled for more than 15 years and although he achieved a lot of success on the indie scene, especially in ROH, his biggest accomplishments happened in the last three years while with WWE. He held a title for more than half of his tenure there, including the Universal title.

It's some kind of an irony that Bret Hart is inducted the year of the 20th anniversary of the match he will always be associated with Montreal for. He's inducted in the non-Quebecers category. Besides Survivor Series 1997 which draw one of the best crowds ever recorded in Montreal, he also had his share of main-events in Quebec especially when he started his singles career.

Eugene Tremblay goes in in the pioneers category. He started around 1900 and became a household name a few years later when he defeated George Kennedy for the lightweight Canadian title. He wrestled for the next 20 years and was the most popular Quebec wrestler before the Yvon Robert-era. In 1911, he drew 7,000 fans which was a record then that lasted a few years. He was the referee for the famous Deglane vs Lewis screwjob in 1931 and was the one who sent Robert to Emile Maupas when the former wanted to become a pro wrestler.

The HOF is voted by a panel of former wrestlers, journalists, historians and experts.

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