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By Mike Johnson on 7/12/2018 7:45 AM


X-PAC 12360

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Juice Robinson Talks About Jim Ross Getting Hurt During the G1 Special In San Francisco

I thought it was squashed after the show. Obviously, it wasn’t our intention to hurt JR {Jim Ross}. I think he knew that because why would we want to take the attention off the match and nobody wants to hurt anybody especially a 70-year-old guy… We apologized because it’s a just bummer that it happened.  We’re in the wrong at the end of the day… I thought the guardrails were gonna be locked, I went out there earlier in the day cause I knew we were gonna be hitting the fences pretty hard so I wanted to make sure they were interlocked, the guys on the floor at 4pm told me they were going to be so I thought it would be okay…

Juice Robinson on Why WWE Is Cool In His Book

Everybody always wants to talk about WWE which is okay. I didn't want it to be a ,‘Oh F*** you Canyon {Ceman}. I'm a star and I always was.’ I wanted it to be like, ‘Hey, I left and I remember those damn words and I am doing my damndest to try and do it.’ Cause I'm not mad at WWE. Man, everything I know about wrestling, the reason I am where I am now has a lot to do with those four years I was in WWE. If I wouldn't have failed in WWE I wouldn't be where I am. Me failing in WWE has way less to do with WWE. It has to do with me. I was young. I was twenty-two/twenty-three I was learning how to work. WWE is all cool in my book.

Juice Robinson On How Albert aka Giant Bernard Got Him His Spot In NJPW

That was all Giant Bernard, Prince Albert, Baldo. {Coach Albert in NXT} He became my friend down there before he even became a coach because he was coming down to do Florida house shows and like little matches against Adam Rose. Then he became a coach but we were already friends. When he became a coach I would tell him that I was frustrated with the whole process and where I was in NXT. He said ‘well if you ever quit let me try and get you a look in New Japan.’ And then when I finally did say, ‘okay enough is enough.’ That was WrestleMania 31 and luckily they were inducting Tatsumi Fujinami into the Hall Of Fame so the New Japan President and Tiger Hituri and higher up office guys were at Axxess and they saw me while I was wrestling. All Bernard said was, ‘Hey you should take this kid to Japan. He's a good kid and he just quit here. He loves wrestling and he's in it for the right reasons’ and that was that.

Juice Robinson On Hiromu Takahashi’s Injury:

When you hear broken neck people think that {Paralyzed} but that's not with every broken neck but hopefully his broken neck is just you know time off. Even though that still sucks but that beats the alternative. After seeing it, this is probably the best case scenario cause that looked like it could've been the last bump he ever took.

Juice Robinson Talks About The Differences Between Training in the WWE Performance Center Versus The NJPW Dojo

The Dojo was more bumping- you have to remember that there was a lot of guys that are really just starting out to even take like backdrops and hip tosses. When I was at the Performance Center, I was in one of the higher classes where obviously we already knew that stuff… In the Dojo for me I was just going through the drills, just the basic drills, stuff you can do in your sleep but you get a workout out of it. The Performance Center it turned more into a mental thing… you know a lot tape study, a lot of studying psychology, applying the finer things of the business I guess you would say and then the Dojo just kinda got back to the basics…

Juice Robinson On How Independent Wrestlers Inspired Him To Leave WWE

I went to FCW with very little experience and I always kinda rubbed to the guys that were you know the Seth Rollins’, the Dean Ambrose’s, the Claudio’s cause those guys were the guys I watched on the independents in my areas but I never became that before I somehow landed in FCW. But they had gone through all that stuff… I’d hear all their stories about all of them going around the world and then those people turned into the Finn Balor’s and the Kevin Steen’s and the El Generico’s, they all came in...they became my best boys. They would just tell me all the stories...they were so great right away. They were obviously put way ahead of me and I started being like, ‘Damn it, I should have experienced all that. Why didn’t I?’ And then you know you’re 25 and it’s not working out so I was like ‘if I’m gonna go try and learn all that, become like these guys, I better do it pretty quick,’ and they kinda gave me the ‘yeah dude that’s a good way to look at things.’ I think looking at it that way, there was no way I could fail cause I wanted to be good just because I wanted to be good.

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