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By Mike Johnson on 9/12/2018 7:28 AM

"Welterweight Wrestling 4" on Sunday, Sept 23 in Cleveland, OH & Worldwide On FITE - DJ Z vs. Trey Miguel; Brian Pillman Jr vs. Gregory Iron; 4-Way For Welterweight Title

Welterweight Wrestling, the brand with a roster comprised of young, hungry athletes 185-pounds or under, brings its high-octane, fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled action back to pay-per-view on Sunday, September 23 at 5PM EST with "Welterweight Wrestling 4", emanating from historic Turners Hall in Cleveland, OH! Turners Hall is the building that housed the training and first matches of such international stars as Johnny Gargano and Matt Cross, and will be the host of over two dozen rising Welterweights competing for supremacy! You can reserve your tickets now at!

Can't be there in person? Watch anywhere in the world via FITE! Welterweight Wrestling 4 will be a three-hour, three-camera, full HD presentation hosted by Welterweight Wrestling Founder and voice of Ring of Honor's "Future of Honor" Joe Dombrowski! Order the event right now, with unlimited replays, at this link:

Current Announced Card:

Welterweight Championship: Nate Wings (c) vs. Ace Perry vs. Gory vs. Dylan Bostic

Your main event on September 23 for Welterweight 4 will be a Four-Way Match for the Welterweight Championship, featuring four very deserving competitors -

Nate Wings - current Welterweight Champion, who holds recent wins over Gory & Bostic

Jason Gory - the most recent Welterweight Champion, who holds past wins over Perry and Wings

Ace Perry - first ever Welterweight Champion, holds a recent pinfall win over Gory, and has been consumed with the goal of regaining the Welterweight Title.

Dylan Bostic - defeated Ace Perry in a Streetfight at WW3, blames Perry for the reason he did not defeat Wings to win the title.

All four have been intertwined with one another since virtually day one of the Welterweight brand. All four will have one night and one grand stage to finally fight to a finish.

"That Yung Go Hard" DJ Z vs. "Fresh Prince of Mid-Air" Trey Miguel

"Fresh Prince of Mid-Air" Trey Miguel has had some banner moments inside Turners Hall in recent months. From what many call a show-stealing outing at Welterweight 2, to pinning Myron Reed to survive a 4-Way Elimination Match at Welterweight 3, to taking current Impact Wrestling X-Division Champion Brian Cage to his limit in our sister brand, Premier, in a title defense (not to mention his recent appearances on Impact Wrestling TV itself)! This success has served to motivate Trey even further, as he now looks to test himself against the absolute best he can find.

DJ Z is one of the most dynamic and well-rounded athletes anywhere in the world. A former 2-time X-Division Champion, and proficient in all styles, Z first wrestled in Turners Hall at age 20, and has a rich history in Cleveland with PWO/PRIME Wrestling, among other organizations. Z is absolutely always at the top of his game, and is looking to win big in his Welterweight debut! Z certainly embodies the Welterweight spirit, as he has traveled the world and refused to give up for well over a decade, regardless of size or stature, and "That Yung Go Hard" now enters battle against someone who has mirrored that journey thus far.

Who will come out victorious in what could become Match of the Night?

Weight Limit Waived: Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Gregory Iron

Brian Pillman Jr. was brought to Welterweight Wrestling to serve as an ambassador and spokesman for the brand, stemming from the amazing thing his late father had done to innovate and popularize junior-heavyweight wrestling in his day. Instead, Brian sent our broadcast totally off the rails, and took it upon himself to spend an entire segment running the name of Gregory Iron into the ground, claiming Greg has no place in a ring, and is so weak he needs to be eliminated for the sake of not just Welterweight, but the industry as a whole. The incident turned physical when Pillman recruited JaXon Argos to aid in a 2-on-1 attack, that saw both bend Pillman's crutch across Iron's body, leaving Greg in physical and emotional ruin. Iron, however, never stays down permanently, and immediately began petitioning for a match with Pillman. However, since Pillman had no official wrestler's contract, and is 40 pounds of muscle above the Welterweight weight limit, Greg had to sign a waiver absolving Pillman of weigh-in rules, and absolving Welterweight of any liability. Pillman agreed, in most profane terms, and it will be one-on-one, no Argos or Team Storm, no one to keep this confrontation from being settled.  

PLUS: "Hot Fire" Myron Reed, "Mr. Excitement" Ryan Kidd, Adrian Quest, Patrick Scott, Jordan Oliver, Malcolm Monroe III, Gavin Glass, Sonny Vice, Cole Radrick & Sage Philips, Atticus Cogar and many more!

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