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By Kendall Jenkins on 11/25/2018 9:29 AM

When it comes to WWE and the MMA, wrestlers and fighters alike need to possess great athletic ability and mental toughness to make the cut and succeed. It is for this reason why many WWE wrestlers and also MMA fighters seamlessly make the transition from one sport to the other. As we look forward to 2019, we can expect this trend to continue. Below, we share with you some WWE wrestlers who are likely to switch to the MMA in 2019. As a reminder, note that you can engage in MMA betting at NetBet MMA.

Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan is the man who started the ‘YES’ movement and he has developed it into one of the most loved movements by the WWE universe. If there is one thing which has propelled Daniel Bryan to become the great wrestler he is today, then it is his kicking. Away from the ring, Bryan takes on kickboxing sessions. Bryan in the past has muted switching to the UFC and 2019 seems to be the perfect time to do so. With a few years left under his belt in the ring, Bryan can go and try his luck in the UFC. If he succeeds, he can stay there for as long as he wants but if he fails, he will still have the time to make a WWE return. Due to his kickboxing skills, Bryan is expected not to struggle that much if he can make his switch to the MMA.


Barrett made a name for himself in the WWE ring but before that, he had another ‘fighting’ life. Growing up in his hometown, Barrett was a street fighter. In his late teens and early twenties, Barrett started fighting in underground bare-knuckle boxing matches. He was so good at it that he received invitations from other countries in Europe. On one of his working trip to Budapest, he was attacked by a mugger who was after the money he had just won in an organized fight. Barrett managed to display toughness and endurance to defeat the mugger who was armed with an 8-inch blade. With his WWE contract running out early in 2019, it may just be a good time for Barrett to switch to MMA. With his bare-knuckle boxing experience as well as his lithe and lean body, Barrett is expected to seamlessly make the transition into MMA.


Speculation on Sheamus switching to the MMA gained ground at the start of the season when Sheamus was engaged in a war of words with Connor McGregor. However, the two Irish men decided to settle the issue at Christmas over a bottle of whisky. While it seems that the two are now on good terms, speculation hasn’t stopped linking Sheamus to the MMA. If it does happen, then Sheamus is not expected to struggle much with the transition as he has the speed and agility to strike fast. In addition, he can also use his legs quite well as we have come to know with his Brogue Kick.