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By Bill Behrens on 11/29/2018 7:37 AM










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Anarchy Wrestling Results from Cornelia on November 24

From Anarchy Wrestling:


Anarchy HYPE TV Taping results from the Landmark Arena in Cornelia on November 24 as follows:


1)Slim J defeated Xander Ramon.

2)Shane Marx (with Matt Hankins) defeated Chris Spectra in a rematch for the TV Title.

3)Sal Rinauro & GB1C (Wolverton & Rivera) & Cody Vance defeated Seth Delay & Master & Machine (Griff Garrison & Marcus Kross) & Bolo in an elimination match

4)After a break, Master & Machine came to the ring with their Southern Fried Wrestling Tag Team Titles saying they came to Anarchy first and always had wanted the Anarchy Tag Team Titles. That brought out GB1C. Master & Machine ended up offering to put up the SFCW Tag Team Titles at Christmas Chaos on December 22 if GB1C put up the Anarchy Tag Team Titles. GB1C left without answering.

5) Geter and Brian Baze (with Matt Hankins) defeated The Northern Lights (Stevie Ray Frost & Dynamic Dexter) and continued to punish them postmatch, until Billy Buck & Chris Spectra hit the ring, but that led to Shane Marx joining the fight and both Buck and Spectra ended up "pinned" by Matt Hankins.

6)Will Kaution retained the Heritage Title by defeating Sal Rinauro (with Cody Vance) when Seth Delay managed to use brass knucks on Sal when the ref was distracted by Vance. Kaution then hit a top rope elbow drop and got the pin on Rinauro. Vance said Rinauro wanted Delay on December 8.

7) In the Main Event, the matchmakers created the unique match up of Logan Creed and Azrael (with Crystal Rose) taking on Stryknyn & Mikael Judas. Judas ended up pinning Anarchy Champion Creed. As Creed made it to his feet post match a video came up on the screen letting Creed know that on December 8 he would defend his title against Austin Theory.







Southern Fried Report from Monroe on Thanksgiving Night

From Larry Goodman:


Southern Fried Championship Wrestling presented the inaugural Charles William Anschutz Memorial Tournament, in honor of the former SFCW owner who passed away earlier this year.


The eight man tournament came down to Jacob Ashworth and Mikael Judas in the finals for the Phase 1 Trophy.


Ashworth emerged as the winner in a storybook ending. Over the course of three matches and an emotional victory speech, Ashworth turned in multi-faceted performance thatmay have been the best of his career.


Judas has been close to perfection as the evil and sadistic monster who does SFCW Champion Corey Hollis’ bidding. Judas elevates his opponents, not that Ashworth needed elevating. No wrestler in Georgia has had a better second half of 2018 than Mikael Judas.


The sole non-tournament bout, a superheated grudge match between AdrIan Hawkins and Bobby Moore was everything it was cracked up to be. Moore lost via failed intervention by Todd Sexton and must rejoin The Approved as a result. The plot thickens.


This show was a pro wrestling ensemble performance at its best. To a man, everyone involved did their part and did it well.


Booker Sexton did a stellar job of presenting a variety of matches within a pure vanilla tournament format. Sexton has the fans in Monroe eating out of the palm of his hand… and for good reason. The twists and turns in the stories just keep on coming.


Paid attendance at the Monroe Boys & Girls Club Gym on Thanksgiving Night was 261 (up from 180 last year). As Southern Fried’s Scottie Harvey put it, Charles packed the place one more time.


Bill Behrens opened the show paying tribute to Charles. Behrens said Charles brought the tradition of Thanksgiving night wrestling back to Georgia last year. BB’s team (SFCW tag champs Master and Machine) weren’t on the card but he wanted to do something for the show.


Behrens proceeded to sing the national anthem and did damn fine job of it.


Opening round matches:


(1) Jacob Ashworth defeated “The Best Bestie” Michael Stevens in 6:40. Ashworth was in firm control when he aggravated an old neck injury. Stevens immediately focused on the neck. Ashworth’s facial expressions and body language were terrific here. Ashworth reversed a piledriver into a single leg crab. Crowd chanted big for the tap but didn’t get it.. As Stevens charged into the corner, Ashworth went up and over for a schoolboy pin. A solid opener. Stevens was hampered by a calve injury. Ashworth took good care of him and it wasn’t a factor during the match.


Ring announcer Rick Richards addressed the Anschutz family seated at ringside, thanking Charles giving him a chance.


(2) “Pale Horse” Josie Quinn defeated Alan Angels in 8:05. Angels did great job of getting the crowd behind him without pandering. Quinn leveled Angels as he went for a springboard move to turn the tide. This was a smart pairing. Quinn’s power moves looked impressive against a guy of relatively equal size. Quinn hit a pair of chokebreakers followed but a gutbuster. Angels pulling Quinn’s beard got a pop. Angels hit a standing Spanish fly for a close two count, then applied a Rings of Saturn but Quinn made the ropes. As Angels went for a slingshot sunset flip, Quinn grabbed the ropes for leverage to get the pin. Good match. The work was crisp. Angels showed why he is one of the favorites for the most improved wrestler of the year award. He’s showing great versatility as heel or face.


Dr. Joseph Brock II came to the ring wearing a plastic fireman’s hat and introduced “fire marshall” Drew Blood.


Blood showed why he is one of the most entertaining wrestlers around. Using “Hot Stuff” for entrance music, Blood entered in full fireman’s gear and claimed People magazine said the three sexiest professions were JB Enterprises employees, special ed teachers and volunteer fireman (Blood is all three).


Blood gave a fire safety briefing:


#1 - Do not light Freddy Kruger gloves on fire in an enclosed space.

#2 - Makes sure you deep fry in lots of oil.


Blood said he was going to show the fans how to fry a turkey, not just any turkey, the sleaziest, greasiest turkey in Georgia.


(3) Stryknyn defeated Drew Blood (with Dr. Joseph Brock III) via submission 10:17. Blood said Brock was his fire retardant. Blood wasn’t having much luck against Stryk. Brock tried to use Blood's helmet as a retardant against getting punched in the face by Stryk. That failed but Blood capitalized on the shenanigans by clipping Stryk’s knee. Blood worked on Stryk’s knee with a vengeance. Don’t be fooled by Blood’s buffoonery, his wrestling technique is sound. Stryk made a comeback on one leg. The bad leg gave out he went for the F5. Blood rolled him up but Stryk kicked out and applied a double wristlock. Match worked well and Stryk’s selling of the leg was the key.


Postmatch – Blood destroyed Stryk’s leg with a chair…and said that’s how you deep fry a turkey.


(4) Mikael Judas defeated Xander Ramon in 8:24. It is worth mentioning that all of the babyfaces in the tournament received star reactions for the entrances. The hugest pop was saved for Ramon. Judas didn’t wait for the bell to unleash the ruthless aggression. Ramon was game but Judas kept cutting him off. Finally, Ramon gave Judas a spinebuster slam with authority and tried for the Rockbottom. Judas blocked it, gave Ramon two choke slams and went for an uber arrogant one foot pin. Ramon turned it into an ankle lock. Judas was selling like mad. The crowd thought Ramon had him but Judas was able to break the hold. Moment later, Judas hit El Crucifijo (crucifix powerbomb) for the 1-2-3. Judas makes great choices. Ramon showed tremendous fire and had the people believing he might be able to pull off the upset.


Tournament semifinals:


(5) Jacob Ashworth defeated Josie Quinn in 3:11. Quinn went after Ashworth’s neck at the first opportunity. Ashworth tried the up-and-over roll up that won his opening round match but Quinn kicked out. Quinn tried to pin Ashworth by using the ropes ala his opening round match but referee Radar Martin caught him. Ashworth then pinned Quinn with roll of the dice. They kept it short because Quinn got dinged in his opening round match.


Richards asked Ashworth: Judas or Stryknyn in the finals? Ashworth said he was going to do the same thing he’s been doing for years, kicking ass and taking names.


Blood returned stating Stryk was in no condition to compete and he was going to take his place. Once Judas appeared, Blood made a hasty exit, giving Judas the thumbs up on his way out.


(6) Mikael Judas defeated Stryknyn via referee stoppage in 5:03. Judas met Stryk in the aisle and was all over the injured leg. Stryk came off the ropes with a spear. Judas kicked out at the last split second. Stryk tried a second spear and Judas kicked in the face. Judas was looking for the choke slam. Stryk countered with a double wristlock but Judas reversed into a single leg crab. Stryk was in agony but refused to submit. Referee David Weakley stopped the match when Stryk passed out.

Postmatch – Judas attacked Stryk as he was being helped to the back.


(7) No DQ-no count out: Adrian Hawkins defeated Bobby Moore in 16:47. Moore must return to the Approved. Hawkins was greeted by a massive “Adriana” chant. The body of the match was a bacchanalia of brawling dominated by Moore. They went all over the place with Moore hitting Hawkins with anything that wasn’t nailed down. Moore kicked out after taking a tree of woe Van Terminator. Hawkins slugged referee Martin in frustration. Moore caught Hawkins off guard and applied a crossface. 2nd ref David Weakley hit the ring but Hawkins wouldn’t tap. Moore tried for the discus elbow and Hawkins countered with the codebreaker. When Moore kicked out, Hawkins decked Weakley. Sexton came to the ring and read Hawkins the riot act. Moore rolled Hawkins up. Sexton made the count but Hawkins kicked out. Moore then came within an eyelash of pinning Hawkins with the sick kick. The chant for Moore was off the hook. They traded german suplexes. Hawkins hit another codebreaker. Moore kicked out again. Hawkins smacked Sexton, who retaliated with a superkick that nailed Moore when Hawkins ducked out of the way. Sexton reluctantly made the three count. Good God, this match was heated and I loved the finish. Sexton let Moore down at Shindig and inadvertently screwed him over here. The story they’re telling still has legs. It would have been a shame to end it.


Postmatch -- Hawkins forced Todd to raise his hand and laid an Approved t-shirt in the ring before departing. Moore begrudgingly took the shirt with him.


Rick Michaels cut a promo to set up a title match vs. SFCW Champion Hollis on December 15. Michaels said he was 44 years old and hadn’t held a championship since 2001. Thanks to matchmaker Sexton, he was making one last stand. Michaels told Judas to give Hollis a message since he was his b....lackey. “On December 15, this 44-year-old out of shape man will whip Corey Hollis’ ass and take the title.”


While Michaels readily admits his best days in the ring are far behind him, his mic skills are better than ever.


(8) Jacob Ashworth defeated Mikael Judas in 9:29 to win the tournament and capture the Phase 1 Trophy. This match had a real championship feeling about it. SFCW owner David Manders was in the ring for the introductions holding the Phase 1 Trophy. Ashworth showed no fear, walking tall to the ring and going nose-to-nose with Judas. Slugfest at the bell. Judas was covering up and getting pounded until he unleashed a butterfly suplex into the turnbuckles that left Ashworth clutching at his neck. Judas was merciless attacking Ashworth’s neck. Where three stomps would do, Judas delivered seven or eight. Ashworth appeared to have nothing left when he pulled out the move than won him the opener. Judas kicked out and softened up Ashworth’s knee to set up the single leg crab. Ashworth made the ropes. Judas went back to the neck and tried to end it with El Crucifijo. Ashworth escaped and hit the full nelson face plant. Judas slowly rose to his feet. Ashworth was waiting with roll of the dice for a three count and a monster pop. Caught the crowd by surprise. It was so right not to do any false finishes.


Charles’ children came into the ring top present to the Phase 1 Trophy to Ashworth. Manders was there as was Michaels hugging Ashworth. Ashworth said there was a time he thought he wasn’t going to be back in the ring (referencing his legit neck injury). Ashworth said he lost a good friend when Charles died. Charles gave people like him a chance to grow in the wrestling business.


Your dad is looking down and he’s very happy. This is where it (the trophy) belongs, with the people of Southern Fried…This wasn’t just for me, this was for Charles. Charles, I love you, and I miss you, thank you.






APW ROYSTON, GA!/pages/Alternative-Pro-Wrestling/300432721579




APW has live events each Friday at the Cherry Street Gym in Royston, GA 8:30PM Belltime. 305 Cherry Street, Royston













ProSouth Wrestling

627 Southern Avenue

Piedmont, AL 36272

Tickets are $6 and free for children under 5. Doors open at 6:00 and bell time is at 7:00. For more information, call (256) 447-3825.


ProSouth Champion: Ace Haven

All-Out Champion: Chris Crunk

Tag Team Champions: Organization XIII (King Bailey Blake & Cody Steele)


THIS FRIDAY! Time ticks away on the countdown to Anniversary SuperShow X!


Scott Morgan gets his championship rematch as he faces Chris Crunkk for the All-Out Championship!


Josh Storm takes on Chosen Ones member Dameon Ceretone in singles action!


11/30 LineUp:

- All-Out Championship: Scott Morgan vs. Chris Crunkk (c)

- Josh Storm vs. Dameon Ceretone


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ProSouth Wrestling

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Doors will open at 6:00 PM and the event will begin at 7:00 PM!


This event will be taped for internet release through our Facebook page and YouTube channel!


Former WCW/TNA/WWE announcer SCOTT HUDSON will be joining us to provide commentary for the event!



**Titles versus Career**

*OCWA/ProSouth Championship*

2018 Battle Rumble Winner "Total Classic" Tyler Gage


OCWA/ProSouth Champion "Last Hero" Ace Haven



**Last Man Standing**

Shane Noles


"Mr. 1985" Tricky Ricky Cagle


**Tag Team Championship**

*Final Showdown*

Challengers Organization XIII (King Bailey Blake & Cody Steele)


Champions Estrogen Express (Amy Haven & Taylor Rae)


**Wrestler's Lab Nucleus Championship**

Challenger "Lights" Cameron Action


Champion "The Wretched" Trever Aeon


**Grudge Match**

"Natural Disaster" Josh Storm


"The Mongrel" Britt Jackson (w/Mathias Darkthorne)


Plus so much more to be announced!


Card subject to change without warning







ACTION Wrestling returns to the Roger Spencer Community Center aka the ACTION Arena in Tyrone, GA on Friday, December 7 with the finale of the tournament to crown the inaugural ACTION Wrestling Champion -- Slim J vs. AC Mack vs. Ike Cross vs. Cain Justice,  plus PCO vs. Billy Buck, Fred Yehi vs. Arik Royal (a rematch of one of best matches this year in GA), O'Shay Edwards & Alan Angels vs. James Bandy & Ryan Rembrandt, and Aja Perrera vs. Ar.c Williams. Bell time is 7:30 pm.




Scenic City Trios Report from Chattanooga on November 17

From Larry Goodman:


Scenic City presented their second annual trios tournament in Chattanooga at the Hixson High School Gym.


Despite the photographic evidence at left, Team TAG (Kevin Blue & Billy Buck & Chris Spectra) did not win the tournament. The Carnies (Kerry Awful & Nick Iggy & Tripp Cassidy) won. Read on to find out how.


For in-ring action and storytelling, Trios was a fine show. The creative team did a good job of presenting a variety of matches within the tournament format.


The event was also a financial success for the school. The show and pep rally raised over $1200 for the school’s football team.


At 180, attendance was less than what Scenic City was hoping for. The building felt dead for most of the night. The crowd was split about half and half between hardcore Scenic City fans and local fans. The hardcore fans were into the show as usual, but the local fans didn’t know the wrestlers or the stories and for the most part, sat on their hands. All of the matches had heel/babyface dynamics but few things (Team TAG most notably) seemed to speak to the locals.


It’s easy for me to say in hindsight, but I hope the powers revisit their choice of venues for Trios and the Rumble unless they can sell a lot more tickets. I can see how Trios might have been a great show in a more intimate venue.


It was a stressful day for the Scenic City booking/promoting triumvirate of Scott Hensley, Dylan Hales and Matt Griffin. Marko Stunt was out with a broken leg suffered the night before, and several other wrestlers barely made it by bell time due to travel issues.


(1) Team TAG (Kevin Blue & Billy Buck & Chris Spectra) defeated Team Southern Underground Pro (O’Shay Edwards & AJ Gray) in 6:07. Blue announced Stunt’s injury and invited the SUP team to forfeit. Edwards said, “Easy there, lily white, we don’t walk away from nobody.” The man advantage wasn’t enough for TAG. They back-jumped SUP before the bell, and Blue gave Gray a codebreaker behind the ref’s back to start the heat. O’Shay cleaned house. He’s been wrestling four years and it is astounding how much better he’s gotten in the last two of those years. Gray made a blind tag but missed a frogsplash. Blue and Spectra hit their flatliner/flying knee finisher on Gray and Buck pinned him.


(2) Team ACTION (Cam Carter & Slim J & Fred Yehi) defeated Team Futures (Ike Cross & Alan Angels & David Ali) in 11:09. The Futures team was more subtle with their heelish tendencies. The discontent built to a confrontation with all six in the ring. Cross and Slim played peacemakers, then Cross clocked Slim from behind. This match had some great aerial maneuvers. Carter blows hot and cold and he almost killed himself on a dive. Ali took the brunt of the punishment for Futures. Yehi basically owned him. After a series of deft escapes by Carter, Cross speared him for a big pop. Cross has one of the most explosive spears in wrestling bar none. Slim pinned Ali with Anger Management. For pure action, this was the best match of the show.


(3) Team Iron Elbows (Bret Ison & Kevin Ku & Curt Stallion) defeated Team WWA4 (Lee Johnson & Ashton Starr & James Bandy) in 5:36. Iron Elbows fancied themselves as bigtime badasses. WWA4 blitzed them at opening bell with high knees in triplicate and dives all around. It was all WWA4 until Ison stuck a knee in Johnson’s back from the outside. Elbows destroyed Johnson. A nifty counter to Ku’s dragon suplex led to the hot tag and a train of big moves. Starr hit a split-legged moonsault but couldn’t get the pin. Iron Elbows lived up to the name, and Stallion pinned Starr after one of his deadly headbutts.


Crowd showed appreciation for the WWA4’s efforts.


(4) Team Carnies (Kerry Awful & Nick Iggy & Tripp Cassidy) defeated Team NOVA (Wheeler YUTA & Logan Easton Laroux & Isiah Frazier) in 6:18. YUTA and Awful opened with grappling – this was quality and different from the rest of the show. NOVA did a “champion of the one percent” (Laroux) pose. Iggy stretched Laroux’s pretty mouth. YUTA was the athletic star here. His stuff looked great. Things, however, went sideway between Frazier and Laroux, Cassidy capitalized and pinned Laroux.


(5) Semifinal Round: Team TAG defeated Team ACTION in 9:24. ACTION was aggressive from the get go. They were taking target practice on Blue. TAG cut the ring in half on Carter and gave him a vicious beating. The segment got the most heated crowd reaction of the night and was one of the few times the locals fans showed any passion. Compelling struggle with Carter desperate to tag and Spectra preventing it. Yehi grabbed a chair in frustration but didn’t use it. J was absolutely on fire after taking the tag. Yehi and Carter got in the act. It was fast and furious and great stuff all the way around. Slim had Buck positioned for Anger Management but Spectra broke it up. TAG then gave Carter the triple powerbomb and Spectra scored the pinfall.


Postmatch- A fan got into it with Blue, who was baiting a still irate Yehi.


(6) Semifinal round: Team Carnies defeated Team Iron Elbows in 23 seconds. Iron Elbows ambushed Carnies at the entranceway. A crazy all-over-the-building brawl ensued. At one point, Ison gave Awful a wicked Samoan drop into the bleachers. Once the bell rang, Awful gave Stallion a piledriver and a leg drop and he was pinned by Iggy.


Awful injured his ankle and needed help getting back to the dressing room.


(7) AC Mack defeated Gary Jay in 7:48. Mack’s self-introduction got heat but clearly some Mack lovers in the house as well. He said this was not chopfest 2K18 (you could have fooled me). Tonight, he weighed in at a whopping 207. Jay is a Scenic City favorite and the fans were on their feet for his intro. Guy works his ass off. If only he had a semblance of physique and some decent gear. Story was Jay hitting all his signature stuff while largely thwarting Mack’s offense. Mack started feeling it and stripped off his flak jacket, or whatever the hell that thing is, and promptly got stomped in the head. Finish saw Mack kick the ropes into Jay’s crotch and pin him with the Mack 10. Somewhat of a style clash but a good match nevertheless. Made sense for Mack to go over since he has the prime number 30 spot in the Scenic City Rumble (winner qualifies for the SCI).


(8)  Ray Fury & Coach Gary Murray defeated Jaden Newman & Aiden Wright in 5:37. This was one of the better “high school coach” matches I’ve seen but didn’t get a commensurate crowd reaction. Murray is husky dude who was trained by Jimmy Golden. His offense and bumping looked good. He was a more credible pro wrestler than a fair number of guys on the indy level. Fury looked great. He has expanded his repertoire and only gotten better over the last few years. Fury and Murray pulled off a Doomsday Device on Newman and while Murray had Wright locked in a full nelson, Fury pinned Newman after a Death Valley Driver.


(9) Team Carnies defeated Team TAG in 11:02 to win the tournament. Awful was hobbling on a heavily taped left ankle but insisted on being in the match. Cassidy carried the offensive load for Carnies. His work on this show was technically much better than I’ve ever seen from him. Buck kicked Awful’s bum ankle and TAG was all over it. Chants of sympathy for Kerry. When Awful got a chance to tag, the corner was empty because TAG had taken his partners out. Finally the tag to Cassidy. Lungblower on Blue but Buck made the save. TAG.triple powerbomb on Iggy and Cassidy made the save. Iggy with a chokebomb on Buck and Blue broke up the pin. Blue and Spectra hit their signature finisher on Iggy and Cassidy made another save. Buck had Cassidy pinned with an inside cradle but Iggy turned the pile for the 1-2-3. The near falls and saves worked and Awful’s selling was tremendous.


SCI official had to help Awful get back into the ring for the for the trophy presentation. Hensley told Carnies how awesome it was to see them win after all they had done for Scenic City.


Awful turned on Iggy and left him laying with a piledriver. Crowd was in shocked silence. As Cassidy tended to Iggy, Team TAG made off with the trophies. So the morale of the story is the team that cheats together, stays together and gets the prize.


NOTES: Scenic City Rumble is set for February 9, venue to be announced at a later date…Stunt suffered a broken fibula taking a Canadian Destroyer though a door bridge across two chairs in a match with Eli Everfly on a Game Changer Wrestling show…Hales and Jesse Butler did the commentary…The referees were Jason Dobbs, Doug Markham and Chavoro (originally from Peru)…Clint Stephens ran the gorilla position...Wrestling personalities in the house included Aja Perera, Jimmy Felcher, Andrew Alexander, Al Getz and Mika Villas…Eliana Cale sang the national anthem.





Episode of Rev. Dan Wilson's Midnight Black Mass podcast (Vol 5 E02) with ROH, XPW, CZW, Extreme Rising, MCW, Wildside star, Wildkat Pro owner, star and stuntman of TV and film "The Southern Stomper" Luke Hawx available now:












It was announced that Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment has announced that after four and a half years, the promotion will come to an end as of Show of the Year on December 27 in Jonesboro at Furnace 41.


AWE's Josh Wheeler said a new promotion with a different concept would emerge in 2019. Blacklist Uno's Facebook live video on the subject said the new brand would put the accent on competition, aggression and combat entertainment and there would be "no room for your f'n dives, no room for 45 transitions to get to a hiptoss."


AWE season tickets will be honored by the new promotion.


***Official Statement concerning the Future of Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment***


There is a little confusion on what I said during my Facebook Live last week, and then a report by dumb ass Larry Goodman who is stirring the pot. Larry is uninformed and twisting words and always casting a shadow of doubt on what I do.


This is will explain it from ME to you in writing so you can understand the future surrounding Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment.


In 2019, I will be a REBRANDING this Company from Top to Bottom that will be better define MY VISION of how I want things to be.


All SEASON TICKET HOLDERS your purchases will still be honored, and I am working on things to make your TICKETS mean even more in 2019, including the tournament that will bring COMPETITION back to the forefront.


And from this point going forward if it's not said by Me it's just Fake News


Thank You Citizens

Your Supreme Leader

Blacklist Uno


Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment presents Issue 63 at Furnace 41 in Jonesboro, GA on Thursday, November 29 featuring Joe Black defending the GWC vs. Caleb Konley; Blacklist Uno vs. Sue Yung; Zeda Zhang vs. Aria Blake, plus Eddie Kingston and more. Bell time is 8 pm
















By Ryan K. Boman, Editor in Chief




Mattox and Raynes discuss the career of Bill Behrens in behind the curtain of wrestling. His time in USWA, Smokey Mountain, NWA Wildside, etc. and also offers up some advice to up and coming wrestlers.


Bill Behrens in-depth Interview on Deep South Wrestling!

Great North Wrestling Podcast Feb 3 2018




Pro Wrestling Has A Scott Boras-Like Super-Agent, And His Client List Is Mind Blowing


PWTorch Livecast Interview Thursday (06-22-17): Pat McNeill and Bill Behrens with ROH Champ Christopher Daniels

SHOW SUMMARY: PWTorch columnist Pat McNeill fills in with guest cohost Bill Behrens, and they interview Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, and Ian Riccaboni from Ring of Honor Wrestling regarding Friday’s Best In The World PPV, Daniels’s reign as ROH World Champion, the prospect of working with New Japan again, Ian becoming the main announcer for ROH, additions to and departures from the company, issues within Impact Wrestling, Billy Corgan purchase of the NWA, advice from prospective wrestlers, and much more.








One of pro wrestling's all time greatest pitchmen and the force Bill Behrens joins today's Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling. Covering topics like how WWE NXT signs in coming talent through all of the inner workings of the promotions he has worked for (WWE, WCW, TNA to name a few).  Behrens gives John and Chad an in depth look at how someone who came from a television background managed to penetrate a business needing someone with his unique skill set. We also learn about how exactly he became "Pro Wrestling's Super Agent"and representative to stars like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and James Storm.


Interview with William Hatfield from TWH


Midnight Black Mass – History of Wildside with guest Bill Behrens

Part 1

Part 2


Bill Behrens Inadvertently wins a Battle Royal


Bill Behrens vs The Colorado Kid NWA North American Title Match






Visit for a complete list of represented talent including:  James Ellsworth, Sean Waltman, Tessa Blanchard, Flip Gordon, Matt Sydal, Jay Lethal (international only), Young Bucks (International only), Christopher Daniels (international only), Frankie Kazarian (international only), P Dog Mike Posey, Gladiator Jeremiah (Slim J), Corey Hollis, Shane Helms, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Dallas Page, Jim Ross (in association with Barry Bloom), Eric Bischoff, Marcus Kross, Griff Garrison, James Storm and many more











Classic NWA Wildside Episodes are now being posted at


NWA Wildside TV


SHOW #174









Multimedia section at or


NWA Wildside featured stars like Current TNA Heavyweight Champion, "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles (TNA/WCW), Ron Killings (WWE/TNA), Abyss (Justice) (TNA), Jimmy Rave (TNA), Amazing Red (TNA), Tony Mamaluke (WWE/WCW/TNA), Air Paris (WCW), Hotstuff Hernandez (TNA), David Young (TNA), Kenn Phoenix (Kenn Doane/Dykstra) (WWE), Luke Hawx (Altar Boy Luke) (WSX), Matt Sydal (Evan Bourne) (WWE), Delirious (ROH), Mike Posey (WWE/TNA), “The Original Gangsta” New Jack (ECW/TNA) and many more. NWA Wildside served a development promotion for WCW and featured stars like The Beast (Bob Sapp), David Flair, Tank Abbott, Shannon Moore, Shane Helms, Mark Jindrak, Sean O'Haire, Elix Skipper, Jimmy Yang and many more. Wrestling legends like Dusty Rhodes, Dory Funk, Jr., Terry Taylor, Larry Zbsyzko, James E Cornette, The Rock & Roll Express (Ricky & Robert), Abdullah The Butcher, and many more all appeared on NWA Wildside TV.


The NWA Wildside announce team featured Dan "The Dragon" Wilson, Steven Prazak, Scott Hudson, Steve Martin, Bill Behrens, Al Getz, Chris Cruise & others.


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Q&As feature Bill Behrens , Steve Martin , Iceburg, Tank, Adam Jacobs, Romeo Bliss, Seth DeLay, Nigel Sherrod, John Johnson, Todd Sexton, Azrael, Jeff G. Bailey, Andrew Thomas, and Daniel Wilson. Hosted by Larry Goodman


Order now using PayPal



By Ryan K. Boman, Editor in Chief & Michael Melchor, Executive Editor


Mike Posey as an official in TNA (above), and wrestling as P Dog (below)

In a recent interview with, however, Posey discussed another aspect of his career that goes beyond the stripes.


TWITTER: @themikeposey

For Bookings Contact: SBI Bookings





By Ryan K. Boman, Editor in Chief

Griff Garrison


Marcus Kross




geoffthegorilla / 16 hours ago

By Ryan K. Boman, Editor in Chief





Jeremy Boyd, performing as Slim J


Boyd, in the ring as his other alter ego, Gladiator Jeremiah





Posted by ryankboman

By Ryan K. Boman, Editor in Chief & Michael Melchor, Executive Editor

Corey Hollis isn’t shy. He’s pretty much in your face. And… in your head.


The 10-year veteran has no problem showcasing his hypnotic style and typically irritating attitude – unnerving enough to make you feel like he’s three levels under your skin. It’s become his calling card, as he’s evolved into a southern heel extraordinaire. And, it’s a role he relishes.

After making various stops in TNA, Ring of Honor and NXT over the years, Hollis told in a recent interview that he’s reached a comfort level with the character he portrays. And while he has no secret formula, he feels that the pieces are all starting to come together.

“I’m finally feeling like I’m into the right groove,” Hollis said. “In the sense that, I’m not going out there thinking that the same stuff is always going to work.”

It’s the mental elements of the business that Hollis continually strives to master, even going with some outside-the-box thinking as he hones his persona.

“For me, I dont even think in terms of pro wrestling anymore. I think about it like, what would get under somebody’s skin at a movie theater?” And even though they know it’s an act, what can you do to make it feel real? Make it genuine?”

“Even if I have that one fan who thinks they’re smart, I’m going to figure out a way to get under that guy’s skin, somehow,” he commented. “I want the people to really walk away from it thinking that the douchebag they see Corey Hollis playing, is who Corey Hollis is in real life.”


“Once I’ve locked in to that,” he added. “it’s going to make the babyface’s job easier. And that’s what we’re trying to do; We’re trying to make stars.”

He says that psychological growth has re-fueled a repertoire that already made him one of the south’s most prized prospects. He’s added an ability to mesmerize, and even infuriate, an audience.

“A lot of people think their act starts when that bell rings. My act starts when my music starts. When I come out, I have my  hands in my pocket, and I’m walking slow.”

“Before I ever get to the ring, I already have them hooked in from there. I think that’s the biggest thing that I’ve been able to learn and develop over the years.”

Hollis credits his experience on the indy circuit with legends like the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express in helping him understand timing. And, he points to his time in NXT, watching Triple H, Matt Bloom and Steve Corino as an example of how to conduct himself professionally. 

“I’ve been lucky in my career to be around some of the biggest names ever,” he said. “For me, everything I’ve learned from this guy, or that guy, or the legends I’ve been in the ring with – I’m just taking bits and pieces of that and making it my own.”

To go along with several local and regional championships, Hollis also had the honor of being the last independent opponent that AJ Styles wrestled before signing his WWE contract in 2016.  As an admirer and protege of the Phenomenal One, Hollis said it was a moment he’ll never forget.

“I got some comparisons to AJ Styles, especially early in my career and in Ring of Honor,” Hollis said. “AJ has definitely been one of my role models. He’s someone I’ve looked up to since I was, basically, 12 years old. So, it was super cool to  be his last independent match. Now, no matter whatever happens in wrestling, I’m going to always go down in history as that. “

“AJ told me that night, that he was proud of me, but at the same time, he’s always told me to go out there and be myself. So, I want people, when they think of Corey Hollis, that they just think of Corey Hollis. They don’t compare me to anyone else.”


In Carolina-based Premiere Wrestling Xperience, he’s been at war with the man he once tagged in NXT with, John Skyler. In a very realistic storyline, Hollis blamed Skyler for the team’s inability to get signed. 

You hear that John? I’m in your head.” Hollis said in a promo building up to their epic showdown. “Everything you’ve done for the past year and a half, you’ve always thought: Corey Hollis

His deliberate, focused interview style only helps to punctuate his attitude, as he peers into the camera. It’s that intensity that he uses to stare into a fan’s very soul.

Hollis says that the Skyler angle has allowed him to delve deeper into his character, and further explore the mental aspect of the business. It’s what has led him to push the storyline with his former partner along in PWX for a whopping TWO years. In an age when most indy shows use little or no angles at all, the pair carried out a feud that culminated in the first ‘Steel Cage, I Quit’ match in the state of Georgia in 30 years.

16939307_10209993732852203_8739927788225898505_nHollis, who has meanwhile morphed into one of the better chess players on the indy circuit, says that he thinks he’s a perfect fit for the role. 

“My style is just unique and unorthodox; I can change to whatever I need to for a match.” Hollis said. “For me, it’s just about telling a great story. I’m not a spot guy.”

“I had to go out there and evolve my wrestling style. I’m not trying to put on a five-star match, in terms of wrestling moves. I’m trying to create moments… I’m trying to create a drama… I’m trying to create an action movie.”

“I’m trying to be in your head. Because that’s how I’m going to get you.”

“If you want to be emotionally connected into somebody like you haven’t been in 20 years, come see a show where Corey Hollis is at. Because I guarantee it’s going to be something different than everything else you’re going to see.”


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Winners of the 2017 GWH Awards

From Brian Slack:


The year 2017 was a great year in Georgia wrestling and because of that this year's GWH Awards was the strongest ever.  So if you missed the latest episode of the Tipping Point hosted by Larry Goodman & Stephen Platinum and missed the announcements of the winners, then here you go.


Overall:  Gunner Miller won this award and many can see why.  He held the PCW Heavyweight championship for a year and is the current Anarchy Triple Crown champion.  The runner-up was last year's winner and the current Georgia Wrestling Crown holder Chip Day.


Technician:  Kyle Matthews showed that this is his award until he decides to lose it, winning it for the 8th time.  The runner-up was Gladiator Jeremiah.


Best Male Performer:  Sugar Dunkerton wins this award for the first time.  Drew Blood came in a very close second.


Best Female Performer:  Kiera Hogan is on fire winning this award for the second time.  Priscilla Kelly was the runner-up.


Rookie:  We introduced a new award and had what many might see as an upset.  Andrew Duckworth becomes the first rookie fo the year award winner in what was a very strong rookie class.  Austin Theory was the runner-up. 


Ted Allen Award:  Since no one got 50% of the vote there was no winner.  The top vote-getter was Rick Michaels and Woody Hullander received the second most. 


Tag Team/Stable:  The Lynch Mob wins the award for the first time.  The Hierarchy is the runner-up.


Most Improved:  Logan Creed won this award.  Tetchi Makuji was the runner-up.


Best Manager:  Only 2 votes separated the winner from third place.  Jeff G Bailey wins what might one day be called the Jeff G Bailey award for the 8th time.  Mikey Gulino/Coach Mikey was the runner-up.  Logan Chase III was in third.


Promoter:  In another close race, Rick Michaels wins this award barely edging out the GPW Dynamic Duo of Darrell Morris and Woody Hullander.


Booker:  Todd Sexton, the current SFCW booker and the former Anarchy booker, & Dan Wilson, the current Anarchy booker are the co-winners of this award.  They edged out the 2-time winner and the current Anarchy & NCW promoter Rick Michaels. 


Promotion:  Another close race where the first and third place was only separated by 2 votes.  Anarchy Wrestling wins this award with Georgia Premier Wrestling being the runner-up.  Southern Fried Championship Wrestling was in third.


Best Live Event:  The winner was the Wildside Reunion Show, which saw a live appearance of the current WWE champion, AJ Styles.  The runner-up was the 2017 Scenic City Invitational


Announcer:  The most active retired ring announcer in all of wrestling, Jonathan Feltner wins this award for the 4th straight time.  Scott Hensley was the runner-up.


Referee:  The referee affectionately known as Grandpa Booker T, Daryl Hall wins this award, toppling last year's winner and this year's runner-up, Triston Michaels.