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By Mike Johnson on 12/11/2018 7:10 AM

12/11- CWE Hosts Official House Of Hardcore Tryout & Seminar



Saturday, January 5th- Winnipeg, MB
Location: Rookie's Sports Bar (201 Melrose Ave. E)
Time: 2pm
Registration Fee: $100 early bird pricing if paid by Dec 28th, $150 if paid after.


Any professional wrestler based in Central or Western Canada or the Midwest United States will attest that living in those respective regions is essentially living in the middle of nowhere in regards to receiving opportunities in the world of professional wrestling which has seen countless "could have been" megastars never quite get the opportunities many others arguably with a fraction of talent have gotten countless of over the years simply based on location.


Could have.. should have... would have... those excuses no longer apply as professional wrestlers from this region and beyond will now have the opportunity of a lifetime to get their foot in the door with the largest drawing independent wrestling organization on the continent, House Of Hardcore!


Canadian Wrestling's Elite proudly hosts an official House Of Hardcore seminar and tryout Saturday, January 5th in Winnipeg, Manitoba!


"The Innovator Of Violence" Tommy Dreamer is an icon inside the squared circle for a near 30 year career that spans his historic run in ECW, his time in WWE/F, IMPACT! Wrestling, and of course House Of Hardcore.


As spotlighted as his in ring career is Tommy Dreamer is an unsung hero of the professional wrestling business behind the scenes as he has given dozens upon dozens of unknown independent wrestling stars their first opportunity and break in the business whether it be during his time in ECW in the office, as official WWE Talent Relations, or as the founder and owner of House Of Hardcore.


YOU can be the next hidden gem Tommy Dreamer presents to a worldwide audience!


This opportunity is a multi layered event open to talent of ALL experience levels. Although for many the emphasis will be securing a future opportunity for themselves Tommy Dreamer will be providing a full seminar based off his long tenured in ring career that led him to be a World Champion but also sharing his knowledge from his time as the man hiring for WWE and now as a promoter and booker for his own operation and what you should and shouldn't be doing and what you can be doing to get your career to its dream destination. 


On top of the seminar Tommy Dreamer will be selecting a MINIMUM of one participant to receive a future match on a House Of Hardcore event!


That's right, there will be at LEAST one GUARANTEED opportunity rewarded to the stand out of the tryout portion of the day.


The tryout portion of the camp will have Tommy Dreamer direct various drills as well as evaluate talent in matches and on their promo ability.


"The Innovator Of Violence" is innovating opportunity for independent wrestlers and it could be YOU who kicks off 2019 with the biggest break of your career!



For more information or to register contact


For more information on CWE visit www.cwecanada or for more information on House Of Hardcore!