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By Mike Johnson on 12/11/2018 8:12 AM

The Team Vision Dojo announced the following:

Santana Garrett announced a few days ago that her dad TNT Keny G was hospitalized:


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We posted a few pictures a few hours after hearing the news. Mostly with Scott Hall, Kahagas, and Santana at the Cauliflower Alley Club:

What most don't know about Keny G, he started wrestling later in life and picked up the business side quick. He was not a wrestler in the 80s or even the 90s but he acted the part. Debuting in 2000, believe it or not, he realized her could make money as a wrestler and as a promoter and created High Voltage Wrestling. Born and raised in Miami, he had a very rough upbringing which made him into the amazing man, father, husband, and friend that he became.

High Voltage Wrestling primarily ran the Ocala and more northern areas in Florida starting in the very early 2000s. His family helped at the events in the area where Keny put on many charity events in his family's area Belleview and surrounding cities. Also, Keny G had a ring in his father's back yard in Ocala which was the original Team Vision Dojo consisting of Chasyn Rance, Mister Saint Laurent, and HVW Heavyweight Champion Manny Montana.

Keny moved to St Louis where he also brought wrestling to the area and surrounding areas under High Voltage Wrestling - Midwest. His second daughter, Santana, showed inteterest in wrestling from a young age and loved watching her favorites Steve Austin and Keny G. Santana eventually started training following in her dad's footsteps and made him so proud of her. She didn't need to wrestle to make him proud as he already was of her and his entire family. He is survived by wife Luanne, his daughters Savannah and Santana (daughters from first marriage with Jackie), sons Sam, Dusty, and "Lil" Keny (with Luanne), and granddaughter Sadie (Savannah's daughter).

More information should be made available on Santana Garrett's social media accounts.

Here is a link to Keny's Facebook account that friends and family are sharing their thoughts: