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By Andru Edwards on 12/15/2018 1:23 PM

Seattle’s Defy Wrestling presented their last event of the year, On Edge, in front of a hot crowd. For those unaware, Defy started in 2017 and has quickly taken the Pacific Northwest by storm. As I mentioned to my friend who I went with, I’ve only ever felt that level of crowd energy in the Elk’s Lodge back in the days of ECW, and apparently Tommy Dreamer said the same thing after wrestling on a Defy show. On to the results:

Brian Cage vs Jack Evans w/ Bryan Alvarez
Cage wins with a Steiner Screwdriver

Ivory came to the ring to say hi to the crowd

Defy Tag Team Championship
The Amerikan Gunz vs No One Lives

Guns retain with double stomp finisher

Kai vs Guillermo Rosas
Guillermo wins after a low blow and schoolboy

Schaff vs Brody King
Schaff pins Brody King after a Kanyon Cutter. This was Brody Kong’s last appearance in Defy before heading to ROH. Huge “thank you Brody” and “You Deserve It” chants. 

Ravenous Randy Meyers & Classic Cody Chhun vs King Kash & Randers
Randers reversed a la magistral cradle attempt by Chun to get the pin

Chris Ridgeway vs Pentagon Jr
Pentagon Jr wins with a spinning package piledriver

Defy Championship
Shane Strickland vs Artemis Spencer

Arty wins the Defy Championship with a reverse Michinoku Driver. The crowd was hot for both guys, and showed huge respect to both after the match. Many in attendance assumed it might be Strickland’s last Defy match before heading to the Performance Center.